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"Magic is the ability to interpret and manipulate destiny."


During the Warring Ages, a Third World War amongst all the countries vying for power and domination broke out on Adrayvia, one of the unnamed and forgotten worlds lost in the embers of Yggdrasil. 5 years into the war, the Veil separating Adrayvia and the Beyond was greatly weakened when a second Rift was created during the Battle of Aurelia in the cold, northern mountains of Adrayvia, Alwinter. After 2 more years of untamed, unrelenting and absolute chaos, the 5 Great Countries sent their representatives to form a parley which eventually led to a truce. The Round Table, a body tasked with maintaining order and diplomatic relations amongst the participating countries was founded, and thus the Advent Age began.

Game Mechanics

Combat Design

The combat in Adrayvia is designed for fluid transitions and extensive customization. Players can switch combat styles and weapons during combat, as well as configure their personal moves through the respective interface even mid combat. Moves can be acquired through a number of ways like learning from NPC Masters or purchasing special scrolls from stores. A select number of very skilled players can also reach the Master rank, and these players can also take on a number of disciples to share their secret techniques with.Feints, parries, melee and ranged attack tiers, launchers, special techniques, and evades form the core of combat, with deep RPG elements and trade to personalize and develop characters. Team Combat allows players to fight as allies in co-op or PvP against other groups on missions in multiplayer, and also allows switching among up to 4 characters in single player.

RPG Elements

Players select a play style at the beginning of a new campaign - Expert, Specialist or Generalist. Each of these styles has a direct effect on the number of classes available to their character(s), and the amount of potential they are able to draw from said class and/or adjacent classes. Level ascension brings with it several options for upgrading and developing characters. Apart from combat-type upgrades, as the characters level up, their gear options become a lot more specialized. Rank (status of experience in combat, leadership, support, skill), Reputation (net status of consequences of actions in-game) and Bounty (status as assassination target as a result of reputation and rank) can be increased or decreased through various actions and can all affect the kinds of alliances that can be struck.


War is bred on economy, and that is an entire war on its own in Adrayvia. Management can range from combatants that manage simple gear to lords that manage entire cities. Different locations have different economy types. For example, Gregoria is mostly desert and so the controller of perishable items is often targeted, but it also is the center and history of civilization in Adrayvia, with the highest ranked scrolls available. Deltic areas are difficult to traverse, and even more so for outsiders, so the deltic often go for a more defensive approach. And there is good reason too - their much coveted superior technology.
Characters: The characters from Adrayvia's lore are very detailed and diverse, from the egoistic 'tsundere' to the pervy lunatic. There are three main factions to side with - the Meridians, the Morlocks and the Renaissance, each having its own special perks, available options, and faction techniques.


Adrayvia is a 4,000 year old world with a harsh history and diverse climates scattered across its countries. There are 5 major countries in Adrayvia - Alwinter, Olgaria, Gregoria, Argos, and Delta. There are also several isles complimenting the countries, most of which are floating islands. The countries are mostly separated by three major expanses of water, the Feighan Ocean, the North Sea, and the Aryk Ocean. There are other important history markers - the Aurelia Lake in Alwinter, Mount Koza in Argos, The Mer Falls in Argos, The Sphinx in Gregoria, The Empty Oases in Gregoria, and The Everglades in Delta. World exploration is designed to be very rewarding and adventurous for the brave few.

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