Ren'Py Technical/FX Artist

Anywhere [PAID] Illuminated Games

Unity Artist

Anywhere [PAID] AAD Productions

VR Sword Artist

Anywhere [PAID] AAD Productions

Web Designer

Anywhere [PAID] Illuminated Games

Programmers, Riggers, Composers

USA Only [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC

Sovereign Story is Looking for Talented Animators, Artists, Writers, Programmers

Anywhere [PAID] Avalon Games LLC

Need Programmer to Create Short Demo

Anywhere [PAID] 2D Game

Voice Actors for Lunar Descent

Anywhere Lunar Descent

Lead Programmer

Houston Cool Comic Creations

(Revenue Share) Programmer

Anywhere Clockwork Knights

[Royalty] Digital Artist Needed - Monster/Character Design

Anywhere Vigilant Addiction Studios

Game Developers located worldwide

Anywhere IMU Studios

[Revshare] Concept Artist Steampunk - Environmental and Character

Anywhere Ratfish Studios

{Royalty/Revshare} Multiplayer Level Designer

North America, Anywhere Ratfish Studios

Character Artist 3D/Concept Artist

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Concept Artist

Mannheim Anywhere

Character and Environmental Concept Artist

Anywhere MoonAttic Games

Community Moderator

Anywhere ILMX

Programmer / Code Monkey wanted for HL2 DownFall


[Royalty] SFX and Music Artist

Anywhere Gelo Studio

3D Artists and Animators for a Beat 'Em Up/RPG

Anywhere LoreSoft

3d modeler for Indie rpg

Anywhere Frozen Wasteland Entertainment

UNWRITTEN RPG needs: Pixel Artists, Animators, Illustrators and Programmers

Online Anywhere

Level designer Dark Storm Ascension [UE4] Greenlit

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

3D Environmental Artist, 2D Environmental Texture Artist

Anywhere Monochrome LLC

Data Analytics Specialist

Anywhere Top Game Studio

(rev-share) Concept Artist and Illustrator

Anywhere Frozen Wasteland Entertainment

2D platformer vertical slice

Anywhere/Remote Anywhere

Sweet Studios 3D Artists

Anywhere Sweet Studios

[Rev-Share] Community Manager / Social Media Manager

Anywhere Starboard Games, LLC

Programmers, Artists

Anywhere Interlight Studio

Game designer for VR Escape Room Game

Anywhere Anywhere

Animator, Texture artist, Programmer, Modeler, Needed for Mad Merlin Media

Anywhere Mad Marlin Media

[Rev Share] 3D Animator Needed

Anywhere Ground Breaking Games

[Rev Share] 3D Character Modeler Needed

Anywhere Ground Breaking Games

Project Manager

Anywhere Anywhere

Horror/Action Game Looking for Volunteers

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-Share] Gamer Programmer

Anywhere RisingLane

[Rev-Share] 3D Character Artist

Anywhere RisingLane

[Rev-Share] 3D Animator

Anywhere RisingLane

[Rev-Share] Lighting Artist

Anywhere RisingLane

[Rev-Share] Texture Artist

Anywhere RisingLane

[Rev-Share] 3D Environment Artist

Anywhere RisingLane

2D and Motion Graphics Artist Needed PAID $2000

Anywhere EQ Games

[Rev-Share] Pixel Artist Looking for Programmer and Level Designer

Anywhere Serpent Entertainment

LOAAC Artists Wanted!

Anywhere Krypnoda Studios

Programmer, artist, coder, voice actors and tileset maker

Anywhere Echo Vision

Seeking Level and World Designers

Anywhere Mystek Games

Seeking Programmers

Anywhere Mystek Games

3D Modellers

Anywhere Anywhere

Sound Designer & Voice Actor Needed

Anywhere Anywhere


Anywhere Anywhere

Pixel Artists

Anywhere JawShak Studios

(UE4 / Royalty) Gameplay Programmer for 'In the Shadows of Madness'

Anywhere Arbitrary Studio

[Rev Share] Concept Artist

Louisville, KY Code Breaker Games

Animators [Greenlit] Dark Storm

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Abstract Arena needs some translators for a short job

Anywhere Credici

3D Modeler for Unreal Engine 4

Anywhere Pentagon Games

[Military History Advisor] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Beyond Equilibrium - Level Designer - Royalties

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Beyond Equilibrium - C# Programmer ROYALTIES

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Beyond Equilibrium - Texture Artist - Royalties

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Beyond Equilibrium - Character Modeler

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Beyond Equilibrium - 3D Modelers - ROYALTIES

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Revshare - Game Collab Looking for Voice Actor/Anim/3dEnviro/Prop Artist/3dChar

Anywhere R4cb Club

Programmer Unity 3D Job

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Need Help Creating Hero Engine World

Anywhere Facilitating & Advocating a Creative Universe

Need Level Designer

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

[Writer] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Player Modeler

Anywhere Anywhere

Programmer [royalty]

Anywhere, but preferably in the Kansas City Area Anywhere

Artists - Programmers - UI

Global - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

Artist (3D Modeler) Partner

Montreal, Canada Mythologicus

SFX/ Foley Artist at Fenrir Studios

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Collaboration on 4X game project (artist, ui-designer, writer)

Anywhere Archaist Inc.

Creative Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Skilled Programmer needed

Anywhere Anywhere

Stylistic Texture Artist

Anywhere Sollus Entertainment

3D model and writers

Anywhere Eagleheroes



(UE4 / Royalty) Level Designer for 'In the Shadows of Madness'

Anywhere Arbitrary Studio

Web Developers

Anywhere Sollus Entertainment

[Associate Producer] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha & LLC formation

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Designer (Any Skill Level)

Anywhere I SHOW YOU

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