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[Paid] Senior Game Dev - Titanic VR / Apollo 11 VR / Ireland

[Paid] Senior Game Dev - Titanic VR / Apollo 11 VR / Ireland

Ireland [PAID] Immersive VR Education

[Donation Based] Re-Cruiting Texture Artist, Animator, Programmer

Greater London [PAID] Re-Invention Videogames

Marketing Director

Anywhere [PAID] AAD Productions

Looking for Programmers, 2D-3D/Level/Artist Designers, 3D Modelers and More.....

USA - Applicants Only [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC

[Lost Paradise] Hig quality Indie looking for: 3D Animators & VFX Artists

Anywhere [PAID] Stigma Studios

Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting!

Anywhere [PAID] Stormy Peak Entertainment

Tilemap Artist

Anywhere [PAID] Evorlor


Anywhere [PAID] Moding a Server

PAID UE4 Animators / VFX Artists

Anywhere [PAID] Anywhere

VR Environment Artist

Anywhere [PAID] AAD Productions

VR Game Programmer

Anywhere [PAID] AAD Productions

Multiplayer programmer

Anywhere [PAID] Biomass Studios

2D Pixel Artist wanted. Share Based

UK Lindian Software Ltd

[ Unpaid/Rev Share ]2D Character Artist/Environment Prop

Anywhere Party Llama Games

Possible Positions

Anywhere LemniStudios

[Steam Game] Looking for Animators & Modelers for #AfterShock

Anywhere Focus Studios

Steampunk Concept Artist [Royalty]

Anywhere Oh Snap Games

Game/Concept Artist

Anywhere Artkhive

[Rev-share] PR needed for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

Looking for level designer for Cryengine 5 sandbox title

Anywhere Indie project


Anywhere Anywhere

Need Programmer Unity 3D

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Concept Artist

Anywhere Unknown Game Development Team

Map maker for Mount and Blade Warband

Anywhere Midgard

Programmers, Artists, Web Developers

Anywhere Team Fenix Game Design, LLC

(UnPaid/ RevShare) 3D Character Artist

Anywhere Party Llama Games


USA Creation Studios

[Promotional Artists] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[XML Scripters] Wanted for SCiFi RTS Command & Conquer Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[PR manager] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

2D adventure game programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-share] 2D Action platformer Rogue-Lite seeking skilled programmer (Unity)

Anywhere Anywhere

Pixel Artist

Anywhere BlindFold Studios

Graphic Design/UI Artist

Anywhere Slack Studio

General Programmers [Royalty]

Anywhere Slack Studios

Web/Marketer/ UI-programmer & Concept Artist

Anywhere Project SOL development team

Concept Artist

Ireland/Skype Celtic Dragon Studio

Can you animate? Bring it!

Anywhere Lunammoc Studios

[Level Designer] "SQUAD" modding group looking for LD familiar with UE4

Anywhere Fallen Heroes

Searching for an Concept Artist

Germany,Anywhere Social Anvil

Searching an Animator

Anywhere Anywhere

Texturer | Unreal Engine

Anywhere Poulpefaction

3D Modeler | 3ds Max or Maya

Anywhere Poulpefaction

Character Animator | Unreal Engine | 3ds Max or Maya

Anywhere Poulpefaction

[Free] Pixel Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for programmer Cryengine 5

Worldwide Indie studio

UI artist/programmer

Anywhere Project SOL development team

Looking for GUI and 2D Asset Artist for Comedy RPG/Platformer

Anywhere Wayward Gamer

SnowFight needs Animator/UI artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Map Generator for Quake: Advancing Parkinson's research

Anywhere Anywhere

[3D animators] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Concept Artist

Anywhere Project SOL

[Enchanted] ❥ Looking for artists!

Anywhere Anywhere

PR Manager for Cup of Tea Games

Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere Cup of Tea Games

Monster Concept Designer

Anywhere Derailed Alliance

Low poly 3D artist for 'Against Us' sci-fi game

Anywhere Tegra Development Group

Animator, Programmer, Artist

Anywhere, but mostly United States Alehessis Studios

Level Designers Wanted

Anywhere CINK Entertainment

Model Artists/Animators Wanted

Anywhere CINK Entertainment

AI Programmers Wanted

Anywhere CINK Entertainment

Artist and Designer

Anywhere Frozen Wasteland Entertainment

Blender player (clothes, animation, etc) artist ; Blender modeler for roleplay

Anywhere Barysaw

[Writers] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Level Designer/Level Creator

Anywhere DK Development

AI programmers, Sound/Music programmers and managers

Göteborg, Sweden Anywhere

3D Modeler, Animator, Level Designer

Anywhere Game Create Studio


Anywhere Wild Life Productions

3D modelers, Rigger, UI designer, Animator

Online Delinquent Games

[QA Lead] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

UE4 Level Designer / 3D Animator

Anywhere Baroque

Stylized RPG - Looking for Concept artists and 3D modelers/Texture artists!

Anywhere Anywhere

Solarpixel Games - Looking for a Pixel Artist

Anywhere Solarpixel Games

2D Game Programmer(s)

Anywhere VONNEO Games

Webmaster Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Web designer

Anywhere Aperture Diversion

2D Game Artist

Anywhere BlindFold Games

Animators/modelers needed

Anywhere Anywhere

Programmer, Artists, Level Designers

Anywhere Dark Moon Studios

Lead Artist/Art Director

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

Level Designer for Sci Fi RPG

Anywhere Anywhere

Artists for Sci Fi RPG

Anywhere Anywhere

Programmers for Sci Fi RPG

Anywhere Anywhere


Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-Share] 2D Artist for Action and Arcade Games

Anywhere Ragiva Games

[Animator] We are searching an Animator (Unity3D)

Germany,Anywhere Social Anvil

Game Programmer

San Diego, USA Stingray Games

[ES] Marketing Online

España y Sudamerica TutoTOONS


Anywhere Anywhere

2D Artist (Beginner or Not) Needed

Anywhere Anywhere

NeoCrux is Recruiting for Multiple Positions

Anywhere Neocrux

2D Pixel Artist or Logo's/Graphic Design "Newbies or Pro's Encouraged"

Anywhere Anywhere

[UNPAID] Looking for team for a fan mod on Warhammer 40,000

Anywhere Anywhere

[Free] Looking for a programmer/coder

Anywhere Anywhere

Unreal Engine 4 Programmer

Anywhere Pentagon Games

Looking for co writer!

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Artist

Anywhere Themelios Game Studios

Modeler, Animator,Texture artist & Rigger required

Anywhere Nameless NATM

Textures needed

Anywhere starnasity

Looking for programmer/audio music editor for a pixel game

Anywhere Anywhere

Concept Artist

Anywhere Pixel Alliance

2D Artists for Characters and Backgrounds

Anywhere Anywhere

Game Tester for 2D Browser Game

Anywhere Anywhere

Web Page Developer (Game Homepage)

Anywhere I SHOW YOU

Model Designer (Any Skill Level)

Anywhere I SHOW YOU

Them & us - Old school - survival horror (programmer)

Anywhere tendogames

Public Relations & Marketing

Anywhere tendogames

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