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10 Review

Game Review by 1337_Deady on Oct 20th, 2014

the game looks amazing and hope will be only better and better while the beta goes...

and i see the developer is enthusiastic for new implementations of features so wish only best to this game.

Victoria II: Kaiserreich
10 Review

Mod Review by MephistoPheles14 on Oct 20th, 2014

A great mod for Victoria II but with a little more ambition on the choices given to the player and new events for the differents nations it could become perfect.
I give it a 10/10 for encouraging his creator to continu his awsome work till the perfection.
PS : sorry for the grammar faults, I am fench so my english is not perfect neither.

C4 Engine
10 Review

Engine Review by Rastar on Oct 20th, 2014

I've been using the C4 engine for about two years now. The market for game engines certainly has changed a lot during that time, and I've also looked at the big names that are selling their engines for peanuts these days, but I always keep coming back to C4. There are a lot of reasons why this engine is such a great choice:

- Performance. C4 is highly optimized and runs very well even on legacy hardware.

- Stability. C4 is rock solid, it rarely crashes during design and run time, and those rare cases usually are due to some bugs in the GPU drivers of Nvidia and AMD and not the engine itself.

- Clean code. The engine's structure is well organized and consistent. This will reflect in your game code.

- Open source. With a license for C4 you'll have access to the complete source code.

- Support. C4's community is very friendly and helpful. In addition, Eric Lengyel (the author of C4) is present on the forums daily and will answer tricky questions, usually within hours.

- Functionality. C4 has a tons of features, some of which aren't apparent at first sight (and not marketed aggressively). It has a nice graphical shader editor, a very performant mechanism for indirect lighting called "radiosity space", a full suite of CSG tools, an out-of-the-box implementation for infinite oceans, impostors and much, much more.

- Cross-platform. C4 runs on all desktop OSs (and by the way has been available for Linux for years now), and an iOS version is coming soon.

- Price. With the new licensing model for version 4.0, the engine is just $88 per year. No royalties. And if you don't extend your subscription, your still allowed to use the engine and publish games with it.

Admittedly, C4's user interface looks a little dated, and the engine is currently lacking some graphical features like HDR (which is being worked on), but that shouldn't trick you into believing C4 isn't capable. Game development is hard, even if some big names seem to claim that you just have to buy some ready-made assets and stick them together with some scripting, but it doesn't work like that. If you're doing anything more involved than Tappy Chicken you will have to roll up your sleeves and get coding. And an engine that won't let you run into a wall at some point is much more important than a shiny user interface.

With the new pricing there is no excuse not to try C4 and see for yourself why this is such a great engine!

Closed Circuit
10 Review

Game Review by bradye21 on Oct 19th, 2014

The maze game concept is taken to a whole new level. You get dropped into a cave and must find your way out, only to be greeted with a much larger maze on the surface, with multiple levels. Go around collecting the map pieces to reveal the way out. If only it were that simple. There are robots who will do anything they can to keep you from doing so. There is no death thankfully, but you are instead seamlessly teleported back to the checkpoint for another attempt.

The Age of Conquerors
9 Review

Mod Review by The_Hussar on Oct 19th, 2014

At this point the mod is good, one of the few gunpowder mods that support functions like multiple ranks, fire at command, ect. There is a nice variety of weapons and armour. What I found unsatisfying is that the firearms have basically the same stats and price. A little variety would be nice. Also the implementation of cannons would be really great. Good luck!

Unending Galaxy
9 Review

Game Review by MirceaDogaru on Oct 19th, 2014

It's more than just a game, it's an experience. A vast, almost unending (no pun intended) universe filled with content, great faction AI, simple but functional graphics and interface and a polished feel make this a must-play for any space games fan.

9/10 simply because there is no sound and ship animations can be a bit weird as they turn, but let's not forget that this game is not even in Beta.

From being a small time crook to running an empire, this game offers everything you might want. And it will get even better, I'm sure about that.

