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Group for all fans, gamers, modders and developers of Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5 games.

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Devlog 5 – AI Modelling and Environment Interactions

Devlog 5 – AI Modelling and Environment Interactions


Hello again, we are the Roma Inmortuus development team, and today we are going to put you up to speed on some of our work. This week, we focused on the...

Story Behind Path of Kami

Story Behind Path of Kami

Path of Kami Demo

Let's talk about the evolution of the story of Path of Kami

Scarf - Forest Area Screenshots and Video

Scarf - Forest Area Screenshots and Video

Scarf 1 comment

Update for Scarf! New images and videos, new areas and mechanics.

Now available in Early Access!

Now available in Early Access!

United Assault: Normandy '44 2 comments

United Assault - Normandy '44 is an open world rogue lite FPS set in 1944's depiction of Normandy. Unlock authentic weapons, liberate entire towns and...

Devlog 4 – AI Modelling and Mechanics

Devlog 4 – AI Modelling and Mechanics


Hello again, we are the Roma Inmortuus development team, and today we are going to put you up to speed on some of our work. This week, the artist focused...

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Well, sorry that there are no new games.

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Hi so is this where I can learn about Unreal Engine 4? I'm new.

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We are working on a retro-futuristic hunter-survivor multiplayer game, called Retro Rockets.
You can play the demo right now!
The art might be colorful, but the gameplay will be butt clenching!

Retro Rockets is a retro-future multiplayer game where you hunt Retronauts and de-orbit space stations as Destructo! Or play as the Retronauts and work together and try to survive against Destructo by enabling the security systems that will make the killer robot rest in pieces.


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When will you be posting something on lays of althas : sundered order.

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Are you an indie game dev looking for a development platform? Check out SPAWNPOINT, at www.spawnpoint.com.. Sandbox environments are totally free. We handle all of the boring stuff on the backend, so you can invest most of your time into the game experience.

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Hi and how are you all doing

You may hate what am about to say , good fellow Unreal people , but this old school Unreal Grrl has just thought about something
I think the officials idea to let the community make the next UT is not so good or it does not go so well like intended
If we count the difference in years since UT 1 came out in 1999 then the next UT in 2003 that's least known , then shortly thereafter the remastered UT 2004 that's well known came out just one year later and then lastly UT 3 in 2007 , we can notice a pattern of releases at reasonable periods of wait

We are in 2017 ( i cannot believe that are 10 years gone already since 2007 ) and UT 4 isn't out yet
If the officials had went in the same direction they went before , we would have been at Unreal Tournament 5 if not 6 by now
UT 4 could've been done in 2010/2011 , UT 5 could've been done by 2014/2015 and next year we would be waiting for UT 6 not UT 4

I do like of course that the engine is free for the most part and is exciting to see the community at work , expecting with breath held at whatever they would come up with but is ten years , a decade already of time that has just flied away like that and we still do not have the fourth iteration of the game installed ...so...i don't know if it was such a good idea in the first place :/

Someone that's an ex friend told me a clever thing once , that , an artist , a creator of something , proves to deliver better work and superior work when they are restricted , when they are limited by either time , funds or work space whereas too much liberty can result in mediocrity or no results at all
I never agreed with him back then but now that i thought about it , i realized that he was right

Think what you will , i won't mind it , i just wanted to share my own thoughts is all but i sure wished this time had been spent playing the game than waiting for it...

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I have to disagree on this. UT is legendary game, primary multiplayer shooter. Beside porting to new game engine that provide better eye candy stuff, what new things UT as fast paced multiplayer shooter could offer that i snot already provided by other game titles ?

Would each new recycle of UT.x. version be able to bring really something new on table to attract more fans and satisfy desires of already existing fan base ? After great success of older iterations of same franchize it become more and more difficult to repeat that. For both, player fan base and for producers/investitors.

In my honest opinion, it is better to create something new. I can only guess, but seems to me that over years of development folks at Epic Games are running out of fresh ideas that will bring something new on market and be successful commercially and by players community.

While they didn't published ultra popular game for a long time, they are become more proficient in improving game engine itself.

I think that they ade a very good choice with decision to make game engine available for free. There is more and more new games made with UE4, either, in production or already published titles. Epic Games got their share of profit that allows them to improve UE4 all time, becoming even more proficient in doing it, while players got more quality games than it would be possible without UE4.

I think that is win-win situation, for Epic Games, various indie developers and most important constantly growing players community fan base. That does not mean that we would not get some new cool game in near future from Epic Games. It does not have to be new UT.X., it can be something new, equaly or even more fun to play.

Anyhow, I'm grateful for such decision, as a gamer and potential new developer.

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I have to disagree with you too

Why do you disagree ? You mean you like the fact that is 10 years since UT 3 and the next well awaited game has not come out yet on the idea that they improved it and other games use the engine ?

