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InMomentum is a minimalistic / sci-fi platform racing game that challenges the players to think in both horizontal and vertical perspectives while racing each other or against the clock in a puzzle-like environment.

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InMomentum, the minimalistic sci-fi racing game by Digital Arrow is available on Steam.

We bring you the second major patch for inMomentum, featuring Universal Plug-and-Play Multiplayer, and a lot more goodies!

It's one of our highest priorities to listen to our community, therefore we invested a lot of work in providing the universal plug-and-play multiplayer solution for inMomentum. It will allow more people to enjoy our game and engage in multiplayer races. In addition to that, numerous bugfixes, changes and additions are included in our latest patch.

To kick this update off, here is our brand new multiplayer teaser. Enjoy!

Here is the complete changelog for v 1.14


  • NAT traversal to support Universal Plug and Play multiplayer (uPnP)
  • SystemSteamworks cleaning to lobbies, leaderboards and stats
  • multiplayer scoring system
  • multiplayer scoring combo system
  • multiplayer scoring difficulty levels
  • pop-up saying "Joining" when connecting to server
  • a loading icon to denote Browser Refresh in server browser
  • timer to allow clients time to submit scores before retrieving leaderboard results
  • destroy steam lobby feature when shutting down server
  • "Ready" and "Not Ready" features to multiplayer
  • lobby along with name coloring
  • leaderboard display before a multiplayer match start
  • Duplicate ID detection to avoid the same player join the same game
  • more than once, to prevent cheating
  • notification pop-ups for "Wrong Password", "Server
  • Full" and "Duplicate ID"
  • "Connection to the Host lost" notification
  • Auto-Skip Voting after everyone has voted
  • game difficulty influence on time penalty factor
  • weapon effects when being hit by enemy players
  • option to toggle weapon effects when being hit by enemy players
  • weapon Enemy Hit confirmation sound


  • loading time between maps
  • overall HUD interactivity
  • speeding in lagging conditions


  • multiplayer system to use Steam Lobbies
  • achievement system to include all available achievements
  • missing achievement actions
  • quick game feature, it automatically now joins the first available, best latency game
  • the combo time bar to fix graphical glitches
  • overall HUD to accommodate HUD Sounds and avoid HUD stretching
  • HUD powerup code to avoid rare minor bugs that causes powerups to not show or act properly
  • Private Games to allow passworded games to be hosted properly
  • Shot weapon to have more impact on enemies
  • weapon speed and homing options to allow easier targeting of movin enemy players
  • Air Control effects when being shot by enemy players


  • password input typos to normal input fields
  • the name of the PowerupPickups to Pickups in lobby to fix HUD streching
  • mouse smoothing is now off by default
  • escape button in pause menu automatically closes menu
  • NotifyRemainingVoteTime to show less announcements to avoid chat spam
  • playing alone in Multiplayer will no longer submit scores to multiplayer leaderboard to avoid cheating
  • launching movie to be initialized via direct script


  • air control not being affected by difficulty properly
  • leaderboards sometimes not showing the correct results
  • leaderboards sometimes not showing up scores on Lobby Startup
  • clients in multiplayer hearing some of the sounds twice
  • lobby not being recreated after server travels to a new map
  • "Wins:" on MP leaderboard
  • fullscreen being set off when opening the main menu
  • PureRace gamemode showing up as "undefined" in the server browser
  • a race case where the lobby was created before registering the server
  • host moving with WASD while in lobby, and not being able to type into chat
  • achievements values
  • Update List button sometimes crashing the game
  • button "Back" sometimes no showing up properly
  • PureRace gamemode HUD - it was showing stars instead of laps
  • player nickname colors in HUD
  • powerup icons not showing up on the client in some cases
  • score multiplayer always being 0 on client
  • multiplayer scoreboard not being ordered by score amount
  • pause menu not being hidden when the lobby was forced to show (game ended)
  • fast land key to be applied to LeftAlt by default (as per tutorial)
  • server browser to accept Update Spam and Join Spawn without overflooding and crashing the game
  • Poison and Freeze powerup effect not showing up on target side
  • Powerup Kill not being reset after the powerup duration time passed
  • MegaJump effect not being hidden after jump in some cases
  • the winning points that show up in the HUD being different from the points actually given
  • A bug that forced LapLimit to sometimes default to 1
  • the combo timer not being reset when the player forces a respawn (presses I)
  • Pause Menu in Singleplayer sometimes opening up the MainMenu HUD
  • mouse sensitivity resetting to default after game restart in rare cases
  • toggle sky feature not working properly on some configurations
  • a minor bug in IMOnlineLeaderboard that could cause a crash
  • map image not loading correctly when moving between start a Singleplayer and Host Game
  • the menu going back to Main Menu caused by credits rolling the background
  • multiplayer matches being forced to end due global TimeLimit
  • leave pop-up buttons that were faded out in some cases
  • combo timer reset on falling into the reset field
  • player list on the lobby not getting an update when a player leaves
  • OnlineSubsystem only being initialized on ForceStart
  • Server Browser always trying to connect the 1st server in Browser List
  • initial freeze when loading the Main Menu for the first time
  • rehosting Authentication-Error issue
  • scoreboards on latest Engine QA build
  • difficulty multiplier to only one decimal value to avoid HUD streching

And to wrap up this update, here's a video that shows the update in action from a player's point of view.

We hope you enjoyed this update. If you would like to follow our progress, you can Watch the project or tune in with one of our community sites or our forums. Thank you for your interest and support!

InMomentum Patch Released with new maps, features and bugfixes

InMomentum Patch Released with new maps, features and bugfixes

News 2 comments

We bring you the first major inMomentum patc, first in the series of extensions and fixes to the game. In this patch, we include new features and elements...

InMomentum Promo Sale that Supports Dilogus: The Winds of War going live soon!

InMomentum Promo Sale that Supports Dilogus: The Winds of War going live soon!

News 4 comments

Hey guys! A sale promotion for inMomentum that supports Dilogus - The Winds of War is going Live Soon!

InMomentum Makes it to Top 100 of IndieDB's Indie of the Year!

InMomentum Makes it to Top 100 of IndieDB's Indie of the Year!


InMomentum Makes it to Top 100 of IndieDB's Indie of the Year! Thanks so much guys for your support and votes.

InMomentum in IndieGala (Pay What You Want!)

InMomentum in IndieGala (Pay What You Want!)

News 2 comments

IndieGala went live today and it contains inMomentum as well, along with 6 other games. It's pay what you want and it supports charity.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 66)

Hey guys - all of the team from Undrawn Reality (The Spire) will be playing InMomentum on the 16th of this month as part of our Christmas party - if anyone wants to hook up and play, please drop me a message or post on here - PS. Vote for this game in the IndieDB awards, Digital Arrow rocks!

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Games Amazing!
Anyone wanna get together and play Multiplayer my Steam Name is 113mac113

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Looks great.

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in the beta it said i would get a free copy wtf i didnt get it

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Desiderium Creator

Top 20 users that provided meaningful insight and feedback in making the gamer better were given a key.

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Bought it today, I loved the beta! This game is ******* steak sauce!

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Dam you you guy's stole my idea.

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doesnt mater i didint gonna make it true anyway so good luck.

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Looks great

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Brilliant looking game ;)

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