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"Stellar Sphere" is a scifi sport and action game, mainly set in space and in zero gravity. The rules of this game are tremendously simple: you must move with your ship through an area, look for a sphere, capture it, and throw it over the wormhole that is active. That's all. Almost.

There's just one small detail, though: as you proceed with the scoring and the twenty-four levels, plus the infinite level, you'll have to deal with different hordes of enemies who will try to turn you to ashes.

Also, as you progress through the levels, the wormholes, and even the sphere, will tend to make it harder for you to score points. Not to mention the artillery that protects the wormholes, the asteroids, the ships that will steal your sphere, the disappearance of the wormholes, the walls, the changes in gravity, the gravitational traps, and other surprises that you will discover throughout the levels. You can even lose the scores if you're not careful. You can take care of all enemies with your weapons, EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and guided missiles. You can also call a wingman when necessary.

The game has five initial areas, each of which presents its own challenges, based on its structure and unique elements. In addition, you'll be able to play through the game's four difficulty levels, and with the help of the pointer and active wormhole locator, that can be deactivated, making the game more difficult, but scoring more points.

Each of the 24 levels can be configured from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. More minutes means more points, but also more time you'll need to survive with the same weapons and resources.

Statistics will control how many levels you've won in every area, based on how you configured the time. Complete all areas with all the combination of minutes will be a challenge.

Configurations and options.

A complete set of configurations that can be combined makes the game as challenging as you could ask for.

The game incorporates an interactive tutorial the first time you play, that can be reactivated if necessary.

That's "Stellar Sphere". Scifi, sport, action, space, and combat. Fine-tune your reflexes. You'll need them.

A demo will be available with 10 initial levels and all the features of the game active.

If you want more info about the game, please read the manual and the site for more info to know all the details of the game. Easy to learn. Hard to master.

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A fresh video with a complete level with no cuts and no tricks.

In this new post we are going to go straight to the point, with a video of a live session of the shortest time that can be configured, which is 3 minutes. Remember that the maximum time per level is 15 minutes. Remember also that the levels are 24, and that the name of each of them is the name of the letters of the Greek alphabet. So don't panic when you see "Alpha level". It's not an alpha of the game, but the first level. Why name the levels with greek letters? Because it's cool. Well, that's one reason. There are more.

Some betatesters have asked why we have chosen Greek letters. The reason is very simple: because they are part of our culture, and we think it could be original. There are probably other games out there that have done something similar, but in any case we chose the Greek letters instead of numbers, and we think the result is worth it.

Video test level

Let's also remember some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Just to review, let's remember that the game consists of getting the most points and scores in the wormholes. Catch the sphere, look for the active wormhole, and throw to score. And survive in the meantime of course.
  2. The balance between scores and survival is critical. You must end the level. If you die 1 second before ending the level, you lose everything.
  3. The configuration screen can make the game change radically. Enabling or disabling the guide pointer at the top, which indicates where the sphere is and then the wormhole to mark, makes the game very different. Try it when you play, we assure you that you will notice it.
  4. Remember that the physics of the game can be changed. The ship's physics, making its friction greater or lesser. That of the sphere, with the same result. And gravity, which is zero by default, but can be activated. Playing with or without gravity modifies the game in a very important way. Again, try the options, and keep the one you like best.
  5. Do you really want to suffer? Activate the negative scores. One minute, two, or three. When that time passes, if you have not marked, the system will deduct a previous marking. And the worst: if it was zero, it will be negative. You can end a game with a worse mark than you had at the beginning. It's optional, activate it if you want a bigger challenge.
  6. Remember that spheres with plasma lines are anti-gravitational. If you throw and there is a fence, negative gravity will displace the sphere. And that frustrates a lot, we can assure you. But that's what it's all about: suffering.
  7. Online mode? This is a question made by betatesters. Yes, when we can release it. One team, A, scores and defends, while the other team, B, attacks. When the level finishes, roles change. Now team A attacks, and Team B defends and scores. This gives an incredible field of opportunities to enjoy the game. But we'll talk about it in the future.


What to seen in the video.

This video is a complete level, Kappa, in normal difficulty, with the minimum time available per level, 3 minutes, and recorded so the player can see many of the elements of the game. Not everything of course, but the whole idea. The game was fast, but betatesters asked for more. Remember, in any case, that the configuration menu allows to change speed and other elements.

This video has been recorded with almost everything in "default" mode. But we know players want to personalize games, and we have added different options to do it. The blog gives more information in detail, but many of the elements are self-explained.

More info.

For more information and details about Stellar Sphere we recommend the previous articles we have published here, which detail, with text and video, many of the elements of Stellar Sphere. Thank you!

Tactical combat: the basis to score and survive

Tactical combat: the basis to score and survive


In previous articles we have seen the basics and general rules of Stellar Sphere. We've also seen the "Asteroids" mod, which features a simple gameplay...

A tribute to Asteroids by Stellar Sphere

A tribute to Asteroids by Stellar Sphere


The word 'Asteroids" brings back many distant memories of a wonderful era of video games: the 8-bit era. With those machines, many amazing and incredible...

Pointer ship and score control in Stellar Sphere

Pointer ship and score control in Stellar Sphere


In this new entry we are going to talk about two fundamental elements in Stellar Sphere. In our quest to provide players with options to customize their...

Physics in Stellar Sphere

Physics in Stellar Sphere


"Stellar Sphere" is a zero gravity game. But that doesn't mean that physics doesn't play a role in it. On the contrary, physics plays a key role in developing...


Yay! This looks great!

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Richard_Tsakalidis Creator

Hey, thank you! We're committed to bring a great scifi sport experience. Regards!

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