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Post news RSS (#51 Dev Diary) Throne room rumble

Hi! We up-scaled our throne room in the first level to be more majestic. Come take a look :)

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Throne room rumble

Dev Diary 51

Hello there!

We hope you enjoyed your winter holidays! We did too, but now we’re back on track with semi-regular updates about our game.

Today we’ll continue up on this article about a massive wall relief in the first level of the game. We decided that the relief wasn’t massive and impressive enough, so we up-scaled it a little bit (and we also wanted to give you some more lore details). Now it looks like this:

Upscaled throne room - overview

We added one “wing” on each side of the relief. You can see them closely in the next picture.

Upscaled throne room - relief

The left side shows the Chosen One giving energy to the Guardians and replenishing their life energy. In the middle, you can see the Chosen One in his fight with a demon, a Guardian by his side as a support. The right wing shows the world after the demon’s defeat - with the Chosen one ruling on a throne. “Oooh, that’s a nice throne,” you might say, and because yes, it is, we will also show you the details of the throne.

Upscaled throne room - throne

There is one element left unaccounted for from the first screenshot of the up-scaled relief. It’s this:

Upscaled throne room - steps

And what is that? Those are places where the Guardians sleep, waiting for the arrival of the Chosen One. Where our Guardian, the hero of the story, slept, until she was woken up (and the story begins!)

What do you think? Is the relief massive enough now or should we add something more?

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