Achtung Panzer: Operation Star
10 Review

Game Review by Dudok22 on Oct 19th, 2014

Great game offering realistic east front experience. It is quite hardcore, absolutely not like CoH. Patience and better tactics are rewarded. You need few hours to learn the mechanics but after that it offers high replayability. Also it has great dlcs!

A Day Of War
2 Review

Game Review by ansbert18 on Oct 19th, 2014

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A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
7 Review

Mod Review by kilertrtr on Oct 19th, 2014

An awesome mod, but if you have an old pc, don't even download this. :(

10 Review

Mod Review by delovoy on Oct 19th, 2014

Funny roadrage with beautiful cars, grand theft auto style car explosions, helicopters and airplanes with machine guns and rockets. Realistic physics, fixed random crashes. 10/10

StaudSoft's Synthetic World
7 Review

Game Review by micromil on Oct 19th, 2014

I have only played a few hours and so far the Game has a lot of potential, but is still very much a work in progress.

This game has a great engine, the terrain works really well. Looks nice and digging out dirt leaves stone in waves and realistic ways.

The Mobs need a lot of better animation.
Sound needs work.
Movement is fine however the caves are a bit quirky often you can get stuck in low ceilings.

Crafting system is quite standard. I hope to see some improvements to set it apart from others and reduce micromanagement.

Overall good, but wait a little longer if you want a game that is more complete. But if you like a crafting building game with a little more realism definitely worth a look.

Try the demo first and make up your own mind.

March of Rome
4 Review

Mod Review by UltimateHobo on Oct 18th, 2014

Basically a re-skin of vanilla. Not awful but doesn't do anything special. Balance is pretty poor though.

1 Review

Mod Review by Immortal_warrior on Oct 18th, 2014

Wont even work on my version

Epilepsy Simulator 2014
10 Review

Game Review by epicZERO74 on Oct 18th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

I have never experienced such an immersive, realistic, life-defining game. This game captures what its like to be epileptic with amazing graphics better than any next-gen console game. I would EASILY pay $50 for this game and I feel absolutely BLESSED that I got to play it for free!

Lurk the Horror Game
8 Review

Game Review by Limerockers on Oct 18th, 2014

Great Game!

Event Horizon
1 Review

Mod Review by Timanxd on Oct 18th, 2014

1/10 is too damm high for this custom story.

Bad story, awuful level design, very bad terrain design. You have to learn basic things. It's probably inclusion but it seems you're like: "dsajh lets create scary mod for amnesia hahahah *derp face*"

You are not going to read all those reviews anyway, aren't you?

9 Review

Game Review by Kingravel on Oct 18th, 2014

Great and unique game! I love being able to plan and create my very own flying vessels - every single part from specific weaponry to the sailor's sleeping chamber to the ships armor - everything is left to your choice. You can build small, fast ships or brutal, slow behemoths starring of cannons and guns - it's up to you to decide, and it's enormously funny to experiment with the different possibilities. I'm totally looking forward to the next updates! Great game, and the best buy you can do for 5 bucks.

StaudSoft's Synthetic World
3 Review

Game Review by AntoG4 on Oct 18th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

this game looks like it has potential, so i decided to check it out. Unfortunately its current state is far from what I have expected. I cannot say that this is alpha, its more a pre alpha. Nothing works very well in this game, and the game really starts to annoy me after playing it for a few mintes.
maybe I change my opinion and my vote in the future, but I cannot recommend the game in its current state. I would be very angry if I had paid money for this game.

Stalked Incubus
10 Review

Game Review by SuperPlayer1337 on Oct 17th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

I was really surprised about this game!
It is the best part out of this game series.
I only stuck at searching the explosive bullet magazine, but otherwise keep developing on this game!

Five Nights at Freddy's
7 Review

Game Review by dog199200 on Oct 17th, 2014

Could have used a little more work in the scare factor. The game play was good never the less!

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