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Atmocity is a resource management and city building game allowing players to build sprawling cities that defy gravity.

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0.909 is now live!


0.9085 -> 0.909
- Added additional rock props.
- Added paint mode cursor and paint cursor to show if area can't be painted due to low credits.
- Added thousand-separators in messages from conglomerates to improve readibility.
- Added thousand-separators to values in local economy view.
- Added more distinct "border" to flat world atmosphere.

- Edited preschool footprint so make it fit nicer with streets.
- Cleaned up local economy panel, including fixing text overflow.

- Lowered amount of medicine required in hospitals.
- Increased (slightly) health output of hospitals.
- Increased (slightly) health output of clinics.
- Increased performance of setting shader property blocks.
- Increased conglomerate value calculation, their property should be worth roughly 2-3 times more, but land value now factors in more than before.
- Increased tax income from property tax (20% of property value is taxable now, so income is value * taxrate * 0.2). Property tax should now be a worthwhile revenue source.
- Increased conglomerate unhappiness from different types of tax.
- Increased property sales tax revenue as a result of overall higher property values.

- Changed flat world atmosphere into half sphere, so that the shader works properly.
- Changed atmosphere shader to better display the border of the world (primarily if world is flat).
- Changed happiness to take a greater hit at extreme tax rates.

- Fixed discrete policies still being active if city hall is demolished.
- Fixed discrete policy window being open and interactible if open before demolishing city hall.
- Fixed painted tile "sticking" when switching.
- Fixed "unplaced" paint not disappearing when mouse pointer is outside of targetable area.
- Fixed "deny"-sound being played when placing grass or asphalt with no money.
- Fixed being able to paint without having money.
- Fixed incorrect color mapping on building status view.
- Fixed some effect display types missing (public transport, pollution and wealth).
- Fixed some building types not given the correct color in building type display.
- Fixed wind power plant missing from building menu.
- Fixed incorrect tool tip for culture display mode.
- Fixed terrain disappearing in different view modes (when playing flat worlds).
- Fixed being able to place water blocks in starting water if playing a city with water.
- Fixed some z-fighting of objects in the building type base view.
- Fixed incorrect normalization of graphs (for example in the local economy view).
- Fixed conglomerate value not following currency re-evaluation properly, which would lead to propery tax gradually diminishing.
- Fixed incorrect display of property tax revenue per conglomerate.
- Fixed rare occurance of null reference error due to running sliders for objectives, even when there are no objectives.

0.9085 is live

0.9085 is live


New cliff decorations, more road tiles for added versatility and a bunch of minor fixes.

0.9 is live!

0.9 is live!


0.9 is now live with painting and prop placement enabled.




Major inheritance restructuring, paint mode done and props!

Painting and prop placement

Painting and prop placement


On painting and prop placement and the current status on the next update.

LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
blackgobygames - - 27 comments

Looks interesting, the buildings models look very good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Juris3D - - 304 comments

Thanks for update! I tweeted to my friends this link :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
punk0x29a - - 620 comments

Can't wait

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
HungryPixel - - 115 comments

Graphically looks great

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
CorrectureGames Creator
CorrectureGames - - 13 comments

Thanks :D Hopefully it will end up playing as well as it looks. :)

Reply Good karma+4 votes
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