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LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

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Chapter 1 FULL v1.50.3




You'll play as three different groups throughout the game, and may switch between the three party leaders when you get a flash message. This feature is optional though, as it gives the player the ability to view other perspectives that are happening at the same time elsewhere in each nation. You'll have a full-risk decision making based on these perspectives.


There are 361 different Elmspheres that can be installed on your Mythbuster device. These spheres will grant its user with various mantras or abilities that can be used in a battle, or reproduce a specific mantra that can only be conjured/used by a character proficient in that type of mantra to interact with objects, or people outside battle.


You can build unique stats, such as Leadership, Knowledge, Engineering, etc. You can also do various things to increase these stats. For example, to train your Leadership, you have to make the right decision during a mission. As another example, you will need to either read a VT Cards or find Elmshoglyph in dungeons to increase Knowledge. Your stats are not enhanced through repetitive training, and is only affected by your actions throughout the gameplay.


Sleeping at night will restore your AP, and having three meals a day will keep your AP recharge rate optimal. You'll also find a variety of activities in each city, or Eisenrealm Base. Such activities include monster hunting, mantra training, ranked duels, attending special events, part-time jobs or side-missions. Most activities take time, so, suffice it to say, keep watch on what you're doing, and when!


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Battle Mechanics


Similar to Hit Points, except you CAN'T restore barrier points by resting or sleeping. You can restore the BP a character has by equipping e-caster mods or using the Guard command during the fight.

You'll spend AP to do everything in this game. Daily activities like eating, sleeping, take a bath & studying cost small amount of AP. But heavy work like monster hunting, mantra casting & doing part time jobs cost great amount of it. Manage your AP wisely the whole day.

Basically it's TP in the default system. It has similar mechanic, Elemantra Gauge will be filled in the battle. Battle action such as Attacking, defending and casting specific Mantra will give you more points. You'll spend Elemantra Gauge to cast Core Mantra and Full Sync Mantra.



**The Battleback's color, effect and picture will vary depend on times of the day, seasons and situation.


It costs 100% Elemantra Gauge to manifest the maximum power of the Elmsphere into a powerful mythical being called Elemantra Spirit. You can alter their attack and get bonus stats by fusing another sphere into their Modifier slots. :)


This is the elemental chart / correlation for 19 Basic Elmspheres, more elemental chart for Advance, Alternate and Artificial will be updated soon. If you're familiar with Elements Combination in various manga then you'll find similarities with this huge elemental chart. There will be Magma, Cloud, Sound, Diamond, Distortion and the list goes on until 361 type of elementals.

- more contents will be updated -

Character Profile

Character Profile


CHARACTER PROFILE UPDATE! Eventhough some characters look the same (the astral raid armor will be considered as their battle outfit), they'll be different...




Elmsphere are magic spheres that allow the player to cast various Mantra (magic). These spheres will grant its user with various mantras or abilities...

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LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift Demo v1.50.4

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift Demo v1.50.4


LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift Chapter 1 FULL v1.50.4 It's 5~6 hours demo with major updates~ Plus game breaking bug fix in the Opening Scene. 400MB+ Direct...

cradth Creator

Chapter 1 Update | Q1 February 2022

LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift v1.37 is now available~


Changelogs v1.37


+ Added new mini game, GRANDBLITZ CARD BATTLE.

+ Added new TEC Apps: CARD LIST

+ Added new scenes before the first BOSS BATTLE.

+ Added 1 new Side Mission: DEEPGROUND ESCORT.

+ Added 2 new BATTLEBACKS.

+ Added 2 new AREAS in Cloud Haven Forest.

+ Added 3 new AREAS in Dyna Base.

+ Added 3 NEW BGM: Title Screen, Boss Battle, Event Battle.

+ Changed E.S Sync ---> A.R ARMOR BUILD.

+ Removed the BUTTON ICONS during important dialogues

or scenes.

+ Improved ALL DIALOGUES in Main Mission (Teirra Haven).

+ Improved all dialogues for Teirra Haven NPCS.



+ Addednew HIT EFFECT for Attack and Mantra.

+ Added AFTER IMAGE effect in Astral Raid Mode.

+ Added more Hi-res LAYER images.


+ Added new button icon for CARD BATTLE NPC.


+ Fixed an issue where the light effect didn't show during

Astrai Raid Shift.




- uploading -

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cradth Creator

LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift v1.22 is now available~


Hotfix v1.17

+ Added TIMED ATTACK feature for normal attacks.
+ Added WARNING and AUTO-SAVE before boss battles.
+ Added new conversation about Spectra DX mechanic.
+ Added new description for Spectra DX.
‚Äč+ Added EXIT GAME to Game Title Screen.
+ Added new Battle BGM and Vargrad BGM.

+ Fixed an issue where the light particles disappeard in Vargrad.
+ Fixed an issue where the menu screen can't be accessed in Dyna Base.
+ Fixed an issue where the save point doesn't work in Dyna Base (Hard Difficulty).
+ Fixed an issue where the Guide feature doesn't work after the first activation.
+ Fixed an issue where the E.S. Sync gives wrong mantra and stats.
+ Fixed an issue where the E.S. Sync ignores character's level.

+ Corrected some dialogues in main mission.


Hotfix v1.18

+ Added DIRECTION to find Lucain's Dorm after the player reached Cloud Haven Forest.
+ Added a hint related to game progress, during the Blue Wyvern Airship flight.
+ Added hint arrows to some computer panels. including the one in the ship's bridge.

+ BLOCKED ALL WRONG PASSAGES during Lucain's detour to his dormitory.
+ Fixed Velia's movement speed during Active Time Event.


