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I am an avid gamer and highly experienced and enthusiastic in troubleshooting bugs and testing games, I take great pride in helping developers release the best possible content both in terms of a bug-free experience and also with fun and challenging gameplay.

My interest in gaming began very early in my life, and soon become a passion périod. In time i acquired a big knowledge of the many areas of the game development, level design and functionality testing. I spent countless hours refining and putting into practice by helping others. Below, you can see a few examples of the games i participated voluntarily. Star Citizen- StarShift - Maia - Planetbase - Project Aura - elite dangerous - SpaceBase DF-9 - Star wars the old republic -
The final frontier - Age of wulin - Conquer Online - ARK survival - Astéroïd outpost - Cosmonautica - Evochron Mercenary - into the star - Kerbal Space program - Planetside 2 - RUST - The Stomping Land - Basement - STARDROP ect...

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Science Fiction Fans

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A group for all ModDB and IndieDB fans of science fiction.

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