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    Launch your foes and topple structures from the realistic explosive impacts of your arcane might, without being crippled by low energy, resting to relearn spells, or a frail constitution.


    Avenge your slaughtered order by journeying across a procedurally-generated world destroyed by the same magic that you possess.


    Grow in power as you find ancient artifacts, destructive spells, and devastating abilities hidden throughout the world.

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Fictorum v2.0 Release!


Available for 75% off at Steam and GOG

v2.0 Major Updates

New Spell Schools and Abilities
Three new spell schools (Corrupted, Earth, Wind) have been added to the game, adding dozens of new spells for you to unleash and titles to unlock! We've also created a six new movement and utility abilities for you!

New Bosses
Five new bosses have been added to the game and boss fights will always occur at the end of a chapter. In addition, defeating a boss will now grant you a choice between three guaranteed unique items!

New Enemies and Improved AI
We've added over 20 new enemies into the game! Enemies have been added to all factions, each using magic from specific schools, and they will use much more challenging abilities and spells.

  • Inquisition will now use Fire magic
  • Outcasts (formerly bandits) will use Lightning and Wind magic
  • Debilor will use Ice and Earth magic
  • Corrupted will still use Corrupted magic

Each faction will only drop spells and runes of their associated schools/types, so plan your routes accordingly!

In addition, we also have completely overhauled our enemy AI, giving them more natural movement both in and out of combat. Casters will be more transparent about the spell they are casting and melee fighters will attack and move more realistically. Archers will spawn on battlements and position themselves to best attack. Some enemy factions will even move in formations!

New Chapter Map Markers
Our wonderful artist, Leif, has crafted some really cool map markers for our chapter map, which correspond to the difficulty and faction in the location. Difficulty locations can be risky, but will grant better loot!

New Expanse Mode
We've added a new way to experience Fictorum! This single-chapter Expanse mode of Fictorum is a large, dangerous chapter and is drastically different every time!

Improved Camera and Targeting Reticle
We've listened to your feedback about our third-person camera and have overhauled it to be smoother and perform better across the board. Appropriate channeling spells will even use a targeting reticle and adjust the aiming camera to provide a clearer aiming.

Starting titles have been improved!
We felt that several of our previous starting titles were derivative, odd, or just didn't work. After plenty of internal and external discussion, many starting titles have been drastically changed! Titles will have permanent passives (some of which are drastic and unique to the title) and will now appear on a starting title tooltip. Additionally, many of the unlock conditions for starting titles have been changed to improve progression and title unlocks will be triggered from prior playthroughs on game load. Lastly, three new unlockable titles have been added to the game, each utilizing one of the new spell schools

28 new achievements have been added
We've loaded a whole bunch of new achievements for you to unlock! Happy hunting :steamhappy:

  • Corrupted Mastery - Complete Fictorum using only Corrupted Spells (Abilities are okay)
  • Wind Mastery - Complete Fictorum using only Wind Spells (Abilities are okay)
  • Earth Mastery - Complete Fictorum using only Earth Spells (Abilities are okay)
  • Physical Mastery - Complete Fictorum using only Physical Spells (Abilities are okay)
  • Arcane Mastery - Complete Fictorum using only Arcane Spells and Abilities
  • Classic Victory - Complete Fictorum on Classic mode
  • Abridged Victory - Complete Fictorum on Abridged mode
  • Expanse Victory - Complete Fictorum on Expanse mode
  • The Uniquest - Have a unique item in every equipable slot
  • Librarian - Have more than 10 spells in your inventory at once
  • Master Wizard - Cast each spell in the game at least once
  • Master Modifier - Cast a spell with each type rune at least once
  • The Grand Inquisitor - Defeat the Grand Inquisitor
  • The Earth Golem - Defeat Brazmek, the Earth Golem
  • The Frost Giant - Defeat Balmur, the Frost Giant
  • The Arch Mage - Defeat Rintara, the Archmage
  • The Master Summoner - Defeat Giama, the Master Summoner
  • Ventas' Favored - Defeat Ventas' Favored
  • The Angel of Wind - Defeat Caeleste, the Angel of Wind
  • The Bulwark - Unlock the Bulwark Starting Title
  • The Chronomancer - Unlock the Chronomancer Starting Title
  • The Voidbringer - Unlock the Voidbringer Starting Title
  • The Galebender - Unlock the Galebender Starting Title
  • The Earthmolder - Unlock the Earthmolder Starting Title
  • The Giftbringer - Unlock the Giftbringer Starting Title
  • The Titanic - Unlock the Titanic Starting Title
  • The Thunderborn - Unlock the Thunderborn Starting Title
  • The Bottom of the Barrel - Unlock the Bottom of the Barrel Starting Title

