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InMomentum is a minimalistic / sci-fi platform racing game that challenges the players to think in both horizontal and vertical perspectives while racing each other or against the clock in a puzzle-like environment.

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The lack of things to do other then time trial is a bit of a let down. I have a feeling that the fact that there isn't really anything to do other then time trial will turn some people away from getting this game. The maps are fun and very fun to replay to get a faster time. My personal favorite map is Blue Forest with the blue fog you cant see very much but it makes the game feel that much faster and it can really be a test of skill. The big problem is you don't know if you went flying past a orb until you get to the end of the map and see that your a few orbs short and that can be incredibly frustrating. This is a very good indie game, I was in the beta for this game and I really enjoyed helping this game along and it turned out to be a very good game.

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This game brought me back to my quake trick jumping days, but then I grew bored because there wasn't any rocket jumping.


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