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Empyrion - Galactic Survival is a 3D open world space sandbox survival adventure. Build mighty ships, menacing space stations and vast planetary settlements to explore, conquer or exploit a variety of different planets and the allegedly empty space! Fight human, alien and biological hazards and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers - on your own or with your friends.

The game uniquely combines elements from space simulations, construction games, survival games and ego-shooters. Empyrion is currently under development by Eleon Game Studios.

Detailed Game Features:

Space and Planet Exploration:

An absolute free-roaming experience awaits you: warp between planets, fly from planet to moons, land on planets and freely walk around to explore your surroundings. Discover the secrets of the Aliens and tangle with the native fauna and flora. A sandbox full of different, vivid planets waiting for you to explore!



Solar System and Open World:

The solar system is procedurally generated and features several planets and POIs. Each planet has its own characteristics (planet type, gravity, atmosphere, number of moons, terrain, surface, vegetation, climate, and resources).


Building and Construction:

Build large capital vessels, small fighters or exceptional space and planetary bases by yourself - or download a blueprint from the Steam Workshop and customize it with your very own ideas of form and function!


Survival Mode:

Get out of your escape pod, grab what's left from your ship and prepare to survive in a hostile environment. Food and oxygen are rare, resources are scarce, ammo is low and dangers lurk around each and every corner. Keep your eyes open. You need to be well prepared if you want to survive more than a day on an alien planet far away from Earth.


Creative Mode:

Just build and make your crazy dreams come true, without having to bother with food, resources or enemies. Join the Creative Community and upload your creations to the Steam Workshop!


Singleplayer and Multiplayer

Play as a lone wolf in singleplayer or join the multiplayer community: Make yourself a comfortable home in a well-protected PvE area or pick up some friends, head out and beat the permanent dangers of PvP planets to ransack their riches or conquer the solar system with your faction.


Wildlife and Enemies:

Don't get mislead by the peaceful fauna of some planets and the silence in space. Most of the animal wildlife wants to snack on your leg - and aggressive robot drones, alien soldiers and their guardians will try to hunt you down as soon as you are within sight. Watch your six and deploy a range of weapons for your defence.

Mining and Resource Gathering:

For building and construction, you need to gather and mine resources. Dig down to the rich deposits of a planet or drill through an asteroid full of rare ore. You might also plunder alien buildings or scrap any structure you come across.


Extensive Crafting System:

Learn how to combine resources and building materials to craft your equipment. Craft your stuff in your base or while you are on the move and equip your buildings and vessels with a range of different devices, weapons and gadgets for different purposes.

Hunting, Farming and Food System:

Grow your own vegetables and fruits or hunt creatures for their meat to prepare yourself a delicious meal. Some plants help to create medical supplies while others can be picked up and consumed for first aid or to quickly settle your empty stomach.


Experience and Tech Tree:

Do whatever you want - and gain experience points for doing so! Scrap that old stuff and use the points to unlock those shiny new devices in the Techtree.


Terrain Deformation:

Each planet features a voxel-based terrain. You can entirely modify and deform the terrain: flatten it for your planetary station, dig holes to find resources or build a tunnel system to protect yourself. Empyrion is a true sandbox game!


Alpha 7.0 - Launch Trailer (October 2017):

Social Media and Website

Official Website: Empyriongame.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com

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Alpha 8.0: Out Now!


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

After several weeks of Experimental releases and several months of development time, we can say that Alpha 8 is one of the largest updates we ever shipped for Empyrion.

Large is somehow meant literally, as not only the changelog is consuming a couple of pages, but also the major feature in the game relates to size: Increased size, up to 64x larger, to be precise, as this is the factor the smallest planets (32km² = Alpha 7 size) now differ from the largest (2048km²)!

While this might sound impressing when looking at the numbers, the features that are accompanying this giant leap for Empyrion are no small steps either: re-integration of procedural terrain generation, removal of green and red walls, full random solar system generation, new playfield tech with different biomes on a single planet, depending on temperature and humidity, voxel deposits readded, better textures, controller support and our very own Solar System Generator (SSG) to generate your planetary terrains and whole solar system.

But this is not all: AI got a serious rework and will now react to the player in a more realistic way. Even the Zirax troops, Drones and Patrol Vessels got beefed up. While you fight those and loose blocks on your vessel, you can now use the new Repair-2-Template. And if you are into survival or fighting, the new game start, and a full rework of how food, medication, status effects and diseases will let you experience Empyrion in a completely new way again!

This is only a tiny glimpse of what Alpha 8 will add to your game, and of course there is quite some polishing lying ahead of us. All the new stuff, entirely new shaders, backend code and tech will make a new phase of optimizations necessary. Together with you and your feedback, we will start to investigate the possible bottlenecks right after the Alpha 8 release!

Said that, and while looking at the Bug-Fixing list, we are again proud to state that nothing of this would be possible without the dedicated help, support and feedback of you, our awesome Empyrion community!

