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In this turn-based tactics RPG, you’ll rewrite the history of an ancient Greece transformed by an industrial revolution. Customize your party's skills and navigate a labyrinthine storyline where your choices affect the path you take, the battles you fight, and the allies you meet along the way.

  • Old-school tactics combat, enhanced - Familiar Tactics mechanics coupled with many ways to manipulate the battlefield. Push a bandit off a cliff, toss an ally to safety, and bounce a barrel down a line of unsuspecting harpies.
  • Unique steampunk world - See how an industrial revolution transformed the cultures of ancient Greece. From the luddite mobs threatening Athenian democracy to the great railroad of Thebes, Hellenica brings steamwork wonders to a brand new setting.
  • Reimagined history of ancient Greece - Help Plato and Socrates maintain order in an Athens shaken by change, fight alongside the technologically augmented king of Sparta against rebels committed to tradition, or join Cyrus the Persian prince on a quest to liberate his people.
  • Customizable party skills - Unlock party skills and customize your loadout before each battle. Skills never grow obsolete, but instead provide new tactical options for every situation.
  • Labyrinthine branching story - Live multiple lives, making different choices and exploring different facets of the world. Will you seek guidance from the Oracle or form an alliance with a shadowy network of spies? Stow away on a pirate vessel or follow a mysterious foreigner? Investigate a rebellion in Sparta or seek the aid of the enigmatic enchantress, Circe?
  • Custom narrative experience - Thousands of custom dialog lines ensure that characters recognize and respond to the actions you've taken on each of the paths through Hellenica’s story.
  • No pants - They weren't even invented yet!
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Hellenica launches in just three days! Tell your friends on Twitter and wishlist the game on Steam!

Scylax is an expert swordsman traveling the world on a quest to find the True Fire.

His adventures have brought him experience, wisdom, and even a powerful weapon, but if you've ever played any role-playing games, you already knew that.

All of Scylax's skills, including his basic sword attack, deal Magic damage, which is doubly effective against Heavy defense types.

In addition to his sword, he also controls powerful fire magic thanks to his training as a Magian. Cauterize is a starting skill that can be used to damage an enemy or heal an ally at range.

Anytime Scylax uses one of his skills he gains a level of Intensity, his passive skill. These are represented by tiny flames hovering around him.

Once he reaches level three, his flames will turn blue, and his next skill will be empowered. An empowered skill is much stronger than the normal version, often dealing more damage, affecting a larger area, or even having a new unique effect.

An empowered cauterize, for example, has its damage and healing scaled up two-fold, and it affects an area instead of a single target!

There are few things sweeter than a 5-target blue cauterize.

Alright, so last time we introduced Scylax, one of Hellenica's magic users. (Check out Part 1!) Today I'll tease a couple of his other skills, starting with Fire Wave.

Fire Wave is great for close quarters, especially when you can group up some enemies using your other party members' pushes and tosses.

Once Scylax has powered up his Intensity, Fire Wave becomes even more powerful.

The empowered version of Fire Wave shoots out a line of flames in four directions, dealing a massive amount of damage if you're able to position Scylax just right.

The next skill, and some of our testers' personal favorites, is called Fire Blast.

Fire Blast combines Scylax's affinity for area damage with the joys of tossing characters. Also, he can use it on himself or party members for a classical take on the rocket jump:

When empowered, Fire Blast deals more damage and launches targets even farther, which can be very useful on boats and other tight levels with a lot of verticality.

Just be careful you don't knock your own party members off the edge!

Whew! That's the core party, but there are plenty more allies to meet during your adventures that will join you in combat as well. If you're excited about Hellenica, please help spread the word about Hellenica's launch! Here's our launch trailer for easy linking:

Hellenica's Cast: Brasidas, the Exiled Spartan

Hellenica's Cast: Brasidas, the Exiled Spartan


Hellenica launches in ten days! Check out Brasidas, one of the party members you'll meet in your quest to save Greece.

Hellenica's Cast: Nephele, the theomechanist

Hellenica's Cast: Nephele, the theomechanist


This week we introduce Nephele, the theomechanist. As a temple priestess for Apollo, Nephele's in charge of maintaining the steam contraptions that draw...

Hellenica's Unique Battle Manipulation Skills!

Hellenica's Unique Battle Manipulation Skills!


Hellenica's dev does a deep dive into the new mechanics that set it apart from others in the Tactics/Strategy RPG genre!

Hellenica Party Intros: Diona, the Arktos

Hellenica Party Intros: Diona, the Arktos


We're introducing the characters of Hellenica leading up to launch on January 23rd. Check out Diona, the Arktos!


Love the look of this.

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