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Simple Enough for a Child. Powerful Enough for a Developer.

RPGMAKER was born to fulfill the desire of creating an original RPG without programming knowledge. Four years have passed since the release of the previous RPGMAKER, VX Ace. The landscape of gaming, especially for RPGs, has changed greatly. So did the needs of our users. With the latest installment, RPGMAKER MV allows the dreams of many of its fans to come true! RPGMAKER can now create RPGs for MacOSX, Android and iPhone!

Sample Data Included

To help everyone create a game easily, we included some sample datas that you can easily use! We have over 100 Sample Maps, Character Generator Parts and more! RTP is now integrated in the engine to save the users trouble.

RPG Maker MV Feature Map, effect and more, including rich sample data

Javascript to create complex games

RPG Maker MV uses the well known JavaScript, in combination with HTML5 export. By mastering Javascript, you will be able to change the game to your liking, from Battles to Menu UIs. This feature is oriented to experienced developers. You now have the ability to control all parts of the game. No more hidden classes!

RPG Maker MV Feature Javascript scripting

Multiplatform Distribution & Mac Support

You can now create your own RPG Maker games on Macintosh. It will be released at the same time as the Windows version. RPG Maker MV users will be able to build games for the following platforms:

  • Windows/EXE
  • MacOSX/APP
  • Android/APK
  • iOS/IPA
  • HTML 5 for Web Browsers

RPG Maker MV Feature Multiplatform Distribution And Mac Support

Mouse & Touch Input Support

Tired of doing all actions via the keyboard? You can now play your RPG with your finger on touch devices, and mouse on computers.

RPG Maker MV Feature Mouse And Touch Input Support

Large Database

Support for twice as many items as VX Ace for a grand total of 2,000!

RPG Maker MV Feature Large Database

Battle System Modes

With a tick of a checkbox, you can switch from the classic Front View Battle to Side View.

RPG Maker MV Battle System Modes 01 RPG Maker MV Battle System Modes 02

Three Map Layers

RPG Maker MV has an automated upper layer to make it easy to create and edit elaborate maps!

RPG Maker MV Feature Three Map Layers

Higher Screen Resolution

The previous RPG Maker's screen resolution was 544x416 pixels. RPG Maker MV's screen resolution is now 816x624 pixels. The size of all graphical assets (including animations) are now 1.5 times the previous versions of RPG Maker. For example, characters used to be 32x32, and now they are 48x48.

RPG Maker MV Feature Higher Screen Resolution

Introducing Plugin Manager

By adding js files in the project's plugin folder, you will be able to select the plugin in the Plugin Manager. You can see script details, script parameters and the ability to set it ON and OFF. Using Plugin Manager will be much easier to use than the old format. Allowing minimal user interference to prevent errors and easily order the scripts than the previous makers.

RPG Maker MV Feature Plugin Manager

Event Searcher

One of the missed functions from RPG Maker 2003, The Event Search function is back! The bigger your game gets, the more Variables, Switches and Events you'll use. It quickly becomes harder to manage and find specific parameters. Using the Event Search tool will allow you to save time and quickly see all instances of a particular variable or switch!

RPG Maker MV Feature Event Variable Switch Search

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Another year, another E3, and another Update Post! We've got a fair bit in this update – see what went into creating 8-Bit Adventures 2’s brand new Promotional Artwork and Title Screen, as well as some brand new images of the game in action!

8-Bit Adventures 2 Promo Artwork

I am very excited to finally reveal the 8-Bit Adventures 2 promotional artwork!

Final Promo Art

While I think the piece speaks for itself, let’s talk about what went into it behind-the-scenes. This wonderful artwork was drawn by Ryan “Jamps” Jampole, a Harvey award nominated comic artist best known for his work on the Mega Man, Sonic, and Dexter’s Lab comic book series’. When I contacted him in March, he very kindly agreed to draw a promotional image for 8-Bit Adventures 2, and I think he did an incredible job capturing the personality of the characters in his own signature style!