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • The new Spiral rune can now be found through the world
  • Health will be completely restored after defeating a boss
  • Many enemies and bosses will now use area spells
  • Chaos and Order will now work on Area spells
  • Bosses are now immune to knockdown
  • Using a Nova rune with a Storm rune will now create a storm that follows the player
  • Spells and runes dropped in combat will now correspond to the faction's element(s)
  • Title selection has been improved to show attribute modifiers
  • Choosing a victory option on Classic mode will display a confirmation window
  • The standard animation for area spells will now take drastically less time to complete. (Was 1.2s, now .33s for the Fictorum and .5s for enemies)
  • Clairvoyance outlines for defense structures are removed on quest completion/failure
  • A grace period has been added after defeating a boss to clear trash slots
  • Fixed a bug that would show completed quests as incomplete in the quest tracker
  • The initial loading screen has been improved
  • Trees will properly simulate physics when they are hit the first time
  • Hitting a frozen solid enemy with a projectile will apply an impulse in the proper direction
  • Dragging a rune from a runeset into an open slot will move the associated rune and remove it from the runeset
  • Fixed bugs that would cause cooldown timers to either not display or display improperly
  • Liches will now cast Skull Grenade (in addition to Nefarium) and their spell damage has been increased
  • The Giftbringer will no longer start with a mana bonus
  • Holiday spells have had their mana costs revised
  • The unlock condition for the Verdant Incinerator has been changed
  • Incendium's spell multipliers have been reworked
  • Items will now spawn with +Earth, Corrupted, and Wind damage
  • Frost nova now has a new visual effect, a damage increase, and a minimum slow percentage/slow duration
  • Diminishing returns have been added for all negative status effects
  • A close button has been added to save slot selection
  • A UI indicator has been added for walking
  • Doors will now shatter when forced
  • Unique drop chance has been reduced from +1% to +.5% x (chapter - 1)
  • A Colorblind Assist option has been added to the settings menu
  • The Fictorum will get up more smoothly after a knockdown
  • The settings and control binding menus have been improved visually and functionally
  • Area spread will now curve around the player for non-surface snapping spells
  • Rintara has been given new abilities, AI, and enemy adds
  • Abridged is now the recommended mode
  • Characters in the Run History screen can now be deleted
  • Flare's effects have been improved
  • Quest indicators will no longer flash when on low or medium effects
  • A negative value for negative status effect duration will no longer appear as red
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent improper imbues but still consume essence and the passive/ability scroll
  • The ambush event at Hangium will properly have an ambush
  • Fixed a bug that would always return 0% quest completion on Ducombe
  • Tips in the tutorial level are now substantially easier to read and their placement has been adjusted
  • Enemy spells will properly attenuate over distance
  • Chandeliers candle effects will properly fade after being destroyed
  • Fixed a crash that occasionally happens when shattering frozen enemies
  • Starting Title buttons will have a different border if you've beaten the game with that title
  • Casting, energy shield, mana threshold, and damage sound effects will now properly attenuate while using the observer
  • Screen shake intensity has been reduced by 33% in most situations
  • Proper default observer time speed will now be loaded
  • Higher destruction lifespan settings will cull important destructible meshes much less often
  • Quests have been streamlined and will no longer be added to the map, they will instead be resolved within the current location.
  • The post-processing effect for Clairvoyance has been improved
  • Spell impact decals have been improved slightly
  • Jadon's Peak will give an essence reward in addition to slowing the Inquisition Legion
  • Traveling through the nexus has a new visual effect
  • Fixed a bug with drinking health potions that could crash the game in rare instances
  • Expanse store rerolls on rest or movement (or load if you want to save scum it up)
  • Grand Inquisitor has a variety of new spells to murder you with
  • Collision is now properly removed from completed projectile spells
  • Defeating a boss with Slow Time active will no longer halt the game indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug with some combat events that would fail or succeed despite any player action
  • Spells cast by NPCs will be further restricted by their current rotation
  • Projectiles attached to the Fictorum will disappear after 5 seconds
  • Fall damage for all characters has been reduced by 25%
  • The cast animation for Christmas present is now substantially quicker
  • The amount of loot on Nightmare and Hard difficulties is now the same as Medium
  • X% Mana Leech and +X Mana after Kill will now appear on items
  • Bigger enemies will cull equipment meshes at longer ranges
  • Legion spawns will be consistently higher
  • Damage over time will no longer ignore mana threshold
  • Double-jumping will trigger Vault even as an equipped scroll
  • Returning to the main menu with observer mode active will unfreeze time properly
  • Runeset auto-movement has been improved slightly
  • The fall damage threshold will be increased when jump height is increased
  • Teleporting next to an loot container will no longer remove the contained loot
  • Mount Ganyar's item reward is now a random item instead of a choice of item
  • Cast actor runes (Storm, Sentinel, and Familiar) on spells using a bow will use a proper animation
  • Snow Beam's channel sound effect will properly adjust to sound settings
  • Fixed the inner materials within some of the destructible meshes
  • The chapter map has been slightly improved visually
  • Transcribing abilities into tomes will consume the displayed amount of essence, instead of undercharging
  • Fixed a bug with Inquisition fortifications that would load the wrong level for Expanse mode
  • The third-person camera will zoom in more quickly while clipping under the landscape
  • Character history details screen has been overhauled to show more information
  • Using channeling spells with Order, Spiral, and Chaos runes will work properly
  • The Bulwark will now start with a unique Sentinel rune and the Construct Specialty passive
  • Clicking on a mountaintop before an event has loaded will no longer work
  • Damage from early Debilor enemies has been lowered slightly
  • Fire manifestations will have more reasonable collision radii
  • Reduce chances of randomly selecting night
  • Destruction effects have been improved across the board
  • Sentinels created by runes will now fire at sentinel towers
  • Abandon with Shocking Shuriken will use a more appropriate animation
  • Sentinels created from runes will now fire faster, are more accurate, and are significantly better at finding targets
  • Boss music has been added
  • Sentinel tower crystals have had their AI logic improved
  • Weather will be more appropriate to the various settings
  • Lighting visual effects will no longer remain after candles, braziers, torches, etc. are destroyed
  • Pressing the close button on the inventory screen while on the main menu will properly close the inventory
  • Enemies that channel spells will stop aiming or channeling if line of sight is lost
  • Chapter map music will change properly based on the distance to the Inquisition Legion
  • Observer has been disabled while in the developer menu
  • New start of chapter perks have been added and some existing ones have been rebalanced
  • If a slot is available, newly purchase runes will properly be added to the current runeset
  • Friendly Sentinels will now attack townsfolk quest enemies
  • Shaping speed is now available as a stat
  • Fixed a bug that would cause close range rolling projectiles to fire at the proper angle
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the observer control rotation to shift after releasing a spell
  • Runes in runeset will no longer try to go to the rune enchantment slot when item is already in it
  • Summoning SFX have been increased in volume and are given a higher priority
  • Toggling out of the run history will show the proper equipment and accessories for the current slot
  • Spell overlap effects have been removed from the game
  • Flavor text has been added to the game over screen when killed by a boss
  • The splash and impact damage of many spells have been rebalanced
  • Fixed an animation lock that could occur when canceling melee spells
  • The observer can now perpetually rotate around objects with the Run/Walk toggle
  • Using the main menu command will properly save settings and control mappings on the settings menu
  • There is now a back button when choosing a reward item/rune
  • Seek will do a better job of tracking targets and searching for individual targets
  • Highly powered Seek runes will maintain velocity after collisions
  • The cursor will now appear over the selected mountain in the chapter map for extra clarity
  • Disenchanting an item will grant the full sell value
  • The damage bonus on High Velocity has been reduced
  • New loading screen tooltips have been added
  • The shop window has been moved to a new spot on the screen for ease of use
  • An option has been added to the fountain event
  • Archers and mages will now spawn on castle battlements
  • The world map will dim when it is not selected
  • Channeling spells will deactivate projectile shields
  • Resting/waiting is no longer allowed in the tutorial

