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Anywhere [PAID] Anywhere

2D Unity Artist

Anywhere [PAID] Evorlor

Unity3D C# Programmer

Anywhere [PAID] Crytivo Games

Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting!

Anywhere [PAID] Stormy Peak Entertainment

2D Artist/Animator

Anywhere [PAID] Twin Alchemy

Game Animator

Anywhere [PAID] Heartquake

Are you an animator looking for a serious and seasoned team?

Anywhere Forged Chaos

[UE4/Royalty] 2D/3D Positions for We Exist

Anywhere Black Haze Studios

[Programmers] Amazing Team looking for more talent!

Anywhere Anywhere

Beyond Equilibrium - Sound Designer

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Texture Artist - Beyond Equilibrium

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Beyond Equilibrium - 3D Modeler

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Beyond Equilibrium - 3D Animator

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Beyond Equilibrium - 3D Character Modeler

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Animator, Rigger, Character Modeler Needed!

Anywhere Nameless NATM

[UI Specialist] Wanted for Command & Conquer 3 mod Tiberium Secrets Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Weapon Modeller Needed Urgently

Anywhere HL2: Weapon Mod Team

2D artist partner (Mobile Games)

Anywhere 2D artist

[R3ZStudios] Level Designers Wanted!

Anywhere R3ZStudios

Looking for a 2D artist and designer for a pixelated mobile game

Anywhere, preferably within Europe Anywhere

Programmer and Graphic Designer Needed

Anywhere Indie Project

[Paid soon?] Programmer looking for 3D artists to form a team for narrative game

Anywhere Unnamed Indie Team

Game Designer

Anywhere Evorlor

Concept Artist - Sci Fi

Anywhere Flat Frog Games

3D Character Modeler (Revenue)

Anywhere Derailed Alliance

Game Maker and Unity/Artists Wanted

Anywhere New Game Dev Team

UE4 Demo-Level for RE:Outbreak style horror game

Anywhere Pocket Sized Animations

Programmer Unity

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

UI Artist

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

[Rev-share] Promotional Artist needed for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Anywhere Starboard Games

[FREE WORK] looking for these people

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-share] Character Modeller needed for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Remote Starboard Games

[Rev-share] Hard-Surface Modeller needed for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Remote Starboard Games LLC

[Rev-share] Animator needed for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Anywhere Starboard Games

Looking for a good Pixel artist

Anywhere Make dem' happy studios

[Revenue share] Programmers. Animators, Texture Artists wanted

Anywhere Rusty Gears

R3ZStudio's is Now Recruiting Talented Members!

Anywhere Anywhere

Calling all artists~!

Anywhere Anywhere

Unity Prorgamemr

Sfofia, Bulgaria ArtForge

3D Artist for Unreal Engine 4

Anywhere Pentagon Games

Unreal Engine 4 Level Designer

Anywhere Pentagon Games

UE4 AI Programmer

Anywhere Pentagon Games

Video Game Developer

Anywhere Indie Incubator

[Promotional Artist] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[XML Scripters] Wanted for SCiFi RTS Command & Conquer Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[PR manager] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Unity3D C# Programmer Part Time

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for 2D artist for farm based game

Anywhere Anywhere

[UE4] Starting ambitious project with many development roles available

Anywhere Anywhere

Composer, Sounds Effects, Voices Needed!

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for skilled Game Maker programmers

Anywhere Phenomabomb

3D Artist, Animators and Level Artist wanted

Anywhere SCOG games

[UE4] Programmer, Character Creator, Level Designer for Hacker Detected

Anywhere Felico Software

ModDB Web Developer (1x)

Anywhere Rise of Mordor

Seeking Maya Rigging/Skinner Artist | Animators [Greenlit] Dark Storm Ascension

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Looking for Unity/c#/JavaScript/NodeJS

Anywhere Bassetune Studios

2D Artist(Tiles/Gui/Sprites)

Anywhere Jelly Doughnut

[QA Lead] Wanted for SciFi RTS Summer Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[OPEN] Looking for logo artist!

Anywhere Anywhere

Programmers, Artists, QA, and Management Personnel Needed!

Anywhere Fleenyworks

Environmental Concept Artist

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

Video Game Artists

Anywhere Cold Furnace Studios

Designers, Engine Devs, UI/UX, Animators

Anywhere - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

UI Artist / 2D Character Artist (Unpaid/RevShare)

Anywhere Party Llama Games

2D Artist / Animator (Pixel Art)

Anywhere Gelo Studio

2d Artist

USA Picklefeet Games

Looking to grow team {Artist , Animators, Musicians}

Anywhere MasterCalamity Games

Concept Artist

Anywhere Mountain Side Studios

[OPEN] Looking for artist!

Anywhere Anywhere

Unity Shuriken FX artist needed

Anywhere Anywhere

Gameplay Programmer [UE4 / Blueprints]

Anywhere Arbitrary Studio

2D Animator/Artist

USA Kytarax Studios

Webmaster Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

3D Modeler, Programmer, 3D Animator, Texturer

Anywhere Shrimp Entertainment

[NOT PAID] 3D Modeler, Level Designer, UI Designer for a horror game

Anywhere Resist-Studio

(Artists, Writers, Designers, etc.) Imaginative Individuals for Upcoming Studio

Anywhere Anywhere

AI programmer

Anywhere Dark portal entertainment


Anywhere Anywhere

Unity Mapper Needed For Eventual Paid Position

Anywhere Ascension Entertainment LLC

Rigging/Skinning Artists Dark Storm Ascension

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Social Media Manager for Abstract Arena

Anywhere Anywhere


Anywhere Kadensgames

C++ Programmer

Anywhere Poly Fox Studio

Game World Programmer

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

2D Everything Artist

Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere (Exceptions Apply) Cup of Tea Games

Spriting Fighters!

Anywhere Anywhere

2D animator, VFX designer with experience with Unity

Anywhere Anywhere

PIXEL ARTISTS needed for a cyberpunk, pseudo-3D game

Anywhere FR Interactive

RPG Maker MV Developers

Remote Interlight Studio

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