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Harmless Demons is inspired by a bug observation box my grand father gave me when i was little. Its goal is to capture that sensation of curiosity, excitement and perversion i felt when given those defenceless insects, trapped in my little glass box. One day i would be gentle, careful and attentive with them, the day after i would tear their wings appart, drown them in white spirit, burn them with fire... In Harmless Demons, a strange, unknown creature is put into your hands for understanding. Its full of secrets you'll have to discover by experimenting with it via tools you'll have to build. Its goal is to escape that box he was locked in. Yours is to feed it, hit it, watch it, burn it, love it, kill it until he is no longer a mystery for you.

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All the latest things you want to know about your boy, Amer Von Percepied aka Le Dindon Farceur.

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Doop Ditty Whoop!

Hello boys & girls, it's been a while since i posted anything about my game, i was taken away from it by holidays, friends, music and attempts to make some of that good old cash.
But i recently got little time to move forward, so it's gonna be quick, yet all bling and visual ;)

The Progzy:

  1. Introduction
  2. Resource Machine
  3. Rewards
  4. WIP Reworked Genome Map
  5. Conclusion

1) Introduction

How the game begins.

I still can't believe and am ashamed of how much i struggled with this thingy, especially to make it responsive... But it is there and it is super cute isn't? It was completely worth it.
Also i switched my rendering pipeline to the new lightweight rendering one so i can use the god-given feature that is Shader Graph, shout out to Unity for this awesome thing. The Amer Jongleur logo dissolution effect is made with it. Only problem is that, for now, it's breaking the Sorting Groups as you can see with the demon popping out of its cage way before it should, but i reported the bug and hopefully it's going to be taken care of before the game's release.

2) Resource Machine

Creates Tool Components and stocks/displays game currencies.


In action.

As you can see i like machines, especially impossible ones. I might have been some kind of weird engineer in a previous life of mine.

3) Rewards

Chests & Rewards, for the brave.


In action.

I might rework it a little, as i'm not 100% satisfied with the top part, the side parts and the outlines' thickness... But i'm onto something, right?

4) WIP Reworked Genome Map

To be considered a bonus as it is in a pretty raw and not super communicative form.

It is where you will discover and link the genes that are responsible for the demon's actions you observed in the main game scene. As you can see i'm starting to have some randomly generated patterns in there, as well as whole new visuals.
It's going to be a mix between a minesweeper, an investment/betting system and a memory game. I could detail it but that would be a tough read and i think that everybody will be happier if i just wait and show it when it's fully implemented in the game.

5) Conclusion

Very fulfilling progression in there, but none of those where really priorities to be honest, that's why i need to focus on that Research System so the game's loop is finally there and it gets playable.
But because i attempted to "luxury" features, my program for the future didn't change much, so you can still expect:

  • Fully integrated & working research system, therefore playable game
  • Demon escaping/cooperative/rebellious processes so that you can loose
  • Tools, moar of them so that you can fun
  • Discoveries, moar of them so that you can even more fun

Love & BisousBye,
Amer Jongleur.

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you want to keep up with my progression


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