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Kakele is a brand new game! It is an old style multiplayer open world nostalgic and classic 2D pixel real time role playing game.

Play Now: Kakele.io

✔︎ Play on Mobile and PC!
✔︎ NO pay to win! NO ads! Play for FREE!
✔︎ Regular updates! The game is in active development with new updates every month or two!
✔︎ New redesigned pixel art graphics, sound and music coming soon!
✔︎ Customization! Customize your outfit, build your own house, upgrade your equipment!
✔︎ Play with 5 different vocations! Each vocation with unique attributes, weapons and spells!
✔︎ Persistent game world! Map items, quest puzzles and world market!
✔︎ Open PvP and Optional PvP modes available. Guilds and PvP War systems available!
✔︎ Over 200 quests and tasks to complete!
✔︎ Huge map with more than 100000 tiles, 100+ NPCs!
✔︎ Periodic dungeons bringing together all players!
✔︎ Over 10 challenging bosses to defeat and over 100 different monsters to battle against!
✔︎ Over 20 different outfits, 1000+ different equipment, potions and other items to collect!
✔︎ Works in almost all the devices. Minimum of Android 4.4 and 1GB of memory required.

In Kakele, you join players from all over the world to fight monsters, explore mysterious caves, complete tasks and quests, collect items and much more! Come and join our growing community for the many adventures in this indie RPG game!

Official website: Kakele.io

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RSS Articles

The Island of Sohterra


Dear Kakelians,

We are thrilled to announce something you all have been eagerly anticipating – the launch of the brand new Kakele Game Expansion, Expansion 4.7! We’re excited to share that from this point forward, all our updates will be referred to as “Expansions” to emphasize their significance and the vast array of new features they bring. This particular expansion is incredibly special as it encompasses a plethora of enhancements, a wealth of new content, numerous fresh features, and much, much more. What’s even more exciting is that a significant portion of these improvements were implemented based on the valuable feedback you, our dedicated players, have provided on our Discord forums. Your insights and suggestions are instrumental to our development process, and we can’t emphasize enough how much we value your participation. So, please continue to engage with us on Discord – your contributions are truly appreciated!

Now, let’s dive into the captivating world of Sohterra. This is a land unlike any other, a realm where the sands whisper secrets of ancient times, where mysteries are as common as the grains beneath your feet, and where the tombs of forgotten eras hold dangers untold. This is a place where only the most intrepid and powerful adventurers will manage to emerge victorious. Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Without further ado, let’s delve into the comprehensive list of what the Expansion 4.7 has in store for you.

◈ Sohterra: This new and intriguing territory, Sohterra, is a landscape that beckons with a diverse array of quests, monsters, hunting grounds, and numerous other elements. This content is thoughtfully crafted to cater to both newcomers and veterans alike, ensuring that everyone has a place in these adventurous lands.

◈ Global Wars Feature: After numerous requests over several years from our player base, we are overjoyed to unveil the Global Wars feature. It’s a testament to how seriously we take your suggestions. Get ready for an all-encompassing battle for supremacy! Dive into the details here: Global Wars. The most dominant server by the end of the year will be lavishly rewarded with a week of complete boosts and a grand special event to celebrate Kakele’s birthday on February 1st, 2025!

◈ Task Reset for Free Accounts: A New Approach: We’ve heard your requests loud and clear: Free Account players will once again have the ability to reset their tasks! We understand the importance of this feature to your gaming experience. However, as we’ve discussed in our Discord community, maintaining a balance is essential. The development and upkeep of Kakele Online are substantial endeavors, and in order to support this feature sustainably, we’re introducing a new system involving ‘Ads Points’. Free Account players will accumulate ‘Ads Points’ by watching advertisements within the game. These points can then be used to reset tasks. You’ll find these ads seamlessly integrated into the game, with a modest banner also appearing in the main menu. This approach ensures that all players, regardless of their account type, can enjoy the full breadth of Kakele Online’s offerings, while also supporting the game’s ongoing development and enhancement. We believe this system creates a fair balance, allowing us to continue providing quality content and features. But we want to hear from you – do you think this is a fair exchange? Join us in the Discord forums to discuss this new feature and share your thoughts on the future of the game. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping a Kakele Online that everyone can enjoy and be proud of.

◈ Castle of the Skies Upgraded Hunt: We’ve enhanced the hunting experience in the Castle of the Skies, now featuring an elite instance for the most daring hunters. The mystery deepens with the enigmatic disappearance of Cos – can you unravel this new storyline?

