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Swipey Rogue is an Arcade Mashup of Swipe-Action Auto-Running & Dungeon-Crawling Room-Puzzling. Master and Explore endless rooms in Mythical, Dungeonous, Dwarven Mines while controlling your always running hero with simple direction swipes. Test your skills in Challenge Saga, or push your luck in Free Running mode.

RSS Swipey Rogue (mobile arcade/rogue): Devlog 24 - Prize Codes

Swipey Rogue is a swipe-action, auto-runner mashed up with a dungeon-crawling, room-puzzler. The game is nearing release. This week I explain the last system that was added to the game before it was submitted for app store approval: Prize Codes. I outline the value of this feature and share a video demonstration, enjoy!

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Swipey Rogue - devlog 24 - preview

Swipey Rogue

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Devlog 24 - Prize Codes

I submitted Swipey Rogue for review to the App Store and all was well. Then, while I waited I prepped the Android version to be ready to release as soon as iOS App Store approval happened (it is very important to me to release on iOS and Android simultaneously). Well, while polishing the Android version, I added a system for prize code redemption. I loved the idea so much, I pulled my iOS App Store submission so I could add it to the iOS build and re-submit. Crazy I know, but it's a very valuable feature.

Code Redemption System

I wrote a simple server backend system that allows me to create new codes after the game has released. Each code can specify the type of reward and the amount of reward. I can also set up expiration times for the codes so they all time out. This allows me to constantly share new codes and stay connected with players instead of just abandoning the game when it comes out.

Swipey Rogue - devlog 24 - screenshot 01

How do they work?

  • I wrote a set of parsing code in the game to handle different types of codes
  • I configure prize codes on server outside of the game code
  • codes consist of the code itself, the timeout, its type, and relevant parameters for its type
  • I set timeout on each prize code, so they're only active for a period of time
  • I share prize codes online, saying how long they'll be active
  • Players enter the prize code in the game, if it compares to any active codes, the game side parsing code uses the type and type parameters to reward the player with items, or unlock rooms
  • The code is not keyed to a single player, anyone can use it. The limitation is just time (or manual removal from server by me).
  • Players can share codes (or not)
  • Same code can only be used once per game, this is stored in the game save. The player can re-install the game and re-use the code, but their progress is lost anyway. This seemed simple and fair.

Why's it cool?

  • I can make new ones whenever I want and share them online (limitation being they conform to the parsing code that is in the game and are of "type" that has code to handle it already)
  • Great way to give away free stuff in the game, keep people interested, reward players
  • I can make prize codes for gold, gems, packs of spells, sets of rooms to unlock
  • For spells, I can even specify exactly which perks and which values they have
  • I can continue to interact with players after the game is live without a full update

Demo Video

Here's a video demonstration where I speak really quickly because I'm super excited while demo'ing the new system.


As always, thanks for dropping by to check in on progress on Swipey Rogue. I think I've about wrapped up now. The iOS build was approved by the App Store, but I found a really bad issue while testing so I pulled the build, fixed, and re-submitted again (3rd time!). It is still in status "Waiting For Review" hopefully it gets reviewed soon, and hopefully it is approved smoothly like last time. The Android version is all finished now. I integrated all the Google Play services for IAP, Leaderboards, Achievements, Social Share, and Rating. I feel great that I will be releasing on both platforms on the same day. Many larger games and larger studios don't accomplish this so it's a little victory for a small, one man operation like myself.

Stay tuned for release info and some prize codes!

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