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SGN LogoStargate Network is a simulator and a MMORPG project based on the exploration of many worlds in the stargate universe. The game reproduces very thoroughly planets, spaceships and technologies of the serie Stargate SG-1.

In this game, you will able to incarnate a character made by you: name appearance, race, faction... and make it evolve in the stargate universe according to your choices.It's an open-world universe, that you can explore freely, or by performing missions if you are attached to active duty of you people.

In SGC, a lot of programs faithfully reproduced from the famous Dialing Program to others programs least knowns will able you to take the place of Walter Harriman, with many features to control the Stargate and the Cheyenne Mountain Base. You will be able to play in fullscreen and others player will be able to see what you are doing

This is an unofficial and no profit fan-game. Stargate SG-1 is the property of Stargate (II) Productions, MGM, Showtime Networks, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp. No copyright infringement is intended.

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RSS Articles

Hello everyone!

As we announced this summer, here is the Alpha update 01!
This update is rather major, as you will see in the release note at the end of this article.
We have also taken into consideration your feedback and suggestions sent to us by mail, Facebook or Discord. Thank you for your involvement.

But how do you download the update?
It couldn’t be easier!
If you have the launcher installed on your computer, just launch it and it will automatically download the last update.
If you do not have the launcher we invite you to go to the download section.

Will we finally be able to leave the Control Room?
Yes! You will finally be able to wander in the SGC and travel to Abydos.

Keep in mind that the rest of the SGC is under development.
It lacks textures, props, lighting isn’t finalised, etc ...

So, I will finally be able to go and sit in the General's chair!
Unfortunately this part of the map is not ready yet.

Will the MAC version be out someday?
You can now download the MAC version!

We hope that you will enjoy this update and that you will enjoy discovering our work.

If you feel like discussing the game, join our Discord!

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

The Stargate Network team

Patch note:


- Update of the Engine to 4.21
- Added settings at the first launch of the game (language, gamma and keyboard layout)
- New loading screen with artworks and hints
- Added a welcome message when launching the game
- Resolution is now saving after relaunching the game
- New model for neon lights
- General optimization of game code and programs
- Improvement of the menu and in-game texts
- Opening of the corridors of level 28 and the Briefing Room (WIP)
- Added ambient sound
- Added wormhole
- Added Abydos and the DHD
- Full Gamepad support (Xbox)
- Improved HUD
- Added access card
- New animation for access card reader
- Improved placement of interaction texts
- General improvement of collisions
- Fixed a bug that prevented the correct entry of an address on the Stargate dialing program
- Added death when the player touches the Kawoosh and crosses from behind
- Added a death’s screen
- Added player's respawn after death

Main menu:

- Improved main menu and added new animations
- Added social networks and website

Improvement in the game settings:

- Added key mapping for Stargate dialing program
- Fixed a bug that would crash the game when unbind a key
- Added an option to disable or enable the HUD
- Added an option to disable or enable the crosshair
- Added gamma setting
- Added keyboard layout
- Added mouse sensitivity setting
- Added sensitivity for the X and Y axes of the gamepad
- Added an option to reverse Y axis for mouse and gamepad
- Added FOV setting
- Added choice of the display screen
- Added a slider to choose the maximum number of frames per second
- Fixed a bug: The game window is now centered on the screen when applying the choice of resolution of the monitor when the full screen mode is "Windowed".

Pause menu:

- The frame rate is now displayed in this menu
- The "Play" button is replaced by "Resume"

Control Room:

- Improved lighting
- Unboxed coffee machine
- Added mugs next to the coffee machine
- Added Stargate energy management program
- Enhanced of the phone cabinet
- Added missing panels in the middle of the main console
- Added possibility to turn ON & OFF the Starmap
- Added reflection in the glass (depending of the graphic quality settings)

Gate Room:

- Improved gate support (WIP)
- Improved of the ramp (WIP)


- Enhanced event horizon
- Enhanced sounds
- Enhanced animations
- Enhanced reflections from event horizon
- Enhanced Kawoosh
- Off world activation time increased in SGC

Teaser - v4.0 - Update 01

Teaser - v4.0 - Update 01

News 1 comment

Discover the teaser of the next update of Stargate Network.

Alpha update and setup program

Alpha update and setup program


A little update of the Alpha and the new installer

Launch of the Alpha of the new v4.0 version!

