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General Banter General Banter

Loot Game Mechanic Ideas - What... (feillyne 4 hours ago)

Moddb slowly dying? OR less active...

How to make videos look better?

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Support Support

How do I delete "archive-only... (Skullboy99 1 day ago)

Unbelieveable long downloads

Tricky Python Error

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Suggestions Suggestions

Future of ModDB / IndieDB (Nomada_Firefox 1 day ago)

game engine suggestion?

the metro look :(

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Contests Contests

IMGA SEA: calling all developers... (Heat4Life 3 weeks ago)

Complete 5 Minute Survey. Win...

unpossib.ly - 5 Day Game Dev Challenge...

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Cosmos Cosmos

Who is the worst web troll you... (Taamalus 5 days ago)

If there was a next game in the...

Games you regret buying

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Development Forums
Development Banter Development Banter

Playtesters needed for strategy... (Polyesta 1 day ago)

Built basic base building system...

What does a developer look for...

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Ideas & Concepts Ideas & Concepts

HL2 for Goldsource (notaclevername 2 days ago)

We want your ideas!

Real WarBots. Strategy game with...

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Pimpage & Posing Pimpage & Posing

MineColony the colony simulator... (lacozzini 1 week ago)

What is everyone working on? #2

The Steamers Gameplay Video

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Recruiting & Resumes Recruiting & Resumes

Level Up Audio - [Sound Designer... (level-up-audio 47 mins ago)

Programmer wanted for Dark RPG


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Coding & Scripting Coding & Scripting

code language question (Bigfootmech 1 week ago)

Making a grappling hook in Unity...

Looking for Unity Developers [Free...

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2D Graphics 2D Graphics

Sharing some art from my project (garigcw 6 days ago)

[Pay how much you want] Illustrator/Concept...

2d Top Down RPG Tileset Pack

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3D Modeling & Animating 3D Modeling & Animating

Looking for fellow 3DS Max User's (Polyesta 1 day ago)

[Shared Profit] We are searching...

DeleD Designer, an online 3D modeling...

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Level Design Level Design

[BRUTAL DOOM] [GMW] UAC Branch... (DOOMGABR[RU] 1 month ago)

[RELEASED] Realtime CSG - boolean...

Looking for Gameplay Helpers

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Audio / Visual Audio / Visual

My music sucks! (Composer) (melsh 6 days ago)

Sound Design - Composer

Over 1000 Tracks of Free Music...

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Writing & Stories Writing & Stories

Writing A Shadow of the Colossus... (SanoofFlowers 2 weeks ago)


Writer for hire.Looking for Sci-Fi...

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Gaming Forums
PC Gaming PC Gaming

[GREENLIGHT] 3D Space Adventure... (Lyonnesse 2 days ago)

FHSW 0.6 Release: for the game...

Realm of Darkness Huge PC Rpg

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Console Gaming Console Gaming

3D Gaming Skins (hero3dshop 1 month ago)

Games You Want To See Remade

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Opinions?

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Mobile Gaming Mobile Gaming

[Andriod]Evil Faith-Use srategy... (blackblade12 1 day ago)

Pandora’s Books Update Out NOW...

Chubby Bunny - Love Story

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VR / AR Gaming VR / AR Gaming

TWOBIT | VR Game (squidbeam 2 weeks ago)

Native Oculus Rift VR video player...

Looking for feedback on our newly...

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Tech Support Tech Support

I can only see mods recently released... (isa0005 1 week ago)

.BOD Extensions. How to open them?...

ROTR 1.86 Problems Overheating...

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