  • Duplicate abilities are now viable and will trigger an independent cooldown
  • Navigation on the title menu has been improved
  • Snow beam and Fire Beam have new visual effects
  • Frozen enemies will be turned into snowmen once killed if playing as the Giftbringer
  • The inventory has been visually improved
  • Fixed a bug that would lock the Grand Inquisitor in a teleporting loop
  • Destructibles will once again do damage to the player (mwahahaha, foolish mortals)
  • Enemies will now move if they aren't rendered (whoops)
  • Indicators will appear for enemy dynamic angle spells (e.g. meteor)
  • Healing costs from vendors have been significantly reduced ceil(playthrough progress*3)
  • An additional failsafe has been added to prevent the Fictorum from falling through the earth
  • Engaging the Grand Inquisitor in combat will stop the Inquisition Legion from teleporting in
  • Fixed a serious bug that gave casting speed a ceiling of 100%
  • Enemies are significantly easier to hit with melee abilities
  • Fixed a bug that would allow clicking through the reward screen to a chapter location
  • The Main Menu will properly reset after the initial click delay
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the inventory from opening automatically after the store is generated on the location.
  • Initial and maintain mana costs for channeling spells with Familiar, Storm, and Sentinel will now be more consistent for channeling spells
  • Christmas Tree will now match the size of it's targeting mesh
  • Fixed a bug that will prevent houses exploding outwards from minimal damage
  • Storms will fire area spells at landscapes significantly below the storm cloud
  • Casting sound effects will now play for enemy, familiar, sentinel, and storm channeling spells
  • Projectiles will now launch characters in the direction of the projectile, not the direction of the hit
  • Enemies will be much easier to hit at very close range with surface projectiles (dreidel, flame wave, etc.)
  • Fixed a very rare bug where the loading screen would infinitely loop
  • Enemies will no longer halt their casting animations if you're not looking at them
  • Game UIs will properly remain active or inactive while in observer mode
  • Familiars can no longer be damaged by their creator's spells
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes give a mirror image item or rune from an event
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Telekinesis to occasionally get stuck on itself
  • Fixed a rare bug that would prevent locations on the chapter map from being selected with a gamepad
  • Dropdown boxes are now easier to navigate on the settings menu
  • Extra safeguards have been added for bosses that have fallen through the world, are stuck in the miasma, or are falling indefinitely
  • The difficulty window on the main menu will properly show changes to enemy damage, health, movement speed, and accuracy
  • Many spell descriptions and icons have been improved
  • Fire manifestations have been drastically improved
  • Manifest and Echo are now properly incompatible with certain transcribed abilities
  • Lightning bolt will properly display visual effects when used with a Storm rune
  • The Full Heal button will no longer show negative values
  • Slow time animation and effects are synched properly
  • Resting at a store will no longer reopened the inventory
  • Fixed a bug that would show spell tomes to have a mana cost of zero when viewed in an event
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally prevent channeling spells from being cast from NPCs
  • Resting in shop locations will no longer reopen the shop window
  • Fixed a bug that would cause incorrect values for additional/reduced mana cost to show on reward runes
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some rune sets to load incorrectly
  • Switching to the first-person camera while during the inventory transition will no longer lock the camera behind the player
  • Fixed a visual bug with raised yards
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally move the player location in the tutorial
  • Inventory can no longer be toggled while using observer mode
  • Difficulty health modifiers have been changed from 5./.75/1/1.25/1.5 to .25/.5/1/1.5/2
  • Selecting the option to return to chapter one with all current gear will actually return to chapter one
  • The bug logger menu will no longer be permanent if toggling into or out of observer mode
  • Cooldown reduction scaling per chapter has been significantly reduced
  • Tutorial no longer shows the history scroll upon death
  • Control of observer will no longer be lost after completing a spell
  • Fixed a bug that would show the time of death/victory as 1/1/1900
  • Rune descriptions have been edited for clarity
  • The Vizier event has been changed for clarity
  • If the game is minimized, Clairvoyance will no longer remain active if it was being used immediately prior
  • Larger enemies will have an easier time getting up from a knockdown
  • Killing/fearing large groups of enemies at once will no longer cause a performance hit
  • Maximum projectile range will once again be reflected while targeting
  • Projectile aiming when looking up or down has been improved
  • Observer mode will properly set FOV controls once active
  • Fixed a bug that would cause screen discrepancies when switching to observer mode
  • Haven will now properly when used with transcribe
  • Classic and Abridged will more consistently spawn two paths
  • Holding the cancel hotkey for one second will cancel all active spells.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly caused fleeing folks to show up on clairvoyance