◈ Automatons’ New Challenge Room: For those seeking high-level hunts, the automatons have prepared a new room. This hidden area offers thrilling encounters, but only the most astute hunters who can find their way will reap its rewards.

◈ Expanded Caves in the Dark Continent: To enhance your explorations, we’ve widened the caves inhabited by the creatures of the Dark Continent. This change provides a more comfortable and less claustrophobic hunting environment, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the hunt.

◈ Adjusted Baby Spiro Giros: In response to player feedback, we’ve balanced the baby spiro giros. They’re now more manageable, and we’ve upgraded their loot drops, making these encounters more rewarding and enjoyable.

◈ Enhanced Loot for Undead and Chromatic Dragons: We’ve upped the ante for hunters of undead dragons and chromatic dragons by enhancing their loot drops. These changes make these already thrilling hunts even more rewarding.

◈ Corrupted Elementals’ Spawn Improvements: We’ve removed some environmental obstacles and tweaked the spawn mechanics for corrupted elementals, making these encounters more fluid and enjoyable. Xexeu awaits your return with eager anticipation.

◈ Witches of Saint Mardi Adjustments: The witches of Saint Mardi have undergone a nerf, balancing their challenge level. Alongside this, we’ve improved the surrounding hunts, offering a more dynamic and engaging experience.

◈ The Donaranha Reimagined: We’ve completely overhauled the path leading to the formidable Donaranha boss, making the journey both more engaging and more intuitive. Adventurers who dare to face this boss will be rewarded with the chance to obtain some exceptionally rare weapons, elevating the excitement and stakes of this hunt.

◈ Convenient Kajin Boots Repair: For adventurers venturing into the Dark Continent, repairing your Kajin boots is now more accessible than ever. You no longer need to venture deep into the castle, as repairs can be made right at the continent’s entrance, reducing the risk and hassle.

◈ Your Request for More Hunts, Answered!: We’ve heard your calls for more hunting challenges and are thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our hunts, quests, and puzzles. Delve into these exciting new additions:

◈ Ghorasinns Hunt Enhanced: Embark on a revamped hunt of the Ghorasinns, now joined by their sibling Ghorattalvez. This hunt includes a fresh quest to gain access to these formidable foes and a unique item essential for crafting an exclusive addon. Can you unlock the path to this exhilarating challenge?

◈ Introducing Clan Champion Mobs: A new tier of clan mobs awaits – the Clan Champions. These formidable foes require a champion’s strength and skill to face them. Are you up to the challenge?

◈ Mysterious Void Hunt: Prepare to enter the unknown with our brand-new void hunt. This hunt introduces a new monster shrouded in mystery. The path to this creature is a puzzle in itself – are you clever enough to unlock the secrets and brave the void?

◈ The Daughter of Donaranha, Fida: Embark on a brand-new hunt featuring Fida, the daughter of the fearsome Donaranha. This journey presents a fresh quest to encounter these formidable foes. Can you unlock the path to this exhilarating challenge?

◈ Your Input on Hunting Grounds: Your suggestions are the lifeblood of our game’s evolution. Do you have ideas for further enhancements to our hunting grounds? Share your thoughts in our Discord forums, and let’s make Kakele’s hunting experiences even more enthralling together!

◈ Revamped Game Map Events: In our effort to rekindle the thrill and challenge of map events, we’ve completely overhauled this feature. Now, the experience you gain from these events will directly correlate with your character’s level, ensuring a balanced and rewarding experience for players of all stages. Additionally, we’ve introduced a strength cap system, similar to what you’ve encountered in the infinite dungeons, to level the playing field and enhance the competitive spirit. This change aims to recapture the sense of wonder and excitement reminiscent of your first encounters with map glitches, breathing new life into these adventures. For a full rundown, check out the detailed breakdown at Revamped Map Events.

◈ New Equipment Slot – Pet Food: This is an exciting addition for all the pet lovers in Kakele! We’ve introduced a new equipment slot specifically for Pet Food, a unique item that will provide buffs not only to your character but also to your beloved pet. To acquire these powerful buffs, you’ll need to purchase them from specific NPCs using a newly introduced currency, ‘Boss Tokens’. These tokens are a reward for your bravery and skill in defeating bosses throughout the game, making them a sought-after commodity.

◈ Free Account Weapon Addons: We believe in making Kakele an inclusive experience for all players. To this end, we’ve expanded the range of addons available to free account users. Many of these addons are derived from existing in-game items, allowing for a deeper and more rewarding exploration of the game world. Free account players can now access these addons by simply exchanging gold and the requisite items at addon NPCs.

