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What is Life of Developer?

  • Video game development tycoon? No
  • Real life simulator? No
  • Economic fish role playing game? Err.. Kinda

Life of Developer is a new MMORPG focused on product development, marketing and social interaction. You start as a freelancer working for big companies, learning those skills while getting paid for your extra work. After some time, you take the risk and establishing a new company with friends, where other freelancers might work for you. Your company grows and more and more people are getting employed here, but you know you aren't the only one building your dream company and that's where rivals can be met. Enjoy fighting for bigger marketing share, blame rivals and build the best company in the world! (or town, whatever.) Better description inbound!

This is so awesome, where can I contact you?

Our webpage will soon be available, meanwhile, you can get in touch with us on Discord server.


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Life of Developer - Memories

Life of Developer - Memories


You can now download images from old versions of LoD :) From the real beginning to the end :).

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Sensi7 - - 24 comments

Really nice work guys ! I hope it will be come greater than "Software Inc" !

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GoodEnoughGames - - 7 comments

Having played the game I feel it's awfully slow. 10 minutes to do a job when there's nothing much else to do seems a tad ridiculous.

Other than that this game shows great promise! Keep at it guys!

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Guest - - 688,984 comments

When are the game going to be released?

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Noobzie - - 8 comments

Actually, the game is in early access so if you want to play right now you can buy a key from their official page: Lod-game.com

Not sure about steam release date or 0.5 version, though.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Noobzie - - 8 comments

Ok, so I have some questions here.
1) Watching the screens you have posted, I imagine that your character does its job in its home, but I could be wrong. If not, Will it be possible to work on an office? Maybe you can work for companies or start your own company when you have money, I don't know but I was just wondering if there will be this kind of choice for us.
2) When development is more advanced, are you planning on letting us create a character so we can see him walking and doing stuff on screen? The same goes for other players/┬┐npcs? that work on our company (if the answer to the first question was yes, of course)

ANYWAYS, you have a really interesting concept here, I would love to play when it comes to steam!

PD: npcs are just an "idea" because I suppose that if you have a company you'll need employees, and most probably they won't be other players. And sorry if I have some mistakes, english isn't my first language.

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Sir_N - - 21 comments

Hey! I've tried running it but i get a Crash with the error event code "CLR20R3" (Win7 64bit)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sir_N - - 21 comments

EDIT: I tried a third time running as administrator just like the second try, and it worked, it seems to be casual this bug

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Krwawic - - 1 comments

I bought an Alpha key and I play it a little.
I had fun and can't wait for new patches! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
ethanethan - - 58 comments

i dont get it

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
JediMasterArc - - 1 comments

i am looking forward to alpha testing this i just payed for it and btw nice job from what i have seen photos wise

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