So, without further ado, let’s head start into Alpha 8. It’s about time :)


CHANGELOG: Alpha 8.0.0 (Build 1707)


1. Larger Planets & Improved Playfield Tech:
Increased size from the current 8x4km (32km²) up to 64x32km (2048km²) playfields, i.e. the planets in Alpha 8 can be up to 64x larger than in Alpha 7!

We would like to give you an idea of how big these planets are. Do you see the spire base on the other side?

It looks quite far away - right? However, if you look at the map, it seems to be just in front of you:

- Actual size of a planet will also be reflected in the orbit
- Tilted planet axis so that the day/night ratio depends on where you are on the planet (eg longer days and shorter nights on the northern hemisphere and vice versa on the southern hemisphere)
- Improved outside view of the planets in the orbit

FEEDBACK and MORE DETAILS: Empyriononline.com

2. Removal of Red and Green Wall:
We finally removed the red pole colliders and the green wall so that you can now cross the poles and you do not have to be afraid anymore when you cross the green wall

In the above screenshot, we are in the far north (actually the sun never sets here) beyond the former red wall and we are looking north. Pre-Alpha 8, this area was blocked. If you continue in this direction you will actually cross the north pole.

3. Random Generation of Solar System and new 3D Sector Map:
- Each time you start a new game, a new solar system is generated with a different amount of planets and POIs
- You can control the generation process via a configuration file (number and type of planets, POIs, size of solar system etc) or with the Solar System Generator (SSG)

The above screenshot shows the new 3d sector map of a random solar system

4. Procedural Terrain Generation:
Procedural terrain generation is back - no fixed heightmap planets anymore

5. More Diverse Biomes:
Realistic biome distribution based on humidity and temperature:

By changing Temperature, Humidity and the Seed, we obtain a very varied biome distribution:

6. Fog-of-War (Fow):

- When you now crash-land on the planet, you will not be able to see the whole planet anymore but only a part of it is revealed on the map
- When you approach a planet from space and then land on it, the FoW is semi-transparent

7. Underground Layers and Voxel Mining:
- The 'underground layers' are back. You will have the possibility to set up to 7 different consecutive layers for your planetary playfields
- In addition, the old Voxel mining is back as well
(depending on the resource, a playfield creator can decide whether to use the Alpha 7-style sub-surface rocks or the pre-Alpha 7 Voxel spheres)

8. Better Terrain Textures:
We considerably improved the visuals on a planet by replacing almost all terrain textures

9. New Decoration Placement and Rendering System:
We integrated a new system for the placement and rendering of the decoration objects on a planet which allows for a dense vegetation that is rendered very far

10. Editor for Planet and Solar System Generation:
- We developed our own Solar System Generator (SSG) to generate your planetary terrain and whole solar system
- The SSG editor will be distributed with the game on Steam

The editor features a full preview for planets, orbits and the solar system:

In addition, you can preview the generated terrain but also the POI and resource distribution as well as the NPC spawn points:

Note: You will now also have the possibility to place POIs and Resource Deposits by BIOME

FEEDBACK and MORE DETAILS: Empyriononline.com

11. Improved Ground AI:
- More realistic behavior of the ground AI (vision sensor, noise system, alert level, fear sensor)

FEEDBACK and MORE DETAILS: Empyriononline.com

Example: Zirax Behavior:
- calm: wanders with random idle animations (new use of layers in animation system)
- alerted: attacks player with random movement between shots (aim transition)
- hit reaction: 4 hit animations (also uses animation layer)
- search action: uses approximate target position. It is used for example when the Zirax has heard you but did not see you. He will know where you are only approximately and search for you there.
- better target selection
- different idle animations when alerted and when calm

You will see, the Zirax behaves now much more naturally

12. Improved AI Drones and Vessels:
- Added AI bomber drone (part of the AI drone waves)
- Allow to have drones without having a drone base and planet vessel without a vessel base (i.e., physical presence of drone base / vessel is not required anymore)
- Improved flying behavior of Planet Vessel - it behaves now more like a large and heavy ship
- Improved flying behavior of space and planetary drones
- Waves are triggered now only if the player is 50m around his base + Drone wave patrol radius around the base is increased from 200m to 600m.

FEEDBACK and MORE DETAILS: Empyriononline.com

13. New Suit and Survival Mechanics:
Our aim was to have a more survival-style game start by giving the player only very basic equipment.

