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"Stellar Sphere" is a scifi sport and action game, mainly set in space and in zero gravity. The rules of this game are tremendously simple: you must move with your ship through an area, look for a sphere, capture it, and throw it over the wormhole that is active. That's all. Almost.

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In previous articles we have seen the basics and general rules of Stellar Sphere. We've also seen the "Asteroids" mod, which features a simple gameplay, recalling the old days of that famous Atari game. Now we're going to learn some tactics to get the best scores. Weapons ready and hot, and the sky's the limit.

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Surviving while you score.

Stellar Sphere can be played in many ways. Everyone chooses which records they want to beat, and how they want to get the best scores in each of the four parameters that the game offers. Here however we will focus on the most direct mode the game offers. That mode is condensed in this quote:

Try to get the maximum score with the spheres while you survive.

Greece Area

As we've discussed before, the idea is to catch the stellar sphere, and go to the corresponding wormhole to get a point. Always bearing in mind that more distance means more points, that hitting the sides first gives more points, and that antigravity spheres will often deflect our sphere. Oh, and let's not forget the little detail: survive in the meantime.

Remember that the 24 levels have the name of the letters of the Greek alphabet, plus an infinite level called Athena. The first three levels are a walk, and basically function as a tutorial and training. These are the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma levels. Starting with the Delta level, things start to get complicated. The wormholes can be closed, they can become small if the player gets too close, they can have a key that only opens with certain weapons, and they can even move around the stage. Or a combination of all of the above. And all this while a squad of fighters throws all types of wonders at you.

Note: Remember that weapons can appear progressively as you pass levels, or you can have them activated from the beginning. Choose how you want it to be in the setup menu.

In order to survive, let's take a look at the player's items:

  • Projectile weapons. They include those weapons that operate with projectiles, the well-known bullets. They drain little energy from the system, and are found in large quantities, but are not very effective at medium and long distances. In addition the enemy ships have an armor adapted to this type of weapons.
  • Weapons of energy: they suppose a greater expense of energy, but they are much more effective. The plasma beam and the electric beam are good at long and medium distances, and lasers at short distances.
  • Energy barrels and shields. They are marked on the radar with a red and blue beam respectively. They are ideal when things start to get complicated, especially with shields.
  • Missiles: The old and always useful guided missile can be used as a complement to the main guns. The missile will approach the nearest target, which can be used to saturate the same target with weapons to finish destroying it, or concentrate on other enemy ships in the meantime.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). The EMP is inside a sphere that incorporates the player's ship. When activated, it is placed on the front, and fires an electromagnetic beam that destroys enemy ships causing their electronic systems to collapse. When it detects no more ships, it withdraws. It is very useful when there is saturation of nearby enemy fighters. And of course with starships like frigates and cruisers. It can be used up to three times per level.
  • Wingman. Wingman is a friendly ship that appears when activated. It will take care of enemy ships for a while, and then leave again. Its three concentrated rays can be placed on the same enemy, or distributed among different enemies at the same time. Enemy ships cannot attack wingman.
  • Cloaking system. When the situation is very desperate, a cloaking system can be activated. It does not make the ship completely invisible, what causes is that the guidance systems of enemy weapons can not be blocked in our ship.

    As we say, you can play to get the records you want. But these tips are intended for the standard game: getting the most points.

Stellar Sphere - Egypt Area

Some tactical elements to consider:

  • Clear the enemy area as you approach the sphere. This will allow you to maneuver later and search for the wormhole.
  • Remember, when you have the sphere trapped, you lose shields slowly. Try to launch the sphere as soon as possible.- The wormholes will become small if you approach in advanced levels. Try to keep your distance.
  • Also, the greater the distance, the more points.
  • Some wormholes have side plates. If the sphere bounces in, you'll get many more points.
  • When you catch the sphere a point counter at the bottom begins to descend. The greater the distance to the wormhole, the greater it is. Try to throw as soon as possible to add those points.
  • You have three wingman and three EMP throws. Make good use of them.
  • The cloaking system can be activated twice. It will last 30 seconds in games of up to five minutes, and one minute in games of more than five minutes.
  • If you use medium or high dispersion weapons approach the enemy, or the effectiveness will be small. Close up these weapons cause a lot of damage.
  • Concentrate. There is always a way out for every situation. Well, almost always.

We have recorded a video with some of these elements explained. This is not a combat session but a training. The next article will bring a complete combat session where we'll see all these elements working together. Thank you.

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