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Announcements & Rules Announcements & Rules

mod.io: Our mod API for game developers... (avensis18 4 weeks ago)

2018 Forum Cleanup

ModDB and IndieDB Discord server

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General Banter General Banter

Pyramid Rush and my own story (nesterio619 20 hours ago)

Stalker Lost Alpha radio

Best music moments in game

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Support Support

Any Quake 2 modders there? (Trav2276 4 days ago)

half life 1 custom textures and...

How can I delete my mod?

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Suggestions Suggestions

interesting companions mode for... (Guest 3 weeks ago)

Idea: Doom 3 Eternal - Slayer...

add chat feature to the forum

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Contests & Jams Contests & Jams

GIG Jam Openings (dsilvers 4 weeks ago)

2020 Contest: Game Demos for Social...

ROC Winter Game Jam ($2,000 in...

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Cosmos Cosmos

What Were They Expecting? (Indie... (deadinlw 1 year ago)

Adopted an orphan baby monkey

Name of the track

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Development Banter Development Banter

Help us with the game development... (ScratchLord 3 weeks ago)

Public Resource for Kickstarter...

Spacegame - mid Stage, need feedback...

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Ideas & Concepts Ideas & Concepts

Selective or Random order of players... (Bazlik_Commander 3 weeks ago)

Blind wizard's assistant - Turn...

Copyright infringement warning

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Pimpage & Posing Pimpage & Posing

Farlanders and Farlanders: Prologue... (Crytivo 1 week ago)

What is everyone working on? #2

Behind the Horizon - Open World...

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Recruiting & Resumes Recruiting & Resumes

Looking for graduate jobs? Hear... (WanderingOwl 15 hours ago)

[volunteer] Willing to assist...

[Mainly Rev-Share] FULL-STACK...

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Coding & Scripting Coding & Scripting

Source SDK 2013 Singleplayer C... (HEVcrab 1 week ago)

Source SDK 2013 Singleplayer C...

Looking for a 3D alternative to...

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2D Graphics 2D Graphics

Amateur Environment Concept Artist... (trevor.p8 1 week ago)

What is the effect of 2D graphics...

illustrator available

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3D Modeling & Animating 3D Modeling & Animating

How did you learn to 3D Model... (virgilfabre 3 weeks ago)

Free 3D Modeling Resources

How did you learn to 3D Model...

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Level Design Level Design

Level Designers wanted for sCP... (GeneralJist 2 months ago)

Problems with Doom Builder 2

Mapping RtcW on cs 1.6

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Sound Design & Composition Sound Design & Composition

Logical Flora Production - Sound... (jonhterry2021 1 week ago)

TheDamnedKirai - Producer interested...

FREE Soundtrack

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Writing & Stories Writing & Stories

Story writing for games is hard. (jjc_uk 3 weeks ago)

New storywriter here.

A story I wrote for Opposing Force...

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PC Gaming PC Gaming

Biocide: Karver Island My Horror... (MichaelCosio88 2 hours ago)

I Just finish making my first...

Movie Hero mod for Battle for...

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Console Gaming Console Gaming

Favorite Console Games? (Guest 4 months ago)

Mega Buster!

Star Wars Battlefront II (XBOX...

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Mobile Gaming Mobile Gaming

[Android] [Korean] Blanche: the... (ahfmwl 1 week ago)

[FREE] Arcade Angler - A reflex...

[Android Game] [Brand new FREE...

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VR / AR Gaming VR / AR Gaming

Sleep Tight - Action Horror VR... (bearfoxbear 3 months ago)

Can VR games accelerate in 2020?


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Tech Support Tech Support

Where can i find the link to wolfenstein... (hivan8861 2 weeks ago)

Can't reupload video

European Download Servers aren't...

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