Update v1.19, v1.20, v1.21

+ Added WEAKNESS and RESIST text over damage number in the battle.
+ Added 5 CATEGORY OF BATTLE TUTORIAL in Free Training - VT.
+ Added RECOVERY ITEMS + STRATEGY Mechanic tutorial in Free Training - VT.
+ Added new CRAFTING ITEMS in Teirra Haven - Items Shop.
+ Added new character portrait during opening credits sequence.
+ Added new Opening Song BGM.

+ Sky Teragons in Blue Wyvern Airship - West Wing will give tutorial about
Elemental Chart & Bestiary.
+ Sky Teragons in Blue Wyvern Airship - East Wing will give tutorial about
TEC Apps & Mission.
+ Sky Teragons in Blue Wyvern Airship - Entrance will give information about
how many days left to finish the Scavenger Mission #1.
+ If you had defeated Doom Ferwinzel thru side mission, this monster
won't attacking the Eisenclad Base.

+ Fixed Lucain's movement speed.
+ Fixed a game-breaking issue where the character might teleport back
to wrong location after using Phone or Hyperion Termina in Teirra Haven.
+ Fixed an issue where the light effect of character's phone doesn't show
when the lamp is turned off.


Hotfix v1.22

+ Fixed an issue where the player can't save after using Warp Point
on Hard Difficulty.


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cradth Creator

Technical Demo Update | May 2021 | Chapter 1

LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift Demo v1.02 is now available~

Story & Missions

Added an option to SKIP Opening Credit Sequence.
Added new Omni-Sight Scene : Velia Ausrinne Intro.
Added new Omni-Sight Scene : Topazu and Sapphiria.
Added new character, Drache during Chapter 2 Opening.
Added new maps : Topaz Gate, Sahamn's Red Light Hotel & Theater Square.
Corrected some pop-up messages during battle.
Corrected some dialogues for Main Mission.
Corrected some dialogues during The Voice & The Silent Intermission.
Corrected some dialogues during Omni-Sight Scene : Drache & Kive.
Corrected some faction names.
Corrected some lores related to Avelions series.

Gameplay & Battle Mechanics

Added Elmsphere Crafting (Check the AR - System Docking).
Added new options for AR - System Docking.
Added 20+ new mantra through Elmsphere Link.
Added Sniper Mission during ATE - Velia Ausrinne Intro.
Added new skillset for Gargalos Wyrm & Eidart (Boss Battle).
Corrected action sequence for enemy attack.
Corrected character's elemental affinity.
Corrected Item Drops chance & Enemy stats.

Game UI & HUD

Added new description for all Character Profiles.
Corrected main image for Locked Character Profiles.
Corrected blue & red icons for RAM Boost feature.
Corrected mythbuster components name.
Corrected Mantra description.
Corrected x,y anchor for Timer.
Removed all "old version" game tutorials.


Upscaled the game resolution in Windows Mode.
Corrected light effects in Sahamn, Falreon.
Corrected light effects in Outer Ring, Falreon.
Resized some objects and tilesets.
Resized NPCs and Characters spritesheet.

Bugs & Glitches

Fixed an issue where actor HUD turned invisible after interactions.
Fixed an issue where actor HUD turned invisible after events.
Fixed an issue where wrong images showed in Mission Tab and Enemy Data.
Fixed map & event collision.

HOTFIX v1.02 !!!

Fixed an issue where "gun" sprites showed during Hyperion Termina installation.
Corrected blue & red icons for GUIDE feature in TEC Apps.

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cradth Creator

Hello! I am a little behind on sharing what I've been up to lately. So to square things up, I'll just tell you about them now.

Some changes I've been made (v0.33) :

Story & Missions

+Corrected some dialogues & interactions.
+Corrected Items, Mantra & Components description.
+Fixed cursor speed when accessing TEC Phone, Database, Mission Menu.
+Added new area - Teirra Haven Tower 4F
+Added Eidart - Boss Fight in Teirra Haven Tower.
+Added new safe area in Dyna Base (to use Hyperion Termina).
+Added North Gerrand - map test at the end of the game demo.
+Added new E-Caster Mods (accessories).
+Added new NPCs, new scenes during the first mission.
+The Oracle Knight from Gerrand is now named Cain Silvarion.
+The rebel's top fighters are now called Apostles.
+Corrected some pop-up messages during battle.
+Added new scenes in Vargrad.

Gameplay & Battle Mechanics

+Added Active Time Battle System / ATB System. Battle commands such attack, mantra chanting, core mantra chanting have reversed ATB bar.
+Added Offering System, now each installed mantra costs specific items.
+Added Modded Barrier System, where player could initiate additional barrier with various buffs at the beginning of a battle.
+Core Mantra now cost AP & EP. All actions in game will use Action Points.
+Fixed AP cost for Flame Saber and Flame Axis (Eidart's Core Mantra).
+Fixed action sequences. Battle HUD will be hidden during the action.
+Faster animations during battle.
+Added new gameplay & battle tutorials.
+Added random Access Points to be hacked.
+Added Free Training on Virtual Trainer and Eisenclad Base (Vargrad).
+WASD key can be used for cursor and character movement.
+Q and E key will be used for Page Up and Page down.

Game UI & HUD

+Added ATB Bar (Different colors for each battle action).
+Added Turn Order Display with Character & Enemy Faces.
+Added New Message Window. It's more stylish and blends quite well with the background.
+Fixed Q & E key info on menu screen.
+Removed Equipment Shortcut on Actor HUD.
+Removed Formation's Icon after boss battle


+Improved parallax mapping : Teirra Haven's Elevator, Dyna Base, and more.
+Added animated sun rays (weather effect) in Cloud Haven Forest.
+Added new battlebacks : Vargrad, Dyna