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Welcome one and all the to 2nd annual Indie of the Year awards, celebrating all that is great about our beloved Indie gaming community, the developers, the hobbyists, the players and of course the games themselves. Indie of the Year is the biggest event on the World Wide Web honouring user created Indie titles hosted by IndieDB. In 2005, the event first started as a spin off the MOTY awards, stepping forward to 2010 the IOTY awards then separated and the Indie of the Year was born.

Up until Jan 1st 2012 join us and help celebrate your community, culture and give thanks to the developers by voting for your favorite projects. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Indie of the Year Awards.

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Indie DB currently lists 3,000 games and over 2,500 of them updated in 2011? In fact 1,500 are released. That's a hell of a lot of choice for 1 year, which is why we need your help to pick out the Top 100 and crown the 2011 Indie of the Year.

In case you've played so many games you've forgotten what happened this year, or perhaps you haven't played any at all - we've written four articles called "a year in review". These articles cover Spring and Summer, Autumn and Winter so check them out below.


2011 Spring Releases 2011 Summer Releases 2011 Autumn Releases 2011 Winter Releases

Or if you already have your favorites, start browsing the game catalog and click the "vote" button (now shown prominently on all profiles) to help push your game to the top. Don't forget we are also looking for the best upcoming game, so if anything has caught your eye this year vote for it!

IOTY Voting Help

As well as the players choice winners which will be announced here at the end of 2011, we also have the editor's choice awards which are decided by an elite cast of gaming journalists (i.e. us who have played countless indies this year). The Top 100 is now live, but you must wait patiently for the countdown to hit zero before the overall winners will begin to be announced. For those who cannot wait, you can watch our super-neat live scoreboard.

Whether you are making games or a fan who cannot stop playing them, now is the time to vote for your favorites and encourage your friends to join you.

For the cool bloggers and website writing people, we've got buttons and even a widget for you to use, to promote the awards and get votes for the game you are working on (or just a game you are a fan of).