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Galacto's Intolerant is a game about an empress who's taken the Solar Challenge: in an attempt to be liked by her followers on meTEOR social network she is trying to take a selfie with all the planets of her solar system aligned. While she is moving the planets around with her gravity seed initiator, Galacto is wrecking immeasurable havoc upon the dwellers of those worlds. But she is oblivious to their suffering. She just wants to be loved, Galacto just wants to be happy.


A prototype for Galacto's Intolerant was first made for Ludum Dare 30. We were hoping that "breaking the law" would be chosen as the theme so that we could make our dream game: Fuck The Police – a police dating simulator. Unfortunately, the Indie Cabal chose a different theme – “connecting worlds” - and we made Galacto's Intolerant. But one of these days, Indie Cabal, one of these days...


  • Millions will perish.
  • Ancient cities will be ground to dust.
  • Corpses of children will line the streets.
  • The Sun will rise above empty worlds.
  • You will be loved.
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Insomnia Indie Zone

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With booths from publishers, studios and independent developers, the Exhibition Hall at Insomnia was ram-packed with awesome games to play including upcoming titles, new releases, and recently launched favorites.

The Indie Zone

Super Rude Bear Resurrection BFF or Die Flatliners Friendship ClubAirDrift Kaiju Panic I Want To Be Human Lethal League Mutiny! Narcissus Poncho Raging Justice Smash Hit Plunder Hopiko Spectra Standpoint Super Undercover Slime Agent A Pixel Story Sublevel Zero Yes, Your Grace Xenocide Unbox TerraTech Tango Fiesta Dashy Crashy Mendel's Farm Induction ColorMeCrazy Spectra 8 Bit Racer Theo and Lizzy You Must Build A Boat Gang Beasts Shoot 'Em Up Kit Galacto's Intolerant Medieval Engineers Pneuma: Breath of Life

We had a blast checking out the awesome projects on show, why not show your support by tracking the games and downloading the demos.

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Galactos Intolerant-alpha-


Galacto's Intolerant - a game by Kiwi Soft Galacto is a solar emperor who has a very powerful gravity gun but is somewhat insecure about himself. In an...

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