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General Banter General Banter

Indies, we want your game and... (raphafortin 3 hours ago)

What Game Got You Into Development?...

When searching for artists ?

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Support Support

What is Moddb's policy against... (DiamondBorne 1 day ago)

Delete my account please

Youtube video upload broken?

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Suggestions Suggestions

ModDB comments are great (Axonis 1 week ago)

Please list out which IndieDB...

Always underline links

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Contests Contests

IMGA GLOBAL: 15 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER... (IMGA2016 1 month ago)

Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander...

Deadline Reminder - Google Play...

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Cosmos Cosmos

Is IndieDB nearly dead and does... (PompiPompi 2 weeks ago)

What Were They Expecting? (Indie...

Developer from Crimea need help

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Development Forums
Development Banter Development Banter

General Projects Feedback and... (MKSchmidt 5 days ago)

Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG C# Framework...

Super Jumpy King (2D mobile)

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Ideas & Concepts Ideas & Concepts

Web based Political Simulator (saka8623 4 days ago)

Amnesia Mod Idea.

Ideias for the game's name

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Pimpage & Posing Pimpage & Posing

Explosion physics puzzle - CEFORE (raphafortin 3 hours ago)

Salvage - turn-based bullet-hell...

What is everyone working on? #2

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Recruiting & Resumes Recruiting & Resumes

[Concept Artist Unpaid] Needed... (Madin 2 days ago)

[Audio Generalist] Audio Editor...

Voice Actress for your Games

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Coding & Scripting Coding & Scripting

Nod obelisk in UT2004 (Soul-Guardian 1 month ago)

Script for To Run auto test

How to create a brand new general...

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2D Graphics 2D Graphics

Anyone Using Dragonbones for 2D... (zizulot 1 month ago)

Lizard City-- Looking for Feedback...

[PixelArtist] Gamedesign-student...

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3D Modeling & Animating 3D Modeling & Animating

Gothic 2 npc modding question? (deanhalloway 6 days ago)

We are looking for a 3D Animator...

University Dissertation Questionnaire...

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Level Design Level Design

[Call of Duty 5] mp_fatherland... (ville88sarastus 1 month ago)

Awesome scene made with Unity

[For Hire] Game / Level Designer

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Audio / Visual Audio / Visual

Audio Design for Games - Serial... (seriallab 1 week ago)

Composer for video games available...

New start up looking for artist(s...

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Writing & Stories Writing & Stories

I wanna work on a big AA Horror... (zizulot 1 month ago)

Need co-writer for horror game.

Looking for a Video Game Co-Writer...

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PC Gaming PC Gaming

Sword Art Online H5 (gabrieliel 14 hours ago)

Stalker: Call of Chernobyl bug...

Stalker Lost Alpha 1.4005 Merc...

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Console Gaming Console Gaming

Favorite Console Games? (zizulot 1 month ago)

USB Mods - Possible on Xbox One?

Game Suggestions?

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Mobile Gaming Mobile Gaming

Kimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion... (Peaksel 1 day ago)

Be creative !! Draw a level solution...

[Free][Android] Trump Space Invaders...

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VR / AR Gaming VR / AR Gaming

Best VR Games 2017? (appGamer123 1 month ago)

It seems we didn’t talk about...

OVERTURN is out on Steam Store...

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Tech Support Tech Support

Call of Chernobyl mod translate (vspuma 1 week ago)

could you delete these two mods

Source Mods NOT SHOWING UP!!!

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