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What is Tango Fiesta?
Tango Fiesta is a top-down co-operative shooter for up to 4 players. Based on all our favourite games and movies of the 1980’s, and featuring elements of randomisation and levelling up. You might called it a Rogue-like or maybe a Rogue-lite - but we’re not sure where the line is drawn.

Who’s making it?
A team of four British indie game developers under the Spilt Milk Studios banner, they came together attending Game Jams, and things went from there!

Where did it originate from?
Tango Fiesta was first built in 8 hours for the Rezzed 2013 game jam. The theme was “The 80’s” and for us, that was perfect. It’s named after a Tango class hosted at an Argentinian restaurant in Birmingham that we had dinner at the night before the Jam.

When can I play it?
We’re launching on June 4th 2014 on Steam Early Access, for PC and Mac, but keep an eye on games festivals and indie meetups because we’re regular attendees!

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Insomnia Indie Zone

Feature 1 comment

With booths from publishers, studios and independent developers, the Exhibition Hall at Insomnia was ram-packed with awesome games to play including upcoming titles, new releases, and recently launched favorites.

The Indie Zone

Super Rude Bear Resurrection BFF or Die Flatliners Friendship ClubAirDrift Kaiju Panic I Want To Be Human Lethal League Mutiny! Narcissus Poncho Raging Justice Smash Hit Plunder Hopiko Spectra Standpoint Super Undercover Slime Agent A Pixel Story Sublevel Zero Yes, Your Grace Xenocide Unbox TerraTech Tango Fiesta Dashy Crashy Mendel's Farm Induction ColorMeCrazy Spectra 8 Bit Racer Theo and Lizzy You Must Build A Boat Gang Beasts Shoot 'Em Up Kit Galacto's Intolerant Medieval Engineers Pneuma: Breath of Life

We had a blast checking out the awesome projects on show, why not show your support by tracking the games and downloading the demos.

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