Unreal Tournament players do not want something new , they want the same good ol' gameplay that always worked but new graphics each and every time
They were good and varied enough as well because UT 1 is not a clone of UT 2003/2004 is not a clone of UT 2007 or 3 , they are differently themed with new enemies , story and new arenas ; only the weapons ever remained the same except the Ripper that i hope he will return in UT 4

You only disagree because you like things for free and that's cool to me but we must realize that Epic has become lazy and does not care anymore to put the effort themselves like should to deliver us a new UT game
They could've worked on UT 4 like they have in the past and in the same time make available the engine to us both and everybody were happy
I hate waiting for voluntary community members to make me the UT 4 game while i am a serious player of the series and i am ready to buy the game in full once it would be out

I am a gamer and a potential new developer too because i plan to work on my RTS on the Unreal Engine , even add a cool touch of inspired from UT on it if that will be possible but i also know that time wasted for empty promises is always bad no matter how we put it

Thanks for answering me nonetheless
We don't have to fight because of this anyhow

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Sorry, I didn't wanted to start flame war or something, just expressing different opinion. I tried to explain why in previous post. I will try to clarify a bit more.

I tend to look at stuff from different angles, not just from my own point of view as user/gamer. Put yourself in shoes of programmers and artist who work at Epic Games for sallary.

Assume scenario where they are under pressure from producers to make next iteration of UT within certain timeframe. They fail to do so, for whatever reason, it is not satisfactory for producers to publish UT in current state. Either it is full of bugs, storyline is not fun enough as expected to be, weapons are not balanced properly or whatever reason it might be.

Now, you come into situation where you exehausted all money invested in project and it is still uncertain if sinking more money and time in UT will be enough and if that invested money will ever return back once UT start to sale.

On the other hand, you got one of the best game engine available at this time but it is still unused to full potential. Simply put, current employees are way too stretched on various tasks, restricted too much with given timeframe and remaining resources. Or any other obstacle they are encontered.
Exact reason does not really matter.

Put yourself now in shoes of employer/producer/investitor. What you will do ? Fire them all and hire someone new ? Sink even more money that you don't have to project that can not promise return of money in near future ? Abandon whole project and completely throw away what is accomplished ?

In my opinion, they have made good decision. They have kept talented people to continue their work gaining revenue in different way than it is initially planned, but investment is returning back.

UT project is not abandoned completely, it is still under development. Progress of UT is not obvious, but it is ongoing, driven more by passion than by money put into it. It might look it take forever to complete, but at least is not abandoned.

And whole community have benefit of their decision. There is a lot of new projects poping up on moddb that is developed with UE4. Not all of them will have huge success, but there is more than few noticable ones.

Again, I apologize if you felt attacked, it is not intended. Just a different point of view.

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Yeah okay but if they achieved 3 games they can achieve the 4th equally possible
This is like saying all of a sudden all those good programmers , coders and what not suddenly awoken to having no skills after UT 3 release and they had to seek the help of the community to further their work

Games that are under a deadline , that are funded consistently and are being worked on by professional hands are the games that turned out good , well done , AAA level and finished
Mods would not exist without games being made by gaming companies , let's not forget about this

Unreal Tournament 4 should've been made basically by the official devs leaving only custom maps , weapons and all other mods to the modders to complete it , to enrich it with content not leaving the whole job to modders

Unless the official devs. bought personal yachts , villas in several holiday resorts , expensive sport cars and what not , they could not have possibly exhausted their funds and from what i know they have not went bankrupt
You make some points sure but they are moot points at best

All of this does not come with the benefit of me the player in mind , is not in my best interest therefore it does not matter for me the gamer what the community thinks it benefits itself in the long run while i wait for the 4th game for 10 years by now and i am being fed lies and empty promises

Other game developers have not went into this direction , imagine letting the next Witcher game in the hands of the community , or the next GTA , or the next Starcraft , we would grow old and die waiting until playing them
The community already proven itself and the community only produced Indie developers that filled the market with low quality products in sheer numbers but few if ever proven they made an AAA title en par with qualified titles

The devs. were open hearted to have made this decision but they lost a lot because of it
They could have done 2 UT games by now , sold them and made a lot of cash too and in the same time the modding community had worked on 2 more UT games in the meantime , being a win-win situation

The benefit of the community is in the detriment of the single gamer
What benefits society screws the individual
We should all be aware of this by now

What really happens with these things is that modders aren't anymore seeing themselves for just small time repairers , fixers and tuners , they now see themselves akin to developers , feeling a bit more important with themselves than the average gamer person but in truth if you do not have : talent , skills and money , especially money you are not making anything consistent nor serious nor making anything at all but just wasting time both yours and the player base's time and we should be aware that Time = Money

Relax , i am not a snowflake to feel attacked , apologies if i given you this impression but i think your point of view is biased due of the fact that you care more for freebie things in life rather than Unreal Tournament the game
Sorry to say it and i mean no offense

I don't plan on playing UT 4 in my 40s or 50s , i am not gonna game forever
10 years took Blizzard to make Starcraft 2 darnit , an Unreal Tournament game can be done in 3 - 4 years maximum just like before

I rarely to never gotten angry regarding a game like now because i was never a fangurl , but this time even i lost my patience with a game company and feeling screwed over
Thank you Epic for ruining a game series i loved !

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