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Mo the frog is a classic 2D platform in which you will have to committ fully to ho through many levels that are present in the game. Dress the part of Mò the frog in the epic adventure to free Avalaar's kingdom from the oppression which the terrible Peter's the troll and his henchmen, the black captains, try to bring by conquering it.

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Mò The Frog: story and main features

Mò The Frog is a singleplayer classic 2D platform game with style similar to classic sidescroller games, where we embody Mò, a frog that uses his tongue as a scarf and a weapon, to free the kingdom of Avalaar from the oppression made by Peter The Troll and his minions, the Black Captains.

Pietro and Mò

This is one of the animator representation of Peter falling heavy on Mò.

During our adventure we're gonna meet some other anthropomorphic animals like us, that will face us through the several levels that fills our world as:

  • Oarchid, The Traitor Frog;
  • Jorghen, The False King;
  • Billy, The Goat;
  • Peter, The Troll.

Portrait Orchidea 2Portrait JorgenPortrait BillyPortrait Pietro

The Realm of Avalaar

The whole story is set in a calm and peaceful kingdom named Alavaar, but Peter, that come from the Borders of the kingdom is going to blow up all the serenity of this place. Let's start by presenting the appearance of the Realm:


As we can see there are many stages and different places, like the forest or the town, and we can also see that we have to find some sparkling dragonflies as collectibles. Here are some examples of levels:

ss 086af5303704bbe2f07cb61424993ss 38ecca7f9c5e72cdda5fdfdd7bfe2

Our Friends

As wee se previously we're going to encounter some anthropomorphic enemies, but we'll also met some new friends that will help us going through our journey, like:

  • Monty, The Raven;
  • Daniel, The Spider;
  • George, The Porcupine;
  • Runeth, The Tiger.

Portrait MontyPortrait DanielPortrait GeorgePortrait Runeth

Greetings from this amazing game creators and we hope you'll enjoy this videogame

Mò The Frog presentation

Mò The Frog presentation


We'll now present the main character running and attacking animations of our new game, actually Mò The Frog.

Mò The Frog

Mò The Frog


This is Primesoft Games first big project a very special platform!

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