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In Super Rude Bear Resurrection, every time you die, you leave a permanent corpse that you can use as a carpet/meatshield/paperweight to overcome super difficult platforming challenges. The more corpses you stack up, the easier the game gets, but if you’re good enough you can beat the entire game without dying.

It won Ludum Dare 28's innovation category. It's funded by Sony and Creative England. It’s been exhibited at Tokyo Game Show, PAX East, EGX, GDC, Rezzed, GameCity 9, Insomnia51/52/53, Radius Festival, Feral Vector, CultureTECH and it's coming to Insomnia54.

SRBR is in open development. You can directly influence the game with your feedback, or just watch the project as it happens, task by task. Everything except the assets is open to the public. You can keep up with the progress here: Trello.com We also do a fair bit of stuff live on stream.

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Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a super hardcore platformer that anyone can beat. Every time you die, you leave a permanent corpse behind that you can use as a platformer. Find a bit that's too hard? Just die a few times and waltz straight over your dead bodies.

The game is built for speedrunners, with seeded RNG, shortcuts and ghosts, but can be enjoyed by anyone.

Here's our Greenlight page: Click

We've just launched a new trailer:

And a new set of screenshots you can find on our page:

Super Rude Bear Resurrection - Greenli Screenshots

Please vote for us! Click


Insomnia Indie Zone

Insomnia Indie Zone

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We were at insomnia, come check out all the awesome indies that were on show!

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