3D Artist/Modeler Assoc

Anywhere [PAID] Palm Beach Games

2D Bone Based Animator

Anywhere [PAID] Code91

3D Modeler | Animator

Anywhere [PAID] Unreal Engine Dev

Concept Artist

Anywhere [PAID] Unreal Engine Dev


Anywhere [PAID] Stanion Studios, LLC

Gaming Programmer

Anywhere [PAID] Unreal Engine Dev

[PAID] Gameplay Programmer

Anywhere [PAID] Thar Be Monsters

(3DS Max) 3D Model Rigger (CLOSED)

USA [PAID] Affinity Pixel Entertainment, LLC

Looking for UI Designer for like Katamari Style

Anywhere [PAID] Anywhere

2d Pixel Artist/Animator for New IG Title

Anywhere [PAID] Illuminated Games

Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting!

Anywhere [PAID] Stormy Peak Entertainment

Senior macOS Game developer

Prague [PAID] Factorio

Looking for 3d Artist, Animators, and Level Artist for Shooter game

Anywhere SCOG games

2D Artist

Anywhere Cup of Tea Games

3D Designer for Raft Like Game (Unity)

Anywhere Anywhere


Anywhere Independent

Vehicle Modeler & Animator for WWII Online (3DS Max)

Anywhere Playnet, Inc. - Cornered Rat Software

3D artist

Anywhere Star and serpent

(Profit Share) Programmer

Anywhere Clockwork Knights

[UE4] Them & Us - Old school survival horror game – programmer

Anywhere tendogames

[Profit Share] Marketer / Community Manager

Anywhere Reluctant Koala Studios

Concept Artist with Humor - Environmental and Character [Royalty]

Anywhere Ratfish Studios

{Royalty} Multiplayer Level Designer

North America, Anywhere Ratfish Studios

[Royalty/RevShare] Environmental Artist

Anywhere Ratfish Studios

Marketing needed for premium mobile game

Anywhere Anywhere

Seeking Animators

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Looking To Create A Dev Team

USA Anywhere

[GER] Unity C# Programmierer

Germany Coffee Peak Games

Artist and Animators needed for a 2D anime-style open world RPG

Anywhere Anywhere

[REV-Share] 3D Character Artist

Anywhere WGames Studio

Concept Artist

Anywhere Clear Freedom

[RevShare][Small pixel-art RPG] Who wants to have fun time + make some $ ?

Anywhere Remembrance Studio

Looking for 3D artists, 3D animators, & VFX artists for a Live Action Spec Pilot

Anywhere Big JUMP Studios

3D Maya Animator - Beyond Equilibrium

Anywhere Revelations Studios

3D General Modeler - Beyond Equilibrium

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Cryengine Artists/Programmers Wanted

Anywhere Casevac Studios

(Revenue-Share) Programmer

Anywhere AAD Productions

(Internship) Company Secretary

Anywhere Affinity Pixel Entertainment, LLC

Concept Artist

Anywhere Sollus Entertainment

3D Model Designer Needed for Original Indie RPG

Anywhere Iron Valkyrie Games

Artists & Programmers Needed

Anywhere ZebraFox Games

C# Unity Developer

Anywhere Anywhere

Web-Site Consultant Postion

Anywhere CITADEL Interactive

Level Designer

Anywhere/Ireland Celtic Dragon Studio

Artists - Designers - Programmers

Global - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

Level Designer Position

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Programmer for GTA IV/V Mod Project

Anywhere Winterstorm Team


Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Unwritten RPG needs PIXEL ARTISTS and programmers

Anywhere Anywhere

Game Content Writer / Marketer /Animator

Anywhere MadVisions

Abstract Arena needs a Social Media Manager

Anywhere Credici

Environment Modelers/Prop Modelers

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Games Programmer

Anywhere Sollus Entertainment

[Profit-Share] Voice Actors - Hearts of Violet

Anywhere Anywhere

Searching for App and Web Developers

Anywhere REX Network

Programmers, Artists and Animators needed for a high-res 2D Openworld RPG

Anywhere Anywhere

(NaNo'17) Looking for Artists and More!

Anywhere Anywhere

Soundtrack Composers

Anywhere The Soundtrack Studio

NeoCrux Recruiting for Multiple Positions

Anywhere Neocrux

Character modeler

Anywhere Anywhere

Character Concept Artist

Anywhere Rhetoric Games

Experienced FPS Animator

Anywhere Anywhere

Secondary Artist

Anywhere CITADEL Interactive

Programmer for 2D action/puzzle platformer

Anywhere, USA Anywhere

(Royalty) Environment Artist Needed Urgently!

Anywhere Bunyip Studios

Team Credici is searching for a German translator

Anywhere Credici

[3D animators] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[XML Scripters] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[Promotional Artists] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[PR managers] Wanted for SCiFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[UI Specialist] Wanted for Command & Conquer 3 mod Tiberium Secrets Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[Webmaster] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[Hobby / Rev Share] Art Ink Studios seeks 3D Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

I need people Who can make Sprites

Anywhere Anywhere

[Royalty]General Artist for 'Project: Black Raven'

Anywhere Project: Black Raven

2D Sprite Artist

Anywhere Vulgaris Studios

3D Character Designer - Beyond Equilibrium

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Texture/FX Artist - Beyond Equilibrium

Anywhere Revelations Studios

C# Programmer - Beyond Equilibrium

Anywhere Revelations Studios

3D Environment Artist - Beyond Equilibrium

Anywhere Revelations Studios

Artists Wanted

Anywhere Frozen Wasteland Entertainment

[REV-SHARE] Artists & Any Others for Passion Project

Anywhere Project Adventure Story Dev

Looking for a 2d artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Experienced Animator in CryEngine V

USA, Anywhere Sigma Eminar

Maya Animator for Hanako: Honor & Blade

Anywhere MPact Games, LLC.

UI/UX Programmer (UE4 UMG) for Hanako: Honor & Blade

Anywhere MPact Games, LLC.


Anywhere Warzone DEV

Revival Of Star Wars!

Anywhere Warzone DEV

Art Inc Studio seeks Producer / Project Manager

Anywhere Anywhere

[Profit-Share / Hobby] Art Inc Studio seeks Unity Programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Level Designer

Anywhere Sollus Entertainment

Music promoter, music producers intern

USA, anywhere LeafLegion


Anywhere MoonAttic Games

Experienced Team Looking for Modeler and Animator

Anywhere ForgedChaos

Seeking Maya Rigging/Skinner | Animators [Greenlit] Dark Storm Ascension

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

2D Artist Wanted for hobby-level web game

Anywhere Yama Games

Designer (Any Skill Level)

Anywhere I SHOW YOU

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