The goal was to create a piece that conveyed a sense of personality, character, and family from the main party. Unlikable characters are one of the main issues I’ve had with a lot of JRPGs over the last decade, so this was something I really wanted to communicate about 8-Bit Adventures 2. I always loved the idea of the art showing the party together on an Airship, but getting to this finished state required a lot of work on Ryan’s part!

Promo Art Perspective Sketch

To start us off, he sketched the scene from a variety of perspectives. In my head, I’d been imagining something like Design A, confirming once and for all that I don’t know anything about art! While they all had pros and cons, Ryan pointed out that conveying personality is pretty tough when you can’t see the characters from the front. So we ended up agreeing on Design D - the most dynamic of the group.

Promo Art First Sketch

So then the sketching process began, and we went through several iterations – although they’re all pretty close to the final version. Jerram (our pixel artist) suggested that the logo be placed on the top right-hand corner rather than in the centre (which was definitely the right decision), and Warrior’s expression was changed (he looked a little too smug). Also, Emma miraculously regained her sight in this first sketch – she’s blind in the actual game, so that was a very important change =P

Promo Art Toned Version

After the sketches, next came the line art and tone (the latter provides a sense of the lighting that the final image would have). As you can see, we’re very close to the final version now; the biggest change was Emma’s pose and expression, as she didn’t quite feel true to the character. But after a few more tweaks and a coat of paint, the final version was ready to go! Did you notice the glitch-like distortion on the mountains in the background? =)

Title Screen

You may have already seen it on Twitter, but I also wanted to show off the final version of the 8-Bit Adventures 2 Title Screen! Just like the promo art, I really couldn’t be happier with how this turned out. It went through several iterations in the concept phase, but I think Jerram has done an incredible job.

8-Bit Adventures 2 Title Screen Animated

It’s designed to represent both the similarities and contrast between two major characters – Charlie on the right, and the Glitch on the left. Honestly, I’ve spent longer than I’d care to admit just staring at this animation! Hopefully you all agree that it's a great way to greet the player when they start up the game.

Steam Creator Page

It was a bit of a surprise, but this week Steam opened up the beta version of their new Creator Page system. Essentially, it gives Developers and Publishers their own area on Steam to show off their entire catalogue of releases and content. Honestly, I think they’ve done a really great job; looking at my entire body of work (on Steam) in such a stylish form made me feel very professional haha.

Steam Creator Page

And that’s not all! If you click the green “Follow” button at the top of the page, you’ll be alerted by Email and on Steam whenever I release a new game. So if you want to always stay up-to-date with my work, please give that button a click. Given how long it’s taken me to develop 8-Bit Adventures 2, I don’t think I’ll be spamming any>

Please check out the Critical Games Creator page here (there have been some technical problems, so I apologise for any images that don't load - just have to wait for Valve to fix it): Store.steampowered.com

A Few More Things...

I know that updates have been very scarce recently, and I sincerely apologise for that. The longer development takes, the more I’m trying to walk the tightrope of what to show (and spoil), how to show it, and when to do so. Also, whenever I'm working on promoting the game, I'm not working on actually finishing it, so that's been a difficult balance.

I’ve just recently submitted 8-Bit Adventures 2 to the Square Enix Collective, and if the game is picked for their showcase I’ll hopefully be able to reach an entirely new community of people who also love JRPGs. I should know whether or not that’s happening next week, so please keep an eye out for an update post – your support would be sincerely appreciated! Plus there should be a few new images and details.

Speaking of which, here a few new screenshots! First up is another ‘cinematic shot’ from the game’s opening sequence. If you know your NES games, the inspiration for this shot is probably pretty obvious ;)

Opening Shot Animated

Next we have a quick trip in the Airship around part of the Anbu region – a new continent on the World Map (the file size was too large for IndieDB to upload, so I apologise for having to use a link):

This last one’s not animated, but I wanted to show it off all the same! This image is from the Glade of Graphics, one of the four Computer World areas in the game. The architecture here features an Art Deco style; a bit different to your average fantasy environment, isn’t it? This area’s built around the concept of a murder mystery – a ROBOT murder mystery! ...I promise it makes sense =)

8-Bit Adventures 2 Art Deco Area

That's All Folks! ...For Now

I'm sorry that I still don't have a release date to share, but I won't be announcing that until I'm 100% sure it's going to happen. I don't want to lead anyone on - myself included! I hope you’ll stick with me during this final stretch of development, and I look forward to revealing more of the game as soon as I am able. Please check back late next week to see if there are any updates about 8-Bit Adventures 2 appearing on Square Enix Collective!

