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Gore, gore and more gore. (With a hint of platforming.) Hubert the robot wishes he was human and the only thing he believes is different is that human's have organs and robots don't. So he's on a quest, to collect as many organs as he can, even if that does mean he might need to dismember and kills a few people.

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Sinclair Strange attended Insomnia 54 bringing with him his newest build of "I Want To Be Human"

Attendees where challenged to complete the demo for the right to win a poster.

The challenge was ran for the entire weekend.

With a clear nod of the robotic cap to those retro games before it this game demo allows you to explore the world of I Want To Be Human and gives you a few challenges, a few power-ups and a mini boss to battle.

It even has a 8-bit stage because, well, reasons :)

Insomnia Indie Zone

Insomnia Indie Zone

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We were at insomnia, come check out all the awesome indies that were on show!

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