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Looking for Multiple Positions [UE4]

Anywhere [PAID] Avalon Games LLC

Artists for Visual Novel "The Next World"

Anywhere, Skype-enabled [PAID] AAD Productions

Funded Startup Looking For Exceptional Talent!

remote [PAID] Stormy Peak Entertainment

FX artista, Technical Character Animator

Anywhere [PAID] E-Visualsof

Artist & Animator wanted for PC& Console project

UK ideally but open to options [PAID] Mojo Bones Ltd.

C# game developer needed

Anywhere in Europe [PAID] Kubat Software

Game Prototype Mod

Anywhere [PAID] The Gamer Agency

Freelance Proofreader

Anywhere [PAID] eastasiasoft

[Royalty] Texture & Material Artist Needed ASAP

Anywhere Anvil Drop

Concept Artist illustrator

Anywhere Inkfish Game Studios

3D Animator Required for 3D Hack 'n Slash RPG

Anywhere Blight Development Team

Looking for programmer!

Anywhere Shogun Wolf Games

Indie Group LF Unity Programmers & 2d Animators

Remote Indie Group

Unity Programmer

Anywhere/Skype Maleficus Studio

Looking for a Designer To Help us in our next horror title (Hard Lives)

Anywhere Zaid A.Asmaida Studio

Looking for Animator

Anywhere Anywhere

[ROYALTY] Composer

Anywhere Oldsports Game Studios

[ROYALTY] Sound Designer

Anywhere Oldsports Game Studios

[ROYALTY] First Person Animator or Third Person Animator

Anywhere Oldsports Game Studios

[Royalty] Need help of some game DEVs

Anywhere Anywhere

[Royalty] Black Haze Studios is hiring! (Programmers and more!)

Anywhere Black Haze Studios

Game Developers wanted (3d modelers, programmers and grapic artist)

Anywhere To be decided

Sound Designer/Engineer

Anywhere Anywhere

2d or 3d artist and animator

Anywhere Anywhere

(small pay) Looking for 3D Artists

Anywhere Bassetune Studios

Looking for a 3D artist for a survival horror game [UE4]

Anywhere VOID Team

Talented Lead Programmer

Ontario, Canada Sanmyaku Entertainment

Talented Lead Artist

Ontario, Canada Sanmyaku Entertainment

Talented Writer/Community Manager

Ontario, Canada Sanmyaku Entertainment

Looking for multiple 3D character modelers! Base models only. Natures Wanderer o

Anywhere Green Thumb Studios

Indie Game Tester(s)

Anywhere Pixel Perfection

Pixel Artist / Animator

Anywhere RadLabGaming

Damned Soul Recruiting Souls to "Serve in Hell"

Remote Hell

Lead Graphics & Gameplay Programmer (paid) PS4 Title

San Diego, CA; remote if the programmer has prior experience Imagination Vent, LLC

[Rev-share]2D Artists and Writers for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Remote Starboard Games LLC

Concept Artist/Promo Artists

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

War Legacy is in need of artists

Anywhere ORKAAN

Pixel Artist

Anywhere Pixel Perfection

Writer/Designer Looking For Gamemaker Coder Teamup

Remote Pixel Star

Last Survivor search new talents! [UNPAID] - temporary

Anywhere Last Survivor

ALL to develope Last Survivor (on Greenlight NOW)

Anywhere Anywhere

[Royalty] 3D Blender Modeller

Anywhere AutoFast Games

Slave 3d artist

Anywhere Hipdee studio

[Profit-Share] Indie Team Recruiting UNITY coders, 3D mod, rigger for Demon Game

Remote Pixel Star (undecided)

3D Animator

Anywhere GameOrchard

Onami Games. Join Us!

Anywhere Various, Games

[Profit Share] Game Designer for strategy and management game

Anywhere Crowbox

Texture & Material Artist Needed ASAP!

Anywhere Anvil Drop

CraZY GUy witH TEAM wANts MoRe TeaM

Remote Not Telling

An Artist for a Visual Novel!

