USA Only [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC

Sales Consultant for WWII Online

Anywhere [PAID] Cornered Rat Software

Unreal Engine Lead Developer for Space-Age Shooter

Anywhere [PAID] Anywhere

[Royalty, Rev] Unreal 4, Game Programmer needed

Anywhere [PAID] Missing Games Studio

AI Programmer Needed for Supernatural RTS/RTT (UE4)

Anywhere Heath Games

C# Programmer for a Unity FPS

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Character Modeler Medieval Fantasy RPG

Anywhere Jewel Seeker Entertainment

[Revshare/Royalty] 3D Character Artist

"Anywhere", "North America", "South America" Ratfish Studios

[Royalty/RevShare] Environmental Artist

Anywhere Ratfish Studios

3D Artist

Anywhere QuesterStudios


Anywhere Flare

Programmer C++ & Blueprinting (UE4 Engine) Fantasy RPG

Anywhere (Germany preferred) Jewel Seeker Entertainment

Composer/SFX artist and Programmer needed for Pixel Art Game!

Anywhere Anywhere

UI Artist

Anywhere Party Llama Games

Prop, Weapon, and Vehicle 3D Modelers Needed

Anywhere New Mombasa Interactive

Unreal Engine 4 - Sculptor and Animator

Anywhere Anywhere

Celtic Dragon Studio is seeking an Animator/Rigger

Anywhere/Discord/Ireland Celtic Dragon Studio

2D and 3D Artists and VFX artists needed for Wolves

Anywhere Wolves Devteam

Narrative Designer/Writer Required

Anywhere Goldilocks Games

3D Character Artists

Anywhere Flare

3d Character modeler for Horror game [UE4] at SNEX-GameStudio

Anywhere SNEX-GameStudio

Seeking Unity Developer for Penguin Quest

Anywhere Quip Studios

C# Programmer, Unity

Anywhere Lobster Lord Studios

C# Programmer needed (Paid Position)

Anywhere Anywhere

[Profit Share]2d artist for a horror game

Anywhere DeadByte Studios

2D Artist for funny, cute looking base building game

Anywhere Anywhere

[PAID] Programmer for ONE HELL OF A WEEK

Anywhere Sumooli Island

[Rev-Share] Logo Designer @ Vambrace Studios

Anywhere MoonAttic Games

[Rev-Share] Game Developers wanted for starting indie studio to work on a unique

Anywhere Fire Totem

[Profit share] Concept artist for horror game

Anywhere SNEX-GameStudio

PLG: Writer (Story and Dialogue)

Anywhere Party Llama Games

2D Environment Prop and Promotional Art

Anywhere Party Llama Games

PLG: 3D Character Artist

Anywhere Party Llama Games

Pixel artist needed - Titanforged Entertainment

Anywhere Anywhere

Construct 2 Programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

Artist PAID logo designer and cinematics

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for Audio designer

Anywhere bizarre instinct

UI/HUD Artist for Lurking in the Shadows

Anywhere WGames Studio

Character Designer/Modeler for Lurking in the Shadows

Anywhere WGames Studio

2D artist(s) for landscape backgrounds

Anywhere Anywhere

UI Designer for horror game [UE4] at SNEX-GameStudio

Anywhere SNEX-GameStudio

[Rev-Share] Justicia - A real passion project

Anywhere Stonepunsh Studio

3d Character Artist

Anywhere Reclassified Game Studios

(Unreal Engine 4) Simple Blueprint / Code Developer

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-Share] Programmer, Character modeler and UI-Designer needed! (UE4)

Anywhere RedMemoriesGames

Logo & cinematic for Development company

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Modelers NEEDED - Rev Share

Anywhere AvieDesigns

Sound Designers, Artists, and Programmers Needed

Anywhere New Mombasa Interactive

[RevShare 50%] Artist/3d modeller needed 2-man project

Anywhere Aquablock development

Network Programmer

Anywhere Diamond Games

[Rev Share] Artists wanted for Nova Eclipse

Anywhere Nova Eclipse Studio

If you need a tester for your games, I'm the one you need

Anywhere Whoever needs testers

[Rev-share] Looking for Programmers 3d RPG Fantasy game

Anywhere Amusant

Needing Unity 2D Programmer for RTS Project

Anywhere Bassetune Studios

Sovereign Story is Looking for Talented Animators & Programmers + More

Anywhere Avalon Games LLC

Game design finished! Programmers needed!

Anywhere Weapons Grade Studios

[Rev Share] Environment Designer (Concept Artist)

Anywhere Goldilocks Games

Level designer for Episodic Horror Game

Anywhere Satellite 27

3D Animator for Episodic Horror Game

Anywhere Satellite 27

Texture Artist for Episodic Horror Game

Anywhere Satellite 27

3D Artist for Episodic Horror Game

Anywhere Satellite 27

Games Programmer for Episodic Horror Game

Anywhere Satellite 27

Concept Artist for Episodic Horror Game

Anywhere Satellite 27

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