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Post news RSS (#52 Dev Diary) The keeper of the shop

Hi! We've added some new city upgrades to the shop. And there's also an introduction of our shopkeeper!

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The keeper of the shop

Dev Diary 52


This dev diary is the first part of our “shop-keep” story - today, we’ll introduce our shopkeeper, and next week, we’ll show you his wares.

This is him. As you can see, he has some tools in hands, because he is not only a shopkeeper - his main occupation is being the city architect. And he also has some artistic ambitions, so in his free time, he carves statues. Single man with a lot of responsibilities - but if you have coins, he has wares.

Shopkeeper 1

You can find him in the western part of the city, doing his craft.

Shopkeeper - working

Shopkeeper - working - screenshot

When you talk to him, you can use your coins to buy some upgrades for the city (as previously mentioned here). We have added some new possibilities to the shop - such as a street harp musician (when you're near the character, you can hear her playing) or a school for the local children (come and learn the alphabet!).

Update - harp player - screenshot

Update - city school - screenshot

We will show you the shopkeeper’s UI and design process in the next article.

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