The most world-class game engine to date, Unreal Engine 4 gives you the power to do more than ever before. Bring your creative visions to life directly in game without programmer assistance via the new Unreal Blueprint.

Unreal Engine 4’s architecture offers fully dynamic lighting features, cutting down on development time and ensuring less iteration on creative ideas. With significant new visual features, Unreal Engine 4 enables you to achieve high-end visuals, while remaining both scalable and accessible to make games for low-spec PCs.

Tool highlights/features for developers include:
  • Make updates directly in game without ever pausing gameplay with Hot Reload. This tool allows you to quickly find and edit C++ code and see those changes reflected immediately in game.
  • After an update is made, Instant Game Preview gives you the power to spawn a player and play anywhere in game without needing to wait for files to save.
  • The all-new Code View saves you time by allowing you to browse C++ functions directly on game characters then jump straight to source code lines in Visual Studio to make changes.
  • Live Blueprint Debugging enables you to interactively visualize the flow of gameplay code while testing your game.
  • Now you can quickly debug and update gameplay behaviors when they happen through the new Simulate Mode. This tool lets you run game logic in the editor viewport and inspect AI as the game characters perform actions.
  • View your game in full-screen within the editing environment with the Immersive View tool. This allows programmers to complete iterations on gameplay changes without added UI clutter or distractions.
  • Possess/Eject Features allow at any time while playing in editor to easily “eject” from the player and take control of the camera to inspect specific in-game objects that may not be behaving properly.
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We thought for a long time, and decided that we should remove the "Early Access" mark from our game. Of course, we understand that its development is still far from complete, we know that players have a few technical problems, many players complain about the behavior of the camera of the first person. We don’t even think about stopping work on the game, constant updates and improvements will come out, but there will already be a full-fledged game released from early access. For 4 months, much of the game has changed, much has been added and improved, more things we had to completely remake. Now most of the complaints from the players come from the lack of online play. I want to remind you that originally the game was conceived for fun in the company of friends, but we understand that it is not always possible to get together and play together.

In order to slightly increase online, and also in honor of the release of the game from early access, we launch a giveaway, and also launch a sale in the Steam with a generous 30% discount.

Also we shot a small funny trailer for the game:

Some information about the big update, which we prepared for the release of the game:

- We added a huge bunch of decorative caps for all our characters. These items are scattered across all two maps, some are very simple to find, some harder, and some were hidden from your view very reliably. Collect a complete collection of hats, but remember, only one player can take the same hat per session.


- Players could notice that the dog very successfully could block other characters in the rooms, thus spoiling the game to other players. But now, with the help of an effective lover’s kick, he can send a dog down, and calmly run out of the trap (not only wife should suffer).


- Husband realized that the "adult toy" of his wife could be used to punish cheaters

- The car! Honestly, for a long time we argued about whether to introduce it into the game, but still decided. Why did we decide? Because it's fun! Run the second map, go out into the street, open the garage, and go! If you run away with a car, you will not even need your clothes - demolish the gate, and get away. Only neatly - The car is very fragile, and can break, from a well-aimed shot from the shocker, for example.


- Also we had to remake the options menu, there are now more settings, you can change - FOV, for example.

1 Week and 100% Funded on Kickstarter!

1 Week and 100% Funded on Kickstarter!

The Lighthouse

Only one week and we're already 100% funded on Kickstarter! Plus we have a new demo for all of you to try!

Kickstarter Update #2, New Screenshots!

Kickstarter Update #2, New Screenshots!


New images posted of Skyfear progress. Back us on Kickstarter!

See the recent progression of Portal Remastered !

See the recent progression of Portal Remastered !

Portal Remastered 8 comments

Here is new screenshots from the first level and a the final version of Chell's animations !

Well that was a crazy first post!

Well that was a crazy first post!


What an amazing response to the first post! Up to #2! What?!?!1!? Heres some more on Gunsmith and an update on version 5! Tonnes of improvements!

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World of Ferania

World of Ferania


You live your peaceful life on a tiny island of Legumer, until you notice Feranian ship docking at your port...

Stargate No Limits

Stargate No Limits

First Person Shooter

"Stargate : No Limits" is a FREE private indie game created with the Unreal Engine 4. It's a multiplayer and cooperative game based on the Stargate SG-1...



Party Based

It is a cooperative multiplayer rpg game, set in a medieval fantasy environment in the world called Avalom. An Indie game developed by one person, using...

Glasswinged Ascension

Glasswinged Ascension


Stealth action video game in the genre of cyberpunk.




Nerepis is a third person weapons based fighting set in an unknown time. Each match, whether solo or team-based is a grueling battle with a cast of unique...

Jeff's Tower VR

Jeff's Tower VR


Unleash you're magical spells and shoot down incoming hordes of enemies of the evil king's army. Protect the runestone, protect the world.

