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Pioneer is a space adventure game set in the Milky Way galaxy at the turn of the 31st century. The game is open-ended, and you are free to explore the millions of starsystems in the game. You can land on planets, slingshot past gas giants, and burn yourself to a crisp flying between binary star systems. You can try you hand at piracy, make your fortune trading between systems, or do missions for the various factions fighting for power, freedom or self-determination.

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Pioneer "March 2019"



My goodness have the Pioneer Dev Team been busy throughout 2018! It is simply wonderful to upload their latest build to ModDB. Don't forget to check out the change log below covering a full years work done on the game. Pioneer continues to improve and, as far as I am concerned, one of the best free Newtonian based space sims out there. Also you Linux fans, there is a build for you too on Pioneer's own site. You can find that here

Anyways, here is that extensive change log, have fun out there folks! o/

March 2019

* Internal Changes *

PiGui profiling changes (#4549)

February 2019

* New Features *

New setting option for less UI in screenshots (#4528)

Show ship name in main menu ship spinner (#4529)

Allow multiple names for star systems (#4531)

Show name and class of ship in intro ship spinner (#4534)

* Internal Changes *

Close default ctors and use a Ctor for load (#4527)

Make modelcompiler handle custom data dir (#4523)

Another decouple (#4538) * Improve clang format tools (#4539)

Improve OSX Travis build script (#4540)

January 2019

* New Features *

Non-instant system exploration (#4517)

* Internal Changes *

Fix cmake error (#4505)

Use dummy video driver for modelcompiler (#4509)

clang-format the entire c++ code base (#4508)

FindDataDir uses working directory (#4519)

Faster build after commit (#4514)

Update the clang-format hook, add an auto-apply script (#4516)

Install metadata (#4512)

Fix VS2017 buildopts (#4521)

Include decouple (#4520)

* Fixes *

Fix crash on exit (#4503)

Fix compilation crash in modelcompiler (#4510)

Modelcompiler fixes, no video init, clean shutdown (#4518)

Removing parenting to fix Lodos camera issue (#4524)

December 2018

* Internal Changes *

Don't show military allegiance info for player (#4499)

Adjust hyperspace exit calculations (#4495)

metadata: Add version number to release in AppData (#4500)

Generate an installer for Windows in the cloud with AppVeyor CI (#4427)

Fixup Travis build script for CMake support (#4501)

November 2018

* New Features *

Two new systems: Bathlight and Delta Pavonis (#4490)

Added 6 new music tracks (#4491)

* Internal Changes *

Switch travis to CMake (#4465)

* Fixes *

Fix alert status not changing to red (#4492)

October 2018

* New Features *

Adds two custom systems (#4462)

Move Hyperspace exit locations into the heart of systems (#4444)

Partial Real Starfield Rendering (#4471)

Remove option -skipmenu, add option -startat (#4476)

Bring smooth transitions to system view (#4480)

* Internal Changes *

Update JSON to a better library, save games in CBOR (#4459)

Fix the unused variable warnings (#4474)

Support module.submodlue syntax in Lua (#4478)

* Fixes *

Fix dual fire weapon origin problems (#4417)

Improve main menu styling (#4477)

Restore 3 action bindings to event dispatch sequence (#4485)

September 2018

* New Features *

Add hyperdrive breakdown sound effect (#4401)

Unexplored systems soundtrack (#4398)

Two new custom systems (#4395)

Move start location to Mars (Douglas Quaid!!!) (#4363)

Custom systems continued (#4439)

Adds the Fomalhaut custom system (#4455)

Star Icons overhaul (#4308)

* Internal Changes *

Provide other_names to add multiple names to custom systems (#4388)

Change tech levels (#4363)

Acceleration cap (#4378)

Improve Joystick / Input Handling (#4432)

Update bundled IMGUI to v1.64 (#4437)

Added a clang-format harness (#4429)

More Input Improvements (#4440)

Update CMakeLists.txt to build the modelcompiler (#4447)

Cleanup ExportBodyToLua and the names it uses for output (#4451)

Remove OpenGL 2.1 code from the project (#4450)

Pickle Lua values to JSON (#4207)

Save game optimisations (#4454)

Add Travis build scrips for building releases (#4446)

* Fixes *

Quick fix for 4418, disallow zero length buffers (#4420)

Fix crash when changing distance sort choice (#4428)