◈ Vibrant City Life with New NPCs: We’re infusing life into the game’s cities by adding a plethora of new NPCs, each with their unique actions and stories. These NPCs aren’t just static characters; they have been designed to interact with the environment and players in novel ways. Explore the cities anew and see if you can uncover all the secrets and behaviors of these intriguing inhabitants.

◈ Game Map Enhancements: The visual appeal of Kakele is getting a significant boost. We’ve improved the water graphics, added more depth with height variations, and enhanced the sprites for a more immersive and visually stunning gaming experience. These changes will make exploring Kakele’s world even more enjoyable and engaging.

◈ Complete Card Collection: Collectors and completionists rejoice! We’re bringing every single card into the game. While not all cards will feature monster images, this comprehensive collection provides a new layer of depth and accomplishment to your gaming experience. Start gathering them all and complete your Kakele card compendium!

◈ Vocation Balancing: Based on your invaluable feedback, we’re implementing a series of balance changes to various vocations to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Here are some key updates:

◈ Hunter: The bounty hunt spell will now be passive, providing a more balanced and engaging hunting experience. The armor reduction will remain an active component.

◈ Warriors and Berserkers: The ‘Magic Resistance’ now reduces ‘direct physical’ damage (the orange damage), a crucial update for dealing with certain monsters like the Kajin Warlord that bypass traditional armor stats.

◈ Mage: A new spell, ‘Seal of Limitation’, has been added to enhance PvP scenarios. This spell casts a ‘Gear Lock’ debuff, preventing affected players from equipping new gear for a short duration.
Warrior: A new spell to control monster aggro, preventing other players from luring monsters away. Precision and timing are key to mastering this spell.

◈ Charms and Necklaces Overhaul: We’re removing these items from NPCs, making them exclusive drops from monsters. This change, along with the introduction of new charms and necklaces, will add a new layer of excitement to your loot hunts.

◈ Rebalancing of Golden Dragon Items: Following insightful player feedback, we have thoroughly reassessed and rebalanced the golden dragon items. This recalibration is focused on increasing the intrinsic value of these items, better reflecting the skill and effort required to acquire them.

◈ Hunter and Alchemist Spells Adjustment: The Hunter’s windrun spell and the Alchemist’s remove buffs spell have been fine-tuned for better balance at various levels.

◈ New Warrior Spell: The ‘cancel return’ spell allows Warriors to prevent accidental monster kills, adding more strategy to their gameplay.

For a comprehensive list of all vocation changes, check our news section.

◈ Comprehensive Resolution of the Chat Bug: After diligent efforts, our team has successfully identified and resolved the critical bug in our chat system that was causing unexpected game closures. This crucial fix reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience to all Kakele Online players.

◈ Twitch Drops: Due to popular demand, the popular Twitch drops will now change every 2 weeks! So you have new prizes and items to claim when watching your favorite streamer. Connect your account to Twitch, and reap the prizes!

◈ Focused Rationalization of Achievements: We have taken steps to streamline our achievement system by removing unachievable addons, outfits, and other items. This refocus on attainable and realistic goals is meant to enhance the sense of achievement and satisfaction for players.

◈ Visual Enhancement for an Immersive Experience: In our continuous effort to enrich the game’s aesthetic appeal, we have introduced captivating animated backgrounds and refined window designs. These visual enhancements are part of our commitment to constantly elevate the look and feel of the game, offering a more immersive and visually pleasing gaming environment.

◈ Synchronized Story Dialogues and Voice-Overs for Cohesive Narrative: To deliver a more unified and immersive narrative experience, we have synchronized the in-game story dialogues with their respective voice-overs. This synchronization ensures a seamless and engaging storyline for players to enjoy.

◈ Enhanced Trade and Market Features for Secure Transactions: In response to player feedback, we have implemented additional safeguards and features in our trade and market systems. These enhancements are aimed at protecting players from scams and providing a safer and more secure trading environment.

◈ Revitalized and Streamlined Game HUD: In our continuous pursuit of enhancing player interaction, we’re excited to unveil a completely overhauled Heads-Up Display (HUD) in Kakele. This new design, while optional, will serve as the standard interface for all new players. Our objective with this redesign has been to create a more organized and intuitive interface, significantly reducing on-screen clutter. This thoughtful redesign aims to simplify access to vital game information, reducing sensory overload and enhancing overall usability. We strongly encourage all players to try out this fresh layout through the advanced options menu and experience first-hand how it elevates the Kakele gameplay experience.

