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Game mechanics of slider platforms, including example gameplay video.

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Having fun with slides

Dev Diary 11

Hi! Let's take a closer look at some platform mechanics - slides.

How can you use the slides? Easy.
We have 2 directions of slides - left and right slide. When you get on a slide, it automatically turns you the same way as the slide is. Then it slides you down. All the sliding works on principles of physics (we’re using Rigidbody in Unity). If you need to jump from the slide, the momentum of your speed will carry through to your jump. Double-jumping during sliding is also possible.
Behind the scenes: At first, our sliding mechanics were a little different. The longer the slide was, the more speed you'd gain. But to maintain the arcade game feeling and tighter controls, we ultimately decided against it.

And how can’t you use the slides?
Well. When you’re on the slide, you can only go in the direction the slide is going. And when you jump, the slide forces your jump in its direction for a short moment. This precaution is there in order to stop people from jumping their way up a slide (we’ve all done it).

And that’s all you need to know about our slides.

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