- Added suit constructor which we call "Survival Constructor" (slow, can craft only very basic items like a food item, bandages etc).
- Added Survival Tent in which you can sleep to pass the night
- Added Survival Tool for basic defense, rock drilling and deconstruction
- Added Mobile Heater/Cooler terrain placeable
- Sleeping in Escape Pod, Survival Tent and Beds in Single Player

FEEDBACK and MORE DETAILS: Empyriononline.com

14. New Status Effects / Diseases:
Fully revamped Status Effects, medicals and diseases mechanic

FEEDBACK and MORE DETAILS: Empyriononline.com

15. New Food and Food-item Drop System:
Fully revamped Food templates and Ingredients drop mechanic

FEEDBACK and MORE DETAILS: Empyriononline.com

16. Repair-to-Template:
Restore your ship to a previously saved Repair Template

- Usage:
1 Repair Console + Repair Bay T1 = Repair Blocks only
1 Repair Console + Repair Bay T2 = Repair Blocks and Repair-2-Template
- Repair Blocks now also costs resources: 200 Hitpoints = 1 Iron Ingot

FEEDBACK and MORE DETAILS: Empyriononline.com

17. Added Controller Support:
You can now play Empyrion with a controller while lying comfortable on your couch.

For issues please report here: Empyriononline.com

...... and MUCH more. For more features, changes and bug fixes, please have a look at the full changelog here:


When you play Alpha 8.0 the first time, please note that it is now a quite DIFFERENT experience in many game-start related aspects, compared to version 7.6! The distances are bigger, the drops are different, the mechanics got changed, new possibilities added and a lot of stuff got moved around.

This is also relevant for all server owners and scenario builders: the changes to the planets resulted in a new file structure and a few new definitions, so that most of the playfields you have set up and are using right now, might not work with Alpha 8.0 without making the necessary changes. Please check the SSG Documentation for more details!

We absolutely RECOMMEND to first read through ALL of the feedback threads posted below to get yourself up to date on the new and changed game mechanics BEFORE starting any new game!

This is true for the new game start in particular, as, due to all the changes on planets, playfields and features, we are basically back at the drawing board in terms of game start balance. Alpha 8.0 is literally throwing a lot (not all!) of the old methods, that worked the same and were never really changed since approx version 2.0 (or even v1.0) and a few things you might have gotten accustomed to, in terms of what happens when and what you get for game start, out of the window in favor of the game now living up to the "Survival" tag in its name a little bit more again.

Changing the game start and trying to give it an improved "Survival Experience" in that early game stage actually IS intentional!

Said that, this will possibly make or let some game elements feel harder, until they are fully balanced. We will do this together with you in the coming weeks and, as always, iterate on your feedback for the upcoming 8.x updates!

Both, as a player, creator or server owner, please keep the aforementioned in mind when playing AND while giving feedback. :)

Thanks in advance for your dedicated help, improving Empyrion Galactic Survival! :)

Let’s roll!
Empyrion Dev Team

P.S. Please note that we do not support DX9 anymore with the release of Alpha 8. However, we will leave the last Alpha 7.6 on a separate Steam branch called "alpha7"
P.P.S If you are using a custom config.yaml, we recommend removing it before you start Alpha 8



All Feedback Threads pinned:

Bug Reports:

Bug Reports Solar System Generator:

Bug Reports Controller & Keymapping:

Bug Reports PDA Missions & Robinson Protocol

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Release Candidate 2

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Release Candidate 2


Eleon Game Studios releases the second Release Candidate of Alpha Experimental 8.0 with new Zirax AI behavior, Server wipe options, tweaks and bug fixes.

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Release Candidate 1

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Release Candidate 1


Eleon Game Studios releases the first Rlease Candidate of Alpha Experimental 8.0 with final tweaks, optimizations and bug fixes.

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Part VI

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Part VI

News 1 comment

Eleon Game Studios releases Part VI of Alpha Experimental 8.0 with fog-of-war, Zirax patrols, new thrusters, new planets, bug fixes, rebalancing and much...

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Part V

Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0 - Part V


Eleon Game Studios releases Part V of Alpha Experimental 8.0 with directional radar, starter planet update, template and loot update, rebalancing of status...

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Great game (addictive)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

That Game !!! Crafting, building, farming ... and much more.
Start from one Planet, built a vessel and fly around the galaxy ;) Built your own Base. Endless game and FUN for ever ! ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Awesome fun, spent over 333 hours already and still loving it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This game reminds me Tribes, bring good old times back...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

love this game.....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

this game is so under recognized. its a definite buy. if you buy one indie game this year make sure this it. The game has so much content and the developers are so awesome and listen to the community. there is so much to do in this game you will probably need to clear your calendar and it just keeps getting better and better

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Best game ever sooo far, ranks up there with Battlefield 2 and Tribes

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Empyrion is ok, I just wish the art in game did not look like mash up. I heard they got their textures off deviant art and that they do not have artists working on the game. That is a turn off for me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I've gotten less sleep since discovering this game a few years ago, it's that good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Wonderful game! Keep up the good work!


There is some procedural generation. With the current version, though, they're experimenting with image maps for planet surfaces. But it does sound like they plan to implement improved procedural generation down the road.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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Excellent sci-fi survival that is quite polished and fun even at this stage of Early Access. I hope they will concentrate on single player aswell, since i have no interests in multiplayer.

Jun 7 2017 by LW-Games


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Apr 27 2018

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