◈ Reintroduction of Analog Directional Control: In direct response to our community’s feedback, we are thrilled to bring back the highly requested ‘analog’ directional control. This reintroduced feature offers a more natural and ergonomic method for players to navigate the vast world of Kakele, enhancing overall gameplay comfort.

◈ Enhanced and Engaging Tutorial for Newcomers: Acknowledging the importance of first impressions, the tutorial for new players has been completely reimagined. This revamped tutorial is designed to be more interactive and less formulaic, offering a more enjoyable and informative introduction to the game. This initiative is aimed at aiding newcomers in better understanding and immersing themselves in the rich and intricate world of Kakele.

◈ Launch of the Web Shop in Brazil with PIX Payments: In a move to better serve our Brazilian player base, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Kakele Web Shop in Brazil. This shop features the widely-used PIX payment method, enhancing convenience and accessibility for our beloved Brazilian players.

◈ Introduction of New High-Level Weapons: Understanding the challenges faced by our high-level players in acquiring top-tier equipment, we have expanded our weapon repertoire. These new additions are crafted to provide diverse and viable paths for players to obtain the powerful gear they desire.
◈ Flexible and Enhanced Account Creation Options: Catering to new players, the account creation process now offers expanded options, including the choice of preferred server and character name from the outset. This enhancement allows for a more personalized and convenient start to the Kakele adventure.

◈Dungeon Experience Formula Adjustment for High-Level Players: We have fine-tuned the experience formula in dungeons, particularly targeting our high-level players. This subtle adjustment is intended to ensure a balanced and challenging progression that aligns with player expectations. The change is barely noticeable up to level 1500.

◈ Upgraded Server Capacity to Accommodate Growing Player Base: To better support our expanding community, we have upgraded our servers. These enhancements are focused on increasing our capacity to host more players simultaneously, ensuring a smooth and responsive gaming experience for everyone.

◈ Increased Stacking for Decoration Items in Response to Player Requests: In line with player feedback, we have increased the stacking limits for various decoration items. This change is aimed at improving inventory management and space efficiency, allowing players to organize their collections more effectively.

◈ Revamped Mechanics for Xeru for a Fairer Challenge: We’ve reworked the mechanics of the Xeru challenge, aiming to provide a more balanced and engaging encounter for our conqueror status players.

◈ Intuitive Boat NPC Interactions for Enhanced Usability: We’ve improved the interactions with boat NPCs, focusing on making these exchanges more intuitive and player-friendly, enhancing the overall travel experience within the game.

◈ Streamlined Quest Mechanics for Item Sacrifices: Quests that require item sacrifices have been revised to be more accommodating and flexible, particularly for used items. This adjustment is designed to enhance the questing experience and make it more player-centric.

◈ Minimap Enhancements: Additions and improvements have been made to the minimap feature, assisting players in better navigating the diverse and expansive world of Kakele.

◈ Proactive Measures Against the Year 2K38 Bug for Long-Term Stability: In anticipation of potential future issues, such as the Year 2K38 bug, we have proactively implemented fixes to ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the game, 14 years in advance! We are in this for the long term!

◈ Optimized Network Algorithms for Improved Connectivity and Reduced Lag: We’ve made significant improvements to our network algorithms. These enhancements are focused on bolstering connection stability and minimizing lag, contributing to a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

◈ Client Performance Boosts for Enhanced FPS on Various Devices: Our team has executed several optimizations to the game client, targeting an improvement in FPS and overall performance. These enhancements are designed to benefit a wide range of devices, ensuring that players can enjoy a fluid and responsive gaming experience regardless of their hardware.

These comprehensive gameplay and system improvements underscore our unwavering dedication to enriching the Kakele Online experience for our entire community. We are deeply grateful for your ongoing support and feedback, which are instrumental in guiding our continuous efforts to evolve and enhance the game.

We’re immensely thankful for your continued support and trust in us. Our small yet passionate and dedicated team is committed to delivering the best MMORPG experience on mobile (and PC) platforms.

Expansion 4.7 was released on the 15th of April! Please note that patch notes may be updated or modified as we continue to tweak and refine the expansion.

Let’s celebrate this incredible community that makes Kakele what it is, and the tireless efforts of our team behind the scenes. Here’s to many more exciting adventures in Kakele!



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Um MMORPG bem divertido

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Nick meu Char: Blitxz

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EdStrike e EdDruida

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ElNobre "Se houve um dia bom em 2020 foi o dia em que descobri Kakele❤

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