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gerdaaegesdotter - - 5 comments

Who the frick uses Oblige and Slige to make Doom projects? You can do it, and i would do it, but you gotta edit with Deepsea and Doombuilder and make it into a well modified masterpiece patent thats a bit more fascinating, if you dont your just hosting base Doom ****, SKADOOBY!

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immistyer - - 22 comments

Why are you getting so butthurt over people having fun?

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freedoomguy - - 3 comments

ok man i said that i had made this map with oblige for whoever wants to have another experience, like it does not matter if the map is made by ai or a real person, its just that if its fun or playable.
i made ai mods and posted them, whats your problem.
because of you, my comments are just saying how bad my mods are.

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immistyer - - 22 comments

Are you a *******? You left a 1 star review on a map that was made with oblige, and it's not like they were trying to hide it. Also judging by your reviews you are incredibly biased and you don't have any friends outside of the internet.

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skdursh Creator
skdursh - - 472 comments

Oblige maps are garbage and should not be posted. If all you've done is press a button to generate a map you have not made a mod. I can't believe you're this butthurt over me giving an objectively bad mod a bad review. Important: The entire DOOM community hates when morons, like yourself, post Oblige maps, because it takes literally zero effort. Stay mad, retard.

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Witchaven - - 23 comments

you're old...

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skdursh Creator
skdursh - - 472 comments

Imagine using your real birthdate anywhere on the Internet. In any case, seethe zoomer.

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