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Post news RSS Weekly Recap #13: Enemies and death animations

Last week we continued to work on the enemies that will be in the DEMO we'll showcase at PAX East and EGX Rezzed.

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The Bull

The Bull Enemy dashes to hit you after a charging time.

Also called the Dash for its particularity, it can be found alone or in a group of two, mostly in the Ancestral Forest or the Sunken Caves.

All Enemies

Here's recap of all the enemies covered so far, showing you their sizes compared to Rosalind.

The RAT is small and slow but dangerous in group.
The BULL dashes to hit you.
The STATIC attacks at a given range around itself.

You can see all of them in game on the following screenshot.

Death Animations

We also worked on death animations for the RAT and Rosalind.


OK let's make you forget about the death animations with a sketch of the Axolotl! During your adventure Rosalind will sketch things from the Lore in her notebook. At anytime you'll be able to open it and read more about them.

Thank you for reading!



Amazing 3D map & monsters! Plus the last sketch is super-cute.
I don't understand WTH you want this game to be about with this typing thing, tho'. :D But the choice is yours. I mean, lots of people hate to type. If you noticed forums, mistypes are frequent enough to be noticeable. Also I'm either looking at the screen or looking at the keyboard when typing, but of course you could have solved this problem by
"You just need to click with the LMB really fast to """type""""

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VirginRedemption Author

hahahah thank you! We wanted to do a typing game because it is a genre that we really love and it really improves the spell casting experience when you have to really type your spells instead of spamming a single key. I suggest you to try our first typing game which had a really huge success on Steam. You can try the free demo on Steam or here on IndieDB.

Here's the link to the demo on IndieDB: Indiedb.com

Demo on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

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