Also a BIG thanks to Ryan for his work on the Promo Art - seeing these characters represented in a piece like this was an amazing feeling, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. If you love Mega Man and Chrono Trigger, I highly recommend checking out his Deviant Art page!

And please stay tuned for more general updates! I always post 8-Bit Adventures 2 news here on Steam (including on the new 8-Bit Adventures 2 Steam Page!), but I also highly recommend following @CriticalGamesAU on Twitter, as that’s the best way I’ve found to keep up-to-date on news!

You can also check out the 8-Bit Adventures 2 Website for more info and screenshots (including our new Dev Blog), or check Facebook at: Facebook.com

And don't forget the newest addition - the Critical Games Creator Page: Store.steampowered.com Follow that page or wishlist the game to be notified when 8-Bit Adventures 2 is finally released!

So what do you guys think of the Promo Art and Title Screen? I'd love to hear your thoughts!~ Josh

Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG!

Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG!

Black Crystals

Black Crystals is a hand drawn jrpg about a human trafficked boy trying to find home. The battles have point and click elements where you can manipulate...

New Demo Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest!

New Demo Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest!

Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest

A new demo of "Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest" is out!

Lantern of Worlds - Enchanted Island Update!

Lantern of Worlds - Enchanted Island Update!

Lantern of Worlds

The game "Lantern of Worlds" has been updated with a new enchanted island!

Mayor Update Lantern of Worlds!

Mayor Update Lantern of Worlds!

Lantern of Worlds

"Lantern of Worlds" has been updated with a completely new desert!

Add game Games
Billi's Quest

Billi's Quest


FR : PROJET ABANDONNÉ ! EN : ABANDONED PROJECT ! FR : Billi's Quest est un jeu d'aventure, créer sur RPG Maker MV. Le principe est très simple, survivez...



Role Playing

Summary "Captive" tells the story of a woman who awakens badly hurt in an unknown cell, without any memories about herself. With no recollection of the...

8-Bit Adventures 2

8-Bit Adventures 2

Role Playing

The 8-Bit Adventure continues! Enjoy an all-new RPG experience that mixes modern design with retro style, in this sequel to the fan-favourite 8-Bit Adventures...

King Of Mazes

King Of Mazes

Visual Novel

“King of Mazes” is an adult comedic harem adventure. Go on a quest like none other and save the kingdom of it’s unique and strange problems by thinking...

Diaspora: RPG

Diaspora: RPG

Role Playing

Diaspora is a full-scale, epic fantasy role-playing game made in the style of a classic 90's JRPG. The story of Diaspora is deep, thought-provoking, and...



Role Playing

A man feels he doesn't have enough. Another wants to preserve his current life, accepting no changes. Two women seem happy, but deep down, are troubled...

Freddy's Back: A Nightmare On Elm Street Episode 2

Freddy's Back: A Nightmare On Elm Street Episode 2


After 5 years from the release of the first episode Freddy is back. Start a new nightmare, solve puzzles, escape from labyrinths and find out what encountering...

Lonely in the Winter

Lonely in the Winter

Role Playing

Embark on the journey of Robbery Cold, a former soldier of the Kingdom of Thaltas, now living as a mercenary since a terrible tragedy struck his life...



Role Playing

A classic JRPG, reminiscent of Final Fantasy 4-6, Lunar, and Chrono Trigger. The story centers around two brothers from a small logging village who are...

Mystery Dorm

Mystery Dorm


Mystery Dorm is a freeware mystery-exploration game made in RPG Maker. It is the first game in the Mystery Dorm Series. Story: Zul is a student in Muadzam...


Hey guys how do you download games.

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Plz add engine for android version with out pc.

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Yay, it included the pictures I submitted! I wonder who added all the other cool stuff...

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