Launch of the Alpha of the new v4.0 version!

News 3 comments

We are proud to announce the launch of the Alpha of the new v4.0 version!

Version 4.0 : What’s new?

Version 4.0 : What’s new?


After the release of the Stargate Network v4.0 teaser last week, we get back to you in order to shed light on the upcoming events...

RSS Files
Stargate Network Launcher UE4 MAC version

Stargate Network Launcher UE4 MAC version


Download the Launcher of v4.0 version on Unreal Engine 4.

Stargate Network Launcher UE4 Windows version

Stargate Network Launcher UE4 Windows version

Demo 3 comments

Download the Launcher of v4.0 version on Unreal Engine 4.

SGC Demo - Version 2.3 : Briefing Room

SGC Demo - Version 2.3 : Briefing Room

Demo 11 comments

Discover the last version of our UDK demo! Dial an address and go through the gate! Including the level 27 and a new planet.



Wallpapers 5 comments

The Dialing Program v2 as screensaver. No events, just blinking.

SGN Launcher

SGN Launcher

Demo 2 comments

Please go on our website in order to get the last version of our launcher.

SGC Demo - Version 2.1 : Corridors

SGC Demo - Version 2.1 : Corridors

Demo 8 comments

This first extension of the SGC Demo includes two corridors, a lot of optimizations and three new SGC programs.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 158)

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Game sounds great! I'm looking forward to trying it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

what will the next version will be about

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Wow this looks amazing!

I'm so glad someone is making a Stargate game.. At this rate, one that will live up to my wildest expectations.

Hopefully we get another update soon!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

any news??? There hasn't been any progress for a long time. This game looks very promising but progress is very slow. Is there any way to help? Also, are you going to incorporate the Destiny in the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hi, i dont like pestering developers, but is this game still being worked on. i would love to play this game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ok so once again I will try asking for help because my last post went completely un-answered and the community forums look dead in terms of support at least on the English side. So i have a UK qwerty keyboard this time i took photo's of my keyboard found here Imgur.com . I have tried many variations of the abydos gate adress on my keyboard and non of them work, so far i have tried

CUD,JN (A or Q) VZD.^MQ XUD,;BA and finally VUD.]MQ

Non of these work, the fact of the matter is the french qwerty must be different from the standard qwerty that the majority of us use, there for no amount of messing around on my side or the many others using a standard qwerty is gonna work, so i ask please can someone create a proper layout and at least one gate address using the UK standard qwerty so we can at least dial to a planet with a dhd after that i don't mind entering the address manually

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The combination for Abydos on my keyboard is VUD.}MQ where Q is the point of origin. I'm Dutch but using a UK keyboard layout if I remember correctly. I also noticed some glyphs are not on my keyboard.

Perhaps go to Tollan. On my keyboard the address is Y/V Right alt [H with a Q again.

If that didn't do the trick, you should try random keys untill you have the right address. It's super annoying and a drag, but that's how I figured it out. The right glyphs for abydos can be found here: Stargate.wikia.com
And Tollan here: Stargate.wikia.com(planet)
Should you want to give it a shot.

Concerning the frustration with the French: I can see where you're coming from. I am anything but fluent in french so reading the comments is almost impossible, and the keyboard is killing my middlefinger when I try to drive the MALP, as the key for forward is locked to the Z instead of the regular W. But I am greatful they make something Stargate, I don't see anyone else doing it and the big companies don't even dare to make something like this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Besoin d'un coup de main ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I totally missed the demo thing, now I'll explore every bit! Great work!

Can't wait to play the full game on UE4!

Can we have a list of all available addresses to try out ingame? Since you know, combinations are so numerous. ;-)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You can find the glyphs here: Stargate-network.net

One address is not on that list. I stumbled on it when I was looking through the files of the game, trying to find a .exe file :) I keep a file of known and potential addresses and keycombinations. I use this site to find the addresses: Stargate.wikia.com

If you have a non-french keyboard like me, and don't want to figure out where every glyph is, you can go to Abydos or Tollan and use the DHD from there to reach other places.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

whats the address for abydos though with uk qwerty ? it's all well and good saying go to abydos but i can;t even get there yet :( don;t mean to sound like an *** btw just many times i have asked for help on this and never get a definitive answer seems they only support the french side of the community

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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