Project Remedium

Project Remedium


A story driven shooter unlike any other, it presents a crazy vision of nanobots fighting the illness from within. This game allows players to become one...



Realistic Sim

NewDawn is a survival sandbox open-world multiplayer, set on an island in pirate age for PC , Mac & Linux

The Wanderer

The Wanderer

Role Playing


Stargate Network

Stargate Network

Futuristic Sim

Stargate Network is a first person MORPG based on the simulation and the exploration of many worlds in the stargate universe. The game reproduces very...

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Hi, people! I'm just leaving this here -

It's a feature request for UE4 developers. If someone have similar problem, or just wanna help to add this feature to new version of engine - please vote.


P.S. IT'S NOT A SPAM, if you just don't care - never mind this link - it's only for developers.

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Why not just use a component?

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Objects are not Actors, it's just a generic classes, which don't have any components (if I correctly understand your question.)

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Unreal Engine 4 is powerful, user-friendly, and doesn't require high programming skill. I create art and game design, nodes help me with programming, and all sound/music licences can be easily purchased. I can develop my game by myself :)

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I completely agree.
UE4 - good dev software.

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Hey, problem, is there any way to port maps from the Source Engine to Unreal Engine 4?

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Can you port them to a 3D modeling program if you can just import it from there.

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First off, the video and the features is what I would like to have a Woody Woodpecker Tourment on Unreal Engine 4 and some single player campaigns in a redone and rewritten version of Woody Woodpecker Escape from Buzz Buzzard Park and the fifth installment of Crazy Castle all done by the commuity and Epic Games with some imput from CliffyB
Seconed off, the graphics looks like it's from the real world and imgain what Woody Woodpecker and all his pals from both classic times and modern times would look like in that said engin with full textures (especially on their gloves) realistic lighting and best of all the weapons used in Woody Woodpecker Tournemt and in single player would be exquisite
Escape form Buzz Buzzaard Park;
The game takes place in the universe cartoon of Wood Woodpecker. For much of the adventure, the player is Woody Woodpecker . During the absence of Woody's Knothead his nephew and niece Splinter were abducted by the Machiavellian Buzz Buzzard, which requires an exorbitant ransom for their release. Unwilling to pay,Woody goes in search of the missing by venturing into the huge and dangerous amusement park built by Buzz Buzzard rescuing then andthe three looks n the park for Buzz and they turnd up nothing then the three split up to search for Buzz in the places where he'd gose, Knothaed storms Rágñarök, a Mexican nightclub where Buzz gose there and the area where the henchmen from all three factions meets, Splinter storms the corporate HQ where Tweaky is residing with Buzz's finest and Woody storms Buzz's manor bult with the revue from his park, Buzz dose not turn up in all three places then the three woodpeckers soon gose back to the park to find him readying a portal and two WMDs made one with the devil's power and the other with rodent killer that'll ruin both the Rodentian's own buness and the faire's magis and start a one gigundo Fairy-Human-Rodent war but Buzz sends the three woodpeckers to the deepest parts of the pary but they dsoon reunite and they defuse the WMDs and termaites him then they head home to watch some Zack Zorbar but the news shows up rather than Zack Zorbar that the birdie's raids did not go unnoticed and Mother Nature apperds who needs Woody's help badley when the Fairy World is overrunned by demons, Buzz's force [a fraction of what the faced in the park, night club, and corporate HQ] and a galactic dictator who leads them all Woody accpes and poofs away in a Half Life ending while Knothead and Splinter are hailed heros with the absence of Woody Woodpecker; paveing the way for the next part

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easy to use , cheap subscription , easy integration with other professional software like 3d studio max and even free software like blender . anyday over unity

Feb 10 2015 by najeebshah


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RT @TheNextWeb: Real-time rendering is the future of computer animation

1hour ago

Epic Games to unveil real-time production innovation at first ever Unreal Engine User Group at SIGGRAPH 2017 -…

3hours ago

Disney’s Amigo to the Rescue receives Emmy nomination. #UE4

6hours ago

RT @direGoldfish: My GDC 2016 talk on setting up quadruped animation is now free on YouTube!

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One week down, one week to go! Don’t miss out on the HUGE savings during this year’s #UE4 Marketplace Summer Sale!…

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RT @riteofilk: WIP background! Progress in our snow scenic @UnrealEngine #ue4 #gamedev #indiedev #indiedevhour

15hours ago

RT @siggraph: Thrilled about the line up for #SIGGRAPHcaf this year and that @UnrealEngine is part of it.

16hours ago

RT @DeepSpaceBanana: Repurposed one of my older doodles into a wormhole Material Function. #UnrealEngine #gamedev #gameart

Jul 23 2017

RT @GFXChipTweeter: An offline renderer in real-time game engine! Pause & admire the amazing impact of game engines on all creative des…

Jul 22 2017

Two real-time productions at the Computer Animation Festival for the first time - and they’re both #UE4!…

Jul 22 2017

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