Launch your foes and topple structures from the realistic explosive impacts of your arcane might, without being crippled by low energy, resting to relearn spells, or a frail constitution.


    Avenge your slaughtered order by journeying across a procedurally-generated world destroyed by the same magic that you possess.


    Grow in power as you find ancient artifacts, destructive spells, and devastating abilities hidden throughout the world.

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0.8.15 Alpha Released!

Fictorum Haven

As our focus has been towards the final few chapters of the game, Greg put together a 10-minute video showing gameplay on Chapter 5.

Major Changes

Final Levels

At long last, the final battle awaits an intrepid Fictorum at the Inquisition Citadel: The showdown with the Grand Inquisitor. We’re still finalizing, balancing, and awaiting many of the assets for the area, but there is now an end to the story.

Fire Propagation

Chip spent some time working on how magical fire propagates and spreads through structures. Here’s a video of it in action:

Spells and Abilities

Haven: This ability is great for isolating an area from incoming projectiles. It will absorb a moderate amount of damage until it falters.

Phalanx: A powerful defensive ability, Phalanx completely protects the caster from frontal attacks while the spell is maintained.

New Corrupted Hulk Model

We’ve been working with Ben Frazier again to create a new model for our Corrupted Hulk. We think he looks great!

Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Destroy quest indicator is shown properly
  • The third person camera will behave significantly better while in buildings
  • The starting position for shaping runes is now displayed on the inventory screen and updates depending on gear equipped
  • The aegis will no longer sound as soon as the level starts
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent selling or buying runes when an ability slot is selected
  • Flying enemies and the Corrupted Lich will be hit by their own spells much less frequently
  • Enchanting will no longer combine passives from items
  • Toggling shaping right after releasing an area spell will no longer lock spellcasting
  • Slow Time now properly has a cooldown and mana cost
  • Fixed two trees that would not switch to a destructible mesh
  • Sell hotkeys will work significantly better
  • Armor will no longer remain on the character while Show Character Mesh in First-Person View is off
  • In-game weather will behave significantly better
  • The title menu has been improved and will remember many settings from a prior playthrough
  • Quests will now go to the next chapter when appropriate
  • Indicators will now be shown in the upper left for runes used in a runeset
  • Mana regeneration will continue while Invigorate is being cast
  • The chapter map will be displayed more quickly after generation
  • Interact actions (looting, opening doors, drinking health potions) will now only activate the closest interaction.
  • Guard quest indicators will properly stay on townsfolk until they are killed
  • There will be substantially less lag after a level has loaded
  • Movement animation has been slightly improved for the Fictorum
  • Newly found items are automatically equipped if an appropriate slot is available

Coming weeks

We’ll be hosting our next Twitch stream on 3/7 at 8pm PT—We hope to see you there! Here is last week’s stream in case you missed it:

Talk to you next time! Updates can come straight to you by subscribing to our newsletter, hang out with us at /r/fictorum and we have more fun stuff posted on Twitter and Facebook, so follow and like us on there. Also, you can always just track us here!

Fictorum Update #38: New Spells, New Runes, and Destructible Trees

Fictorum Update #38: New Spells, New Runes, and Destructible Trees


Greetings, fellow wizards! We hope you have been enjoying the new features the team has brought to Fictorum. There is a nice heap of great new stuff to...

Fictorum Update #37: New Destructible Houses and Vlog

Fictorum Update #37: New Destructible Houses and Vlog


Though the list is short in this week’s patch notes, the impact on Fictorum is huge! We’ve replaced all of our old destructible houses and props with...

FictorumFictorum Update #36: New abilities and other improvements

FictorumFictorum Update #36: New abilities and other improvements


Hey there fellow magicians! It’s been a lighter patch for us as we’ve been working on upgrading our houses and destruction system, but we still have...

Fictorum Update #35: Damaging Debris and a Mixed Bag of Upgrades

Fictorum Update #35: Damaging Debris and a Mixed Bag of Upgrades

News 1 comment

Hey there, spellcasters! We’ve started the New Year off right by getting in some important new features implemented into Fictorum. Falling debris now...


i hope there will be diversity in the spells :3

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around 600 new fans (too bad they didn't give you credit on their page -.-)

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Mar 21 2017

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Great new abilities and a final level in our latest patch. #indiedev #gamedev #ue4

Mar 16 2017

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Mar 16 2017

When you're trying to record a highlight video, but can only hit the broadside of a tavern

Mar 16 2017

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