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Post news RSS (#54 Dev Diary) Armed to the teeth

Small article about how the changing story affects the player character and level environment.

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Armed to the teeth

Dev Diary 54

Hello :)

Here at Treestronaut, we try to engage the players into the story of our games as much as possible. We change the character sprite and level environment based on the progression of the story. One of the examples in Elfscape: Ancestors is a storyline where the Guardian needs to deliver weapons to the unarmed Unworthies in the city.

When the Guardian arrives in the armory, you can see the weapons in their racks. When she leaves the armory, the weapon racks are empty and she is leaving with a full backpack.

full armory
Armory - full

empty armory

Armory - empty

the actual design of the Guardian’s backpack
Backpack - final design

design ideas for the Guardian’s backpack
Backpack - design 1Backpack - design 2

Backpack design 3Backpack design 4

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