Fix for issue 4386 (#4404)

The docking request does not require an Autopilot (#4431)

SystemPath was not fully specified causing a crash (#4449)

Fix 4452 (#4453)

Fixes 4456, typo / wrong language file used for localized string (#4457)

August 2018

* New Features *

Add heavy atmospheric shielding, allows easier fuel scooping (#4377)

Laser Beam Weapons (PEW-PEW!) added (#4331)

* Internal Changes *

Ship parser script for wiki (json -> wiki, and json->csv) now working (#4169)

Added more tooltips in settings menu (#4387)

Cleanup PatchJobs code (#4393)

Update COMPILING.txt (#4396)

Add support for building using the system install of libGLEW (#4391, #4414)

Add support for building using CMake (#4104)

Delete unmaintained premake configuration and XCode project files (#4407)

Fixes to the Nix build config and instructions (#4412)

* Fixes *

In the game load dialog, detect and handle unloadable save files (#4415, #4416)

July 2018

* New Features *

Add flyby camera view (#4355)

Add new hold-right-mouse-button menu for autopilot and orbital commands (#4369)

Add new in-flight system overview window (F4 while flying) (#4369)

F4 screen in-flight, replaced by system overview window and rmb-menu (#4369)

New ship Lodos, medium freighter (#4374)

More music! (#4385)

* Internal Changes *

Translation updates. running everything through jq, whitespace, sort (#4365)

StarTypeInfo cleanup (#4366)

Turn ship towards destination at end of voyage (#4362)

* Fixes *

Check for nullptr (#4367)

Fix misplaced ships in external view (#4361)

Split what needs to be done for pick up mission for cargo run (#4360)

Equip ships spawned planet side with atmoshields (#4368)

fix crash if user disables AntiAliasing (#4372)

Combat mission icon (#4375)

Uninvert system map camera (#4373)

Do not toggle bindings when in settings view (#4364)

Make it possible to change position of flyby camera (#4376)

Deny docking request too far from station (#4371)

Fix issue 4383 (#4384)

Fix spotted issues with SAR mission (#4379)

June 2018

* New Features *

Audio alarms (#4335)

* Internal Changes *

Correct minor formatting/indentation (#4321)

Do not callback if button if disabled (#4342)

Add MSVC2017 to COMPILING.txt (#4344)

Check also for local_data.ads in all mission modules (#4349)

Make assassination mission time depends on distance (#4348)

* Fixes *

Cleanup minor warnings, header inclusion, Windows versioning (#4339)

Fix various issues when saving/loading games (#4338)

Reinstate searching by Sector coordinates (#4341)

Update changed files so vs2015 builds again (#4346)

Small saveloadgame script cleanup (#4343)

Fix possible crash in system info view (#4351)

Improve quality of docking4 music track (#4345)

Various small GUI tweaks (#4354)

Fix audio crossfade and do not play planet ambient sounds in hyperspace (#4356)

Fix Ship positions in SystemView when not flying (#4347)

Fix tab not hiding sector view window (#4298)

Fix planets size "popping into view" as approaching from afar (#4190)

May 2018

* New Features *

New mission: Combat #4319

* Fixes *

fix spoiled eggs (#4334)

Bug fix for large Star Rendering (#4332)

Invoke dummy Ship::TimeStepUpdate when refueling (#4320)

April 2018

* Fixes *

Don't crash when missing translation (#4328)

March 2018

* New Features *

Keepers orbital texture updates and patterns (#4315)

Small BBS Easter egg added (#4316)

New music added (#4293)

February 2018

* New Features *

Main menu converted to ImGui (#4299)

* Fixes *

Don't crash when opening sector view in hyperspace (#4303)

Bugfix for new main menu changes (#4310)

Fix startup crash, m_prop was null (#4312)

Activate the cockpit if it's being used (#4313)

Pioneer "January 2018"

Pioneer "January 2018"


Hi Folks! :) Welcome to the first Pioneer build of 2018!

Pioneer "September 2017" 20171001

Pioneer "September 2017" 20171001

News 1 comment

Hello folks Back with the September build for you and the dev team once again have put a great deal of work into the build for this month, so please check...

Pioneer "August II 2017" 20170827

Pioneer "August II 2017" 20170827


Hi folks! Back again with a round up of all the updates covering the month of August for the Windows version of Pioneer. The dev team are already working...

