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Climb from your cryopod and enter the Void with Astrox Imperium. Survive by finding refuge in diverse factions, build a remote station outpost in distant regions, design and modify ships and weapons. With high-resolution graphics, new user interface, and a physics based combat engine, Astrox Imperium brings an update to the classic Astrox HSE simulator. An extensive faction biased crafting system allows for diverse builds. Become a spacefighter, a trader, a miner, or an explorer based on the modifications equiped. Whether you go it alone, or side with factions in an engaging storyline, Astrox Imperium delivers hours of space entertainment.

Brought to you by the developer of Astrox Hostile Space Excavation, Astrox Imperium is the latest take on the popular space genre title. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, it now offers a more intensive gamer experience, while maintaining the user control of the original. You can add your own ships with the ship editor, change your environment, or adjust npc behavior. You are in complete control of how you experience the game.

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Devlog 69 covers a number of changes made to the title screen options code. There were a few reports of CTDs when poking around in the options. I have made a number of changes to the way that the options code loads up the config file. I also addressed the issue with VSYNC not working properly.

Astrox Imperium 2020 01 13 23 33

Build 90 has a large number of bug fixes, and a handful of QoL additions that I found laying around the forums. If you have a good idea, don't be afraid to share it on the forums. The dreaded missing storage bug is dead! Special thanks to Don for helping me track that little sucker down. The cause of the bug was strange and completely unrelated to the inventory system. It was tied to the journal panel, and not only caused the storage bug, but a number of other rare, hard to replicate bugs. Long story short, that bug being gone has improved the stability of the game as a whole.

Astrox Imperium 2020 01 10 12 49

I revisited a bunch of the skybox assets and a number of sector props. These new improved textures make everything look nice and smooth. a whole lot less low-res stuff. Still more to come, but it's progress.

Astrox Imperium 2020 01 06 15 29

Astrox Imperium 2020 01 10 19 46

Astrox Imperium 2020 01 03 02 31

BUILD 0.0090a
- Hotfix for merc cargo lock caluculation.

- Fixed storage wipe bug causing missing items.
- Fixed spelling on shipyard activation skill check.
- Fixed -10 faction rating during kill pilot missions bug.
- Fixed options screen bug causing crash to DT.
- Fixed reloading from title screen when structure docked blackscreen.
- Fixed collider mesh on 1 sail causing self damage.
- Fixed refinery cost calculation bug on remote refining.
- Fixed ship stats display to show correct scanspeed bonus.
- Fixed reverse start end sectors for recover missions.
- Fixed map location reset bug on warp to show correct location.
- Fixed garage highlight bug for active scanner module.
- Fixed garage highlight bug for spotlight module.
- Fixed bug allowing you to refine without required credits.
- Fixed text cuttoff on journal station data page.
- Fixed cargo mouseover hr divider linebreak.
- Fixed text for basic light miner to generic.
- Fixed ability to delete pilot cam in ship editor.
- Fixed bug allowing access to escort inventory when docked.
- Fixed mission markers bug showing for rejected mission.
- Fixed bad image for npc_ship_data_(support_carrier_1_ecm).
- Fixed journal UI color bug when opening other panels.
- Adjusted sandbox generator for skybox elements.
- Adjusted sandbox generator for star placement and scaling.
- Adjusted title screen options load code.
- Adjusted npc dialog box layout width.
- Adjusted background prop billboard depth focus.
- Adjusted background scene for refinery.
- Adjusted image compression for all billboard props.
- Adjusted emmission speed of prop rock clouds.
- Adjusted star fx and particle systems.
- Adjusted starlight flare, and coloring to match sector file data.
- Adjusted title screen load options, reworked vsync code.
- Adjusted 7 main campaign starting sectors layouts and props.
- Adjusted skybox load code for better performance.
- Adjusted skybox particle system for improved performance.
- Adjusted all engine particle systems for better performance.
- Adjusted all fog particle systems for better performance.
- Added mouse over sector will show neighbor sector names.
- Added locked cargo items, preventing inventory movement.
- Added mercs lock some cargo when loyalty is below 11%
- Added tactical sensor persistence between station docking.
- Added highres skybox textures. (more to come).
- Added new props for sector maps.
- Added CLOSE MAP button to the map filter bar.
- Added (Spacebar) text to the first mining tutorial.
- Added (Spacebar) text to the first combat tutorial.
- DEV revamped some of the map editor code.
- DEV revamped the skybox editor to match with new layout.
- DEV added reload map cmd to debug panel.
- DEV added crash report cmd to debug panel.

- Fixed map toggle undock bug causing in-ability to undock.
- Fixed bug allowing you to dock at structure you are docked at.
- Fixed bug showing dock button in structure via targeting panel.
- Fixed slider options on NPC settings in sandbox panel.
- Fixed bug with garage item list scrolling and camera zoom.
- Fixed negative mission payment from extremly low faction rating.
- Fixed mission map location preview bug not showing warning.
- Adjusted event generator to pause while game is saving.
- Adjusted mission location warning to be more specific.
- Adjusted star light flare textures.

Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 64 (11/19/19)

Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 64 (11/19/19)


Modtool updates and Ship Editor QoL improvements. Check that out and more in devlog 64 for Astrox Imperium.

Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 62 (10/26/19)

Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 62 (10/26/19)


In this video, I cover a few new major additions to the UI. The first being the ability to drag and drop multiple items at once. The second is the ability...

Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 61 (10/21/19)

Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 61 (10/21/19)


In this video, I play 'catch up' with build 81 to document a few new quality of life additions to the Halloween build.

Astrox Imperium Devlog 59

Astrox Imperium Devlog 59

News 1 comment

New turret mobility controls. New 4k ship textures. Revamped inventory code and more...

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SK01 retro faces for 00116

SK01 retro faces for 00116

SK01 Retro Faces Full Version 1 comment

Faces from build 0.0114 of Astrox Imperium adapted for build 0.0116. Even if new NPC faces are beautiful I liked a lot also the first ones (the "ugly...

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C.Konstantine - - 75 comments

Hearing a lot of good things about this one man show, so I thought I would pop in for some moral support.
I'm going to pick this up and give it a really good spin, and that's something I don't really do with games still in development.
That said though, this is certainly the one to make an exception for.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
momoguru Creator
momoguru - - 21 comments

super thanx for sharing the luv :) i hope you enjoy it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,028 comments

Great game, Jace! Keep up the good work! If only all the Indie developers had your dedication, we'd have so many more awesome games.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
momoguru Creator
momoguru - - 21 comments

i sure do try :) thank for the support!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Isimiel - - 438 comments

Can you make your own faction in this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
momoguru Creator
momoguru - - 21 comments

not atm moment, that could be fun though.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 689,028 comments

How do we play in the sandbox ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
momoguru Creator
momoguru - - 21 comments

it is LIVE!!!! get some.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
momoguru Creator
momoguru - - 21 comments

it's coming, not implemented yet. you can however tweak your save options to get some of the sandbox options now while I make the main generator.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 689,028 comments

Can you fire or release a merc? I only have researched one for fleet but dont want mining ship following me around. cant seem to ditch em at any bases he always finds me lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
momoguru Creator
momoguru - - 21 comments

yes, open pilot panel, then mercs

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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