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The game takes place in 2082, 30 years after an asteroid passing too much closer to the earth changed its tilt. Only a few places are still viable for human life. The rest is deserts or ice fields. To overcome those challenges, humans have used robots to harvest resources and reach now life threatening locations.

But drones have also replaced conventional firearms. A new type of personal weapons has emerged, the pawns. They are energy weapons capable of blocking all regular bullets and launching directed energy to opponents. The game relate the story of Aluma, working for the company producing the pawns, who's looking for pawns experimental ammunition which fell into the hands of organized gangs.

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Pawns - DevLog #0


Here is Aluma, the heroine of the game.



Pawns being a stealth game, Aluma can cover, sneak and crouch, besides walking and running obviously.



NPCs are triggered by visuals and sounds, consequently sneaking (or crouching) instead of walking or running make less noises.


Depending of what Aluma is wearing, she will produce more or less noises or be more or less visible in dark places. In the image below she's invisible to NPC but localizable for the player by her watch.


That's it for today. More on the detection system in the next post.

Detecting the player

Detecting the player


Let's talk about NPCs visual and auditive detection.

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Here is finally a demo of the game. Try to find your way to the boss without being detected.

skdursh - - 474 comments

The word you are looking for is "heroine" - a female hero. "Heroin", on the other hand, is a highly addictive narcotic.

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Beambreath Creator
Beambreath - - 1 comments

You're right, thanks

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