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Post news RSS Weekly Recap #26: The Sunken Caves in 3D

Before the our long weekend we started some modeling for our second biome And because it's called the Sunken Caves it will ofc start with rocks!

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Hi Fox Riders,

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.

Last week we start some modeling for our second biome, starting with rocks!

275 tig

276 tig


There are multiple entrances to the Sunken Caves but the main one is located North from the Ancestral Forest, passed the meadow. We are currently working on its look.

283 tig

284 tig

288 tig


While modeling rocks, we are also in quest of the good colors for the Sunken Caves.

211 isometric drawing tig

We think we found an interesting color scheme for the dwellers of the Sunken Caves. What do you think?

245 cave village people color ti


We finished a few textures. Here are the people from the Ancestral Forest. Video coming soon!

T-shirts Giveaway

The game being in dev, we can't give you keys of Nanotale. So, to support #loveindies we decided to giveaway t-shirts of the game! Comment with an #indiegame you love for a chance to win! 😍

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These inquisitive little creatures follow you around, no matter where you go. Not even distressed by the attacks of the blue predators on these lands. Though no one ever saw one attack a Green Jasper particularly.

Visit the link below to have a closer look at the 3D model of the Green Jasper.


Thank you for reading.


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