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What have we been up to?? After a few weeks of break we are working again on 1974: Feline Revolution. Currently we are working on a tutorial in order to be easier for players to understand main mechanics.

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Hello Everyone!!!

As you all know, summer is almost over so the team had a small break but now we are back on track working in our game project 1974: Feline Revolution.

So, what have we been up to?

- Glad you asked!!! We are now working on a tutorial. It's an important part of any game and helps players to understand the mechanics so we are working on it.

Interiors ::

We made some interiors to the buildings since a small part will take place there


1. The cat is initially outside and soon enters the building from this window. Both the images point to the same window. The left one shows the house from the outside and the right one from the inside.


2. We are taking great inspiration from traditional Portuguese houses. The blue and white theme is prevalent and the mosaic is also a common feature. Furthermore we cannot forget the tremendous amount of portraits and embroidery that every traditional family has in their homes.


3. Here is another division of the same house. It has a picture of "António de Oliveira Salazar", the man responsible for the implementation of the dictatorship. Every school and house at the time had a picture of him.


4. Bookshelf with drawers


5. A picture showing the basic layout of the room

Final Statements ::

Thank you all for supporting and watching our content. We are pleased with the attention that the project has garnered. One of our artists has also started posting game updates on his personal instagram so go take a look if you are interested in the art related part of the game.

Stay tuned for next devlogs and hope you all have a wonderfull day! AND!!! Don't forget to follow our social media!!!

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