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Welcome to the 4th Annual Indie of the Year Awards sponsored by Desura, a celebration of the years finest indie games chosen by you and us. For the next 4 weeks it is up to you to vote for your favorite indie games so that they may make the top 100 which will be announced on the 11th of December. There are over $15,000 in prizes. Winners up to $1000, top 10 and editors choice up to $500 each. Full terms & conditions.

Who will join Chivalry: Medieval Warfare last years winner, which now sits alongside Minecraft the inaugural 2010 victor. Up until Jan 1st 2014 join us and celebrate the joy indie games bring us on a daily basis by voting for your favorites! We are also running a Mod of the Year awards and App of the Year awards.

RSS Quarter 04 Year in Review 2013

IndieDB's Year in Review Quarter 04 October to November 2013.

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Year in Review 2013 Quarter 04

What a massive line up we have for you in these Quarterly reviews.
Developers have doubled the amount of games listed on indieDB since last years awards.
So please bare with these larger Quarterly reviews as we try to cover all the 2013 headlines.
Join us in celebrating the games of 2013, its a big list that only gets bigger so lets crack on.

Life Goes On is a puzzle platformer where you must navigate a murderous gauntlet of spikes, flames, and other deathtraps to claim the prize at the end. Your only resource? An endless stream of courageous knights who have some difficulty with the concept of "self-preservation". Fling knights into a spike pit to build a bridge, or load them into a cannon as impromptu ammunition... instead of being a setback, in this game dying is how you pave the way for the next guy!

The Stanley Parable is an extremely simple and easy-to-explain game about choice, story, failure, and why none of it probably mattered in the first place. You'll figure it out, I believe in you.

M.A.V. is a 3rd person mech simulation game centered around a highly customizable vehicle.This game is about making it your own. Your M.A.V. will fully reflect your play style, your in game status, and your personal likes. Intense Tactical and Stategic Combat: Battles will be very intense, every shot will count, and strategy will always prevail.

Other Featured Releases in Q4:


I think its unfair that my game PrisonGrind is not on this list.

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Correction: I WISH my game PrisonGrind was on this list! :)

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Yay for Sirius Online Mention!

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An awesome list of awesome games!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Cool, the game 173 made it on the list!

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