Thank you for playing and send us those bug reports, they help us improve Fictorum! Feel free to reach out to us in whatever way works best for you.

Fictorum v1.2.4 Released—Happy Holidays!

Fictorum v1.2.4 Released—Happy Holidays!


Happy holidays, wizard! We’ve been working since the summer to create a massive update to Fictorum, bringing you brand new content and reworked systems...

Fictorum Version 1.2 Released!

Fictorum Version 1.2 Released!


Hey Wizards! We’ve just created a bunch of new spells, abilities, and runes for Fictorum. We’ve also created a brand new game mode for you to try...

Fictorum V1.1 Released

Fictorum V1.1 Released

News 5 comments

Hey Wizard-Friends! After months of hard work, we’ve released Fictorum v1.1. This massive patch provides loads of rebalancing, polish, performance improvements...

Happy Holidays from Fictorum

Happy Holidays from Fictorum


Happy Holidays to all, we’re still working away on version 1.1 of Fictorum and wanted to share some of the things we’re up to. Fictorum is also currently...

GravelGames - - 18 comments

Love the destructible house!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SemVision - - 504 comments

So this is basically Lichdom Battlemage but not awful?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ledernierrempart - - 515 comments

i hope there will be diversity in the spells :3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Stefan_Red - - 40 comments

around 600 new fans (too bad they didn't give you credit on their page -.-)


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