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My name is Slawomir and I am developing "This is The End" game in my spare time, as a hobby project.

The game combines the squad-based strategy features of XCOM with survival elements; it is based in a steampunk + vermintide setting.

I am doing the development alone; I am working with a pixel artist who creates the graphics for the game.

I am aiming on creating a vertical slice of the game, which is focused on a single tactical mission. There's still a lot of stuff to do, but I am slowly making progress.

If you like to be informed first-hand about any major development updates (including the release of first tech demo!) you can:

- sign up for my mailing list to receive info about all major game updates,

- follow me on Twitter.

Make sure to leave some comments/questions below - I will appreciate any kind of ineraction. Many thanks for all of your interest!

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Adding more flavour


Howdy! I kinda enjoy spoon-feeding my readers with gifs and images on a weekly basis, so here's some more to share.

First of all - I was working on having a basic main menu of the game.


Tried to keep it to bare minimum. The contrast between "This is The End" and "Start" seems unintentionally funny though. Also, I might need that logo for the game. I keep on repeating this, I know.

Anyways, the main screen is there, the end screen (which I presented the last time) is also present - meaning that the game has a legit start and end (well, at least for the part which will be covered by the tech demo). Also, I moved some code around to make sure that there's a separate place and time for loading game resources. So I have a loading screen, really.

I will still have to implement handling of options and displaying credits. Credits will be one of the last things on my list; options will come in sooner, as soon as I figure out what should appear there. Surely I'd need a brightness slider, two sliders for sound and music volume, and possibly something to handle game resolution change?

Having that part of the game ready, I fleshed out some outstanding annoying issues, like making the movement smoother and slower - especially when dealing with diagonal moves:

(first footage is using the old movement speed; second - the new one)

I still believe I should make sure that movement paths are more fluent; possibly I'll have to use some kind of interpolation when calculating the movement - but I need to watch out for characters going through obstacles/walls, obviously.

Additonaly, I started adding some game lore related stuff into the assets. Here are some Empire conscription posters:

posters big

And here's one appearing in the game:

My next milestone was about trying out "character speech bubbles" idea - basically I wanted the survivors to comment on different game situations. The goal is to make them more human and relatable - just to make sure that their inevitable death (game will have permadeath) will affect the players more ;)

Here's how it looks so far:

Character commenting that no enemies have been met in X turns:


Character commenting on another character finding stuff:


What's next?

Well, this is the first time that I am not sure about the priorities.

I need a game website so I might spend time on creating one. Or, I might add myself a Steam page, allowing people to wishlist the game. I heard that it is never too early to start the wishlisting process.

But maybe I'd need that logo first.

Alternatively, there's whole another subject to cover, and these are the sounds. I already did some proof of concept with that and stuff seems to sound great. The problem is that in order to post update on sounds, I'd have to be uploading videos instead of gifs. And in order to do so, I'd have to have a decent... logo of my channel/game? Damn.

Of course there's a bunch of other features that need fleshing out: things like weapon backfire mechanism (which needs more 'live' animations), or the whole character quirks/bounds mechanism (that I haven't mentioned about until now, really).

I guess I will spend the weekend celebrating St. Patrick's day and see what comes into my mind after that :)


I was practicing my pixel art skills again: here's a black mage, made for pixel dailies the other day :)


Take care, and thanks for reading! As usual, if you'd like to receive more frequent updates about the development, follow me on Twitter at @bryquTheDev.

"This is The End" - weekly devlog update

"This is The End" - weekly devlog update


Here's a summary of yet another week of work on my #steampunkRatGame. Gif-heavy.

Fleshing out the UI

Fleshing out the UI

News 2 comments

Post-holiday development progress update on "This is The End" game. As always, gif-heavy.

New map, lighting and models

New map, lighting and models


More news and gameplay gifs coming your way in this new devlog entry.

Post-january development update

Post-january development update

News 2 comments

As usual, here's another update on development of "This is The End" game. With new gifs and stuff.


This is certainly something in which I'd be interested. Is this project still under active development, or was it abandoned?

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Bryku Creator

Certainly, the project is alive and well!
You can follow the progress on my devlogs on itch.io (https://bryqu.itch.io/this-is-the-end/devlog) or TIGSource (https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=65119).

Also, do check out my Twitter page: Twitter.com

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"This is The End" - steampunk squad-based strategy game
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