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A top-down sandbox adventure game in development with procedurally generated worlds. It's my hobby project which I am working on when I have some free time.

The first thing I want to mention is the art style. I had to pick something that wouldn’t take me too much time to prepare and also I wanted to create something that would look at least a bit unusual. So I tried very simple pixel art with lights and shadows and you can see the result below.


The has the most basic RPG-like features – fighting monsters, exploring dungeons, getting better and better gear and so on. It also has crafting and material gathering.



You can freely manipulate the world – trees and grass can be cut down, boulders can be destroyed and the dirt you are walking on can be replaced with stone slabs. You can plant trees and flowers and create buildings. I took extra care to how entering and leaving buildings works because I wanted to make it as quick and seamless as possible.

Food can be gathered from around the world. Right now you can find apples when cutting down trees and raw beef from hunting cows which can be cooked. Food gives you various stats improvements like more defense, damage etc. and unlike in most games you don’t have to remember to eat again after the stat boost is over. You can “equip” food which will be used automatically.


Also like pretty much any other game of similar genre Project Terrae will have bosses


The game will also support co-op for up to four players

This project is still in a very early stage of development. There is still hardly any content because I am focusing on implementing the mechanics first. Also a lot of polishing is needed to make some of the features feel right.

And in case you would like to see more and follow the development progress:
Youtube: Youtube.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com

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It’s been already 6 months since my last proper update. I got quite busy with my personal life and had little time for Project Terrae. Anyway as usual, here is a video version of what I’ve been working on in the past months.

The bigger things I’ve added:
- Added text fields. I plan to add NPCs in near future


- Added recipe categories. There are already 37 different recipes and it became a bit hard to navigate through a single list.


- And some new items - spears, knives, throwing bones, leather and accessories and a few others



Other minor changes:
- changed the way minerals are generated
- added slimes in dungeons
- improved enemy spawner
- added log when a new recipe is found, finished boss battle
- added boss entrance
- added an end screen after defeating the boss
- balanced enemy parameters
- made proper items appear in chests
- made it possible to leave inventory with Esc
- modified main menu
- added a stone house
- added sand and sandstone items
- added shadows on water
- added leather armor and stone tools
- rabalanced how recipes are dropped
- fixed desert flora
- fixed popping when reloading level
- added boss key
- added a possibility to wait for the day in a house
- life regeneration inside houses
- ghosts now run away in the morning
- fixed a game breaking bug that could happen when staying too long in a house
- added a possibility to throw away items from inventory
- added section names in inventory
- added credits
- now houses can be destroyed
- added a possibility to change used item with number keys
- tips when standing next to an intractable object
- fixed a game-breaking bug that could happen when generating a new world

There is a new version avaliable for download:
Project Terrae 0.0.3

Also, if you have a bad sense of humor check out this video

Thanks for reading :)

Grevicor's Project Terrae Dev update #10

Grevicor's Project Terrae Dev update #10


A new Dev update, this time marked with a round number 10. Added food, plants growth, drowning and a boss battle.

Grevicor's Project Terrae Dev update #9

Grevicor's Project Terrae Dev update #9


Another dev update after a longer break – a larger one this time.

Grevicor's Project Terrae Dev update #8

Grevicor's Project Terrae Dev update #8

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A new dev update with a few new features and a new build.

Grevicor's Project Terrae version 0.0.1 has been released

Grevicor's Project Terrae version 0.0.1 has been released


Hardly any content, unbalanced, buggy, but at least available.

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Project Terrae 0.0.3

Project Terrae 0.0.3


Grevicor's Project Terrae (working title) version 0.0.3.

Project Terrae 0.0.2

Project Terrae 0.0.2


Grevicor's Project Terrae (working title) version 0.0.2

Project Terrae 0.0.1

Project Terrae 0.0.1


Project Terrae version 0.0.1. Hardly any content, unbalanced, buggy, but at least avaliable.


very nice bro

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