Pioneer "August 2017" 20170813

Pioneer "August 2017" 20170813

News 9 comments

Hello Pioneer fans! Here is the latest build straight from the Pioneer Dev Team. Big highlight of this month is the new UI. Change log below. Have fun...

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Pioneer "March 2019"

Pioneer "March 2019"

Full Version

Hi Folks! I know it's been a while but welcome to the first build of 2019! Full change log below. As usual there is a Linux version on Pioneer's own site...

Pioneer "January 2018"

Pioneer "January 2018"


Hi there Pioneer fans! :) Back again with a new build straight from the Pioneer devs, Linux builds are also available for this release on Pioneer's own...

Pioneer "September 2017" 20171001

Pioneer "September 2017" 20171001

Full Version

Here is the new build covering the work the dev team put into Pioneer over September. More improvements for this month and some new music! Have fun with...

Pioneer "August II 2017" 20170827

Pioneer "August II 2017" 20170827

Full Version

Hi folks! Back again with a round up of all the updates covering the month of August for the Windows version of Pioneer. The dev team are already working...

Pioneer "August 2017" 20170813

Pioneer "August 2017" 20170813

Full Version

Here is the Windows build for this months release of Pioneer. Change log below. Have fun with it folks! :)

Pioneer "April 2017" 20170415

Pioneer "April 2017" 20170415


Hello Folks o/ Back again with another Pioneer update for you and this month, the ModDB download is back! :) Changelog (as usual) below, have fun out...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 80)

New Faces Mod for Pioneer Space Sim:


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey you guest


wouldn't it be an idea to make a mod of it so one doesn't have to place them in the games dir?

further would you mind if this would be available on Space Sim Central?

because that really looks great.

greez gernot (an unbound pioneer veteran)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This looks like a very nice Elite inspired game. Will be trying this for sure! Keep up the great work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

A bit hard to understand, but I still had a lot of fun with this. Posted a quasi-review over on my Youtube.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Miggy4000 Creator

Hi Folks o/
I little update. I am waiting for the latest build from the devs but they have hit a nasty bug and are presently at work on it. Once its ready I will upload it. In the meantime, there is still a stable build from August the 14th on the Pioneer site if you wish to try that out. You will find it here :http://pioneerspacesim.net/download

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Anyone know a money cheat?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

there is a not so easy way to cheat whatever

if you press "§" pioneer opens a console strip.
here you can enter a command likewise you would do it in a modules script.

for the money:

any ship:
(the shipname is usually the name the .json file has in "data/ships" it mustn't be the name which appears as name in the game and it's usually lowercase, but also this can change from release to release, this i how it appears to me using pioneer31)

you could add in a similar manner also any equipment, e.g Game.player:AddEquip("xxx") the table of equipments is either in the wiki (i guess not anymore) or you can find it in the source file "enum_table.cpp", if you browse the project on github you neither would have to download the source for this. in it every good, equipment is listed)

while this is for my Pioneer31 release (Phoenix)

the original advice is:

I'm not sure how the proper syntax is for the recent release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm very sorry but it seems this feature has been removed.
Never ask me why (@*#+**grrr).

It still works for Walterars "Scout +" and former releases but it refuses to open the console in the recent build.

Maybe the feature is still hidden somewhere but it's not on the key it is still assigned to in the .ini


If you still like to cheat some exra money you will have to depend on a "game genie" or similar program to hack the running process.

At least until i found where it's hidden if at all.
But i strongly assume because it's an important feature for the developers itself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Miggy4000 Creator

Hi Opinionator. In the earlier builds extra cash was possible via the "Ctrl M" cheat keys, but the devs later removed this. Scout Plus does have loans available on the message board if you want to give that a try? This stand alone Pioneer mod is available here: Spacesimcentral.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

noticed that one

hmmmm... i hope the pay rent is such steep that it makes no sense to loan money, at least that's how i would do it - mean like in reality. "can't pay? ok gimme your ship" by bye player.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Nov 26 2020

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Nov 22 2020

Some work-in-progress snapshots T.co

Nov 13 2020

Soon near you: Escape pods in need of rescue, make sure to bring your cargo scoop Sketchfab.com

Nov 7 2020

New in master-branch: Systemview upgraded to ImGui, with right-click context menu, nav & combat target indicators,… T.co

Apr 5 2020

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