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0.3 "Stress and Shelter" alpha demo is now available - go grab it on itch.io!

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"Shardpunk: Verminfall" is an upcoming tactical squad-based survival strategy game, based in a steampunk setting. Gameplay-wise, it is a mix of XCOM and Darkest Dungeon games, mixing all the best features from both. All of this is presented using great pixel art graphics.

Backstory: there has been an unexpected breakthrough during long and exhausting siege of The Empire's Capitol. Rat Swarm managed to breach the walls and flooded the city with vermin. Group of survived city dwellers are trying to escape - and possibly rescue some additional people, if necessary. They will need to scavenge the destroyed city for resources, fight off rat vermin and make their way through the Capitol - all of this to finally get safely out of the city.

Similar to new XCOM games, there will be a combat layer and a strategy layer.

Turn-based tactical combat (which is present in the tech demo) makes use of cover and flanking mechanics. Due to the characters having to cope with stress and having their own quirks there is a fair chance that something will go wrong during the playthrough. Additionally, characters need to scavenge for resources during combat in order to survive.

The strategy layer will allow the player to plan their next missions, handle upgrades etc. Characters will be traveling from a safe point to a safe point. They will have to gather resources in order to survive each day, heal themselves or upgrade their equipment.


  • Lead the group of Survivors in the search for sparse resources necessary to survive
  • Use cover and flanking mechanism to defeat the Rat Vermin in turn-based combat
  • Customize the appearance of your characters
  • Make your way through the remains of the Capitol and uncover its hidden secrets
  • Pay close attention to the sanity of your survivors, or face dire consequences.
  • Rescue more team members and don't allow existing ones perish
  • Upgrade your character's equipment and weapons
  • Experience a different run every time, thanks to the randomized nature of the game
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Man, working on a game in one's spare time is difficult. Two weeks have passed from the previous blog entry and I only managed to spend ~15 hours in total of not-always-very-high-quality time working on the game.

However, this will change soon. I am taking a monthly leave from my day job in November and I will focus solely on developing Shardpunk in that period. This will allow me to see how I manage to cope with full-time development and what is my development speed when working at my full productivity.

Note that it will be a temporary change - meaning that I'll be back to part-time development in December. Still, with the experience from that full-time period, I will be able to define the game scope in a clearer way and set up a development plan - having that might help me find a publisher.

That being said, let's focus on the latest game changes!

I played around with the Stress mechanic a bit. First of all, I made sure that a character gets the "Stressed" trait (which gives some penalties) only if their Stress level is at maximum (it was a 50% threshold before that). I also introduced some random traits that make a character more/less stress-resistant by altering their maximum stress level:

These traits are randomly assigned to each character at the beginning of the game. And they're mutually exclusive, obviously.

Players now have a new way to reduce stress during battles - each character has the "Encourage" skill that lowers the Stress of a nearby ally.

Now, in order to make sure the players don't abuse that skill too much, it will have a long cooldown time (right now it is 5 turns, but it will surely be tweaked during the development). Obviously, players can still spend extra time during combat and reduce stress before going into the shelter, but due to longer wait times, it might not be the best solution - as the enemies will be swarming in all the time.

Oh, and I changed the way stimpaks handle stress. Previously using a stimpak would reduce your stress levels.

Some playtesters reported that they were using stimpaks only to reduce their stress level, as the aim penalty they got when the stress was too high was (literally, although not directly) killing them. So they used them even if their HPs were at maximum.

I didn't like where it was headed, so I made sure that using a stimpak actually increases your stress a little. This, combined with the "encourage" action and stress threshold increased to 100% should not make the game harder - and it will remove the stimpak stress reduction exploit.

I will end this blog entry here. Take care! And enjoy a new character model, the female ranger:

Devlog #79: XP and levelling

Devlog #79: XP and levelling


New devlog entry for Shardpunk. Let's talk about how I progressed with the character experience-related features.

Devlog #78: Steam demo is out!

Devlog #78: Steam demo is out!


New devlog entry for Shardpunk, with a number of demo tips.

Devlog #77: 3rd alpha demo is out; what's next?

Devlog #77: 3rd alpha demo is out; what's next?

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New devlog entry for Shardpunk. Let's talk about the future. And go play that demo!

0.3 "Stress and Shelter" alpha demo now available!

0.3 "Stress and Shelter" alpha demo now available!


The next alpha demo of Shardpunk has arrived - go play it now!


I would like to know what requirements I will ask, because my PC does not support 11, I hate DX10 apart because when the resolution is lowered it gets blurry to ****, something that does not happen with DX9 and DX8

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Bryku Creator

Damn, it surely won't be running on dx9 or lower, as it is not supported by Unity anymore. Not sure about DX10 though - I believe you might simply have to try it out.

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Is this turn based?

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Bryku Creator

Yup, it is. Same as in XCOM/Darkest Dungeon. You can read more at Steampunkratgame.com

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This is certainly something in which I'd be interested. Is this project still under active development, or was it abandoned?

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Bryku Creator

Certainly, the project is alive and well!
You can follow the progress on my devlogs on itch.io (https://bryqu.itch.io/this-is-the-end/devlog) or TIGSource (https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=65119).

Also, do check out my Twitter page: Twitter.com

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