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Community Manager

Community Manager

Anywhere [PAID] Zodiac Interactive

Level Designer for Medieval Fantasy RPG (UE4)

Anywhere [PAID] Jewel Seeker Entertainment

Asset Development

Nebraska [PAID] Unnamed Indie Team

Anime Artists (18+)

Anywhere [PAID] LJ

Artists and Animators Needed for a Single Player Adventure Card Game

Anywhere [PAID] Anywhere

Sound Designer for Retro Horror Game

Anywhere, USA Preference [PAID] Evermore Shores

"Awesome! Team looking for UE4 Programmer", "Rigging", "Animator", "C++ Coder"

Anywhere Diamond Games

[Rev-Share] Community Manager for Nautical Fantasy RPG

Anywhere Monster Tree

3D Artist & Animation for WWII Online

Anywhere (Remote) Cornered Rat Software

C# Programmer for Unity Arena Shooter

Anywhere Anywhere

Amazing! "UE4 Programmer", "Blueprints", "Programming", "C++"

Anywhere Diamond Games

[Revshare/Royalty] 3D Character Artist

"Anywhere", "North America", "South America" Ratfish Studios

[Royalty/RevShare] Environmental Artist

Anywhere Ratfish Studios

New team looking for a programmer for 2d rougelike jrpg

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for Skilled Individuals

Anywhere Avalon Games LLC

Writer, character development, storyboard

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for sprite artist for 2d turn based JRPG rogue like (profit share)

Anywhere Unnamed Indie Team

Gameplay Programmer

Anywhere !mpact

[RevShare] 3D Animal Modeler & 3D Asset Artist NEEDED

Anywhere Anywhere

Sci-fi shooter looking for Developers

Anywhere HatchFox Studios

[Programmer C#] JUSTICIA - A serious passion project [Rev Share]

Anywhere Stonepunsh Studio

Programmers for Uncountable Numbers - Mathematical Puzzle

USA Anywhere

Seeking Character Modeler

Anywhere Halcyon Winds

Seeking Prop Modelers/Environmental Modeler

Anywhere Halcyon Winds

Seeking UI Concept Artist/ Environment Concept Artist

Anywhere Halcyon Winds

Recruiting for modding group!

Anywhere Maximus Modding Group

[Unpaid] Black Phoenix is looking for 3D Artists

Anywhere Black Phoenix Studio

Concept Artists, World-Building, Programmers, Lyric/Music Composer

Anywhere Anywhere

Unpaid XML scripters wanted for Command & Conquer 3 modification

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Honor Games LLC

Unpaid Editors Wanted for SciFi RTS

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Honor Games LLC

Unpaid Writers wanted for SciFi RTS

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Honor Games LLC

[profit share] UE4 Blueprint Programmer for multiplayer game

Anywhere SNEX-GameStudio

2d or 3d artist Join Us!

Anywhere Anywhere

Multiple Art Positions Open for a Mechassault Fangame

Anywhere Wolves Devteam

LF Programmer to create FPS based game

Anywhere Source engine/Unity

3D Animal Modeler & 3D Environmental Artists

Anywhere AvieDesigns

Game-play Programmer

Anywhere, (London link-up) Anywhere

Digital Artist/UI

Anywhere mark Suter

C# programmer for Unity 3D game

Anywhere Unnamed Indie Team

Need creative mind to help with ideas

Remote Position Wu Games

[Profit share] marketing manager for asymmetrical multiplayer game

Anywhere SNEX-GameStudio

Stylized Concept Artist

Anywhere Lazorcannonpewpew


Anywhere Anywhere

Environment Artist Level Designers Unity3d internship

Anywhere Space Dwarves Entertainment

Assistant Software Engineer internship

Anywhere Space Dwarves Entertainment

Action game project needs Writer/Narrative Designer

Anywhere Anywhere

Quest Of The Gates~Looking for concept artists for a story based rogue-like!

Anywhere Green Thumb Studios

Graphics Programmer

Bend, OR Bend Studio

3D CG Artist

Anywhere Anywhere


Anywhere Anywhere

(Rev-Share) Need Artist for Farming Adventure game

Anywhere Infernal Light Games

Concept Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Artists, Animators, Designer, Writer, Programmer

Anywhere Renasqum Games

Dungeon and level designer

Anywhere Shireblast Studios

UE4 C++ Blueprint Help wanted {Volunteer}

Anywhere, USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Anywhere

Comics artist

Anywhere Shireblast Studios

Writing Position, No Prior Experience Required

Anywhere Tombstone

2D Character and Environmental Artists

Anywhere Flare

Programmers, No Prior Experience Required

Anywhere Tombstone

2D Spites Creators - Doom actors maker

Anywhere Anywhere

"UNWRITTEN" is looking for a programmer who can add LAN multiplayer

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Modeler

Anywhere The Diamond TNT

[PAID] UE4 Programmer + 3D/2D Artists

Anywhere Parsec Studios

2D Animators wanted

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for partners to develop social gaming video content platform

Anywhere Gamerack

"UNWRITTEN" is looking for animators and environment artists

Anywhere Anywhere

Any (except writer)

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-Share] Programmer for survival management sim

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-Share]Character modeler for multiplayer game

Anywhere RedMemoriesGames


Anywhere Anywhere

Action game project needs Concept artists

Anywhere Anywhere

Graphic & Branding Designer

Anywhere - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

3D Modeler

Anywhere - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

Cinematic Animator

Anywhere Cold Furnace Studios

UE4 Engineer / Dev

Anywhere - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

Progammers, Concept Artist, Audio/Music Needed to form a Start-Up Studio

London,UK coreRocket

Designer (Any Skill Level)

Anywhere I SHOW YOU

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