Anywhere Anywhere

Need sprite artists, background artists, and sound artists ASAP

Anywhere Anywhere

Game Devlopers wanted: 3d modelers, programmer, advertiser, graphic designer

Anywhere Comapny Name to be decided

[Unpaid/Volunteer] We need a dubstep music creator

Anywhere Two Sides

Lead artist

Ontario Canada LutaEntertainment


Ontario,Canada LutaEntertainment

Low Poly 3D Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

[Looking For All] Show Production (Unpaid)

Skype R. Entertainment

Looking for 3D character modelers! For story based open world game - Natures Wan

Anywhere Green Thumb Studios

Programmers welcome. This is an offering to be in BRZ Games to those interested!

Anywhere in the Western Hemisphere BRZ Games

[Royalty]Artists for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Remote Starboard Games LLC

Weapon/Player Modeler

Anywhere Andy's Games


Anywhere Terahard Ltd

2D/3D Artist Wanted

Anywhere Erais Games

Indie Team Recruting

Remote Indie Team

2x Animators for coreRocket

Anywhere, UK coreRocket

C# & Javascript Programmer for coreRocket

Anywhere, UK coreRocket

[Royalty] Concept Artist

Anywhere Silverhead Games


Anywhere Revelations Studios

Artist and Coding Maker

canada Anywhere

App developer needed

UK ANM Applications

X2 Need some help of programmers and gameplay designers

Anywhere Anywhere

[Unpaid/Volunteer]Looking for volunteers to work with us

Anywhere Thou Curator

Concept Artist

Anywhere AfterEffect Team


Anywhere AfterEffect Team

Seeking General Programmer *Rewards*

Anywhere Thunder Web Studios

C++ and / or Lua Programmer

Anywhere Corrupted Studios

[Unpaid/Compensation Plan] Looking for Texture Artist & Animators

Anywhere PhyNXT Interactive

[Unpaid/Volunteer] PhyNXT Interactive Looking for Voice Actors for Fantasy RPG!

Anywhere PhyNXT Interactive

[Block / Voxel Building Architect] Needed to create some buildings

Anywhere Magic Storm

Marketing for WWII Online: Battleground Europe

Anywhere Playnet, Inc. - Cornered Rat Software

Modeler/Animator needed for Half-Life Horror Mod

Anywhere Heath Games

[Android Game] Finshed game - Needs Art

Anywhere Independent

Java-fluent Programmers & 3D Artists Wanted [Payment Upon Profit]

Anywhere Ceberion

Looking for 2 2D artists

Anywhere Anywhere

2D Artist - Lead

Anywhere Picklefeet Games

Lead programmer wanted for horror game

Anywhere DiamondStudios™

Full-Time/Part-Time Senior Server Side Engineer for mobile game

USA AlienMob Inc

Seeking Coders and Programmer for medium-sized grand strategy game [Royalties]

Anywhere, US preferred White Dwarf Games

Lead Programmer

Anywhere Biomass Studios

Tester for a functional test of a hl2 mod

Anywhere Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles

BRZ Games: In need of Artists and Programmers

Anywhere within the western hemisphere of the world! (Due to time zones) BRZ Games

Team Recruitment for horror game

Anywhere Anywhere

Network Programmer in Unity C#

Anywhere Life Virus Games

[Volunteer] 3D Artist/Unwrapper, Programmer, Texture Artist, Concept Artist

Anywhere Firestorm Productions

2D Artist / Animator for Gothic Metroidvania

Anywhere IAO Games

Programmer needed

Anywhere Anywhere

Level Designer wanted

Anywhere C Tech Studios

Blender Texture Artist

Anywhere C Tech Studios

Unity 5 programmer wanted

Anywhere C Tech Studios

LF 2D Artist to Join Viking Voyage

Anywhere Anywhere

FPS/Horror/Mystery game looking for an artist

Anywhere Big Mountain Game Studios

[Rev-share] Concept Artist for 3D Indie Sci-fi RPG

Remote Starboard Games LLC


San Diego, USA Stingray Studio

Modeler, animator, programmer, web developer, SFX

USA WickedStation Studios

Ascii or Line Artist

Anywhere FrostCloudInteractive


Anywhere Terahard Ltd

[Royalty] (Greenlight) UE4 - Them & Us - 3D Animator

Anywhere tendogames

[Royalty] (Greenlight) Them & Us - UE4 Programmer

Anywhere tendogames
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