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ScrumbleShip is the most accurate space combat simulation devised to date. Gather resources, construct a capital ship out of individual blocks, then pilot it with AI or human help against other players.

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The parts of this game that are already in place are awesomely fun, and once the rest of it is in place, there will be nothing like it anywhere. 10/10 for concept and fun.

This game has extreme potential, and may be able to redefine the way we think about space games. It is also extremely mod-able, and easy to learn. Even with just the content already existing, trying to make a working ship is a lot of fun. The concept behind this game is essentially to cater to the wish of every space game player ever; give them the ability to make their own ships, stations, and more, then tie that into a large persistent universe. I can easily predict that if this game stays the course, it will become what us gamers have always wanted in our space sims.

Don't take my word for it, grab the demo or even the full game!

This is one of the most ambitious projects I've ever had the pleasure of trying. Give it two minutes, and you'll be a believer. Can't wait to see it done.

This game have a lot of potential. Really looking forward for it!

It's not too much now, but in time this will be quite possibly the most realistic space simulator game ever devised. I rate it by what I KNOW it will be in the coming years :)

Very much looking forward to this games future development!

This sounds great. looking forward for this game.

The best voxel game ever built, even if it's still in Alpha.

Its just every boys dream to build a ship out of butter and melt it...

A brilliant game with great ideas. however the control scheme is hard to use and gets quite annoying bringing it down to an 8