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Welcome one and all the to 2nd annual Indie of the Year awards, celebrating all that is great about our beloved Indie gaming community, the developers, the hobbyists, the players and of course the games themselves. Indie of the Year is the biggest event on the World Wide Web honouring user created Indie titles hosted by IndieDB. In 2005, the event first started as a spin off the MOTY awards, stepping forward to 2010 the IOTY awards then separated and the Indie of the Year was born.

Up until Jan 1st 2012 join us and help celebrate your community, culture and give thanks to the developers by voting for your favorite projects. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Indie of the Year Awards.

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RSS IOTY Year in Review 2011 Quarter 04

Year in Review Quarter 04 October through till December 2011.

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The last quarter for 2011 only represents October and November however the releases have never slowed down. December will be during the event itself so keep your eyes peeled for the new releases and announcements!


InMomentum is a minimalistic / sci-fi platform racing game that challenges the players to think in both horizontal and vertical perspectives while racing each other or against the clock in a puzzle-like environment.

Wall jumping, bunny hopping old school movement, mix in colourful futuristic sparse art design, add some modern power rangers and you have yourself a tasty treat! InMomemntum has come from a core design of a fast paced racing title and expanded into a complete title within the span of a few months. The team behind the game Digital Arrow have spend more then a year refining the moment to a fine point, our community has rated InMomentum a 9.6/10!

InMomentum Screenshots InMomentum Screenshots You said you like pink and magenta?


ScrumbleShip is the most accurate space combat simulation devised to date. Gather resources, construct a capital ship out of individual blocks, then pilot it with AI or human help against other players. Want to build a hulking behemoth with a three-meter thick titanium hull? You can do that. How about a carrier with dozens of fighters? Sure, that too. A ship made of butter that melts as soon as you turn the engines on? Of course! You know you want to build a rocketship out of butter.

ScrumbleShip is a very interesting Indie title, with a heavy focus on slowly implementing gameplay from the ground up the game has created a simulation that is both quirky and engaging. Our community agree spaceships made of butter do not work but the game does rating the current version a 9.3/10! Tasty!

Toothship Heavy Damage New Background


Towns brings a fresh new take on the citybuilding/management genre by introducing many RPG features. Drawing inspiration from games such as Diablo, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress, the game has you managing a settlement on top of an active dungeon. Instead of playing the hero who delves deep into the dungeon, how about playing the town that houses and caters to the hero's needs? Both the RPG and strategic aspects will be fleshed out over a series of sprawling dungeons. Craft unique weapons, obtain randomized loot and build a settlement capable of holding back the forces that come up from the depths!

Build custom cities, supply heroes and mine the earth. That seems to check all the boxes required to itch those needs that a majority of gamers seem to have. Our community has rated Towns in its current state a 8.4/10!

random images by snipercharlie Randomized loot Towns 0.37 pictures


grats guys

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you already put survivors of Ragnarok in quarter 1 and 3 oO (there's some dark scheming going on :P )
anyway dont forget about Kenshi, a squad based RPG with a great dev (has a great beard too^^)

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Henley Author

they had a release in all quarters however I only featured when they released the paid version of their game

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Thanks for the ScrumbleShip mention! Hard at work on changes for the 0.14/0.15 update : )

And towns looks epic. Must code first, play later :D


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Thanks for the inMomentum mention guys. We're doing our best to improve the experience every minute. Dedicated servers incoming soon! =)

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Thanks for the Towns mention! Hard at work on the game as we speak! Napoleon ordered me to stop and say hello! Kind regards to all our fans. And a bit shout out to everyone else nominated, we wish you the best!

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Tell Napolean I send my greetings!

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If the goal of this was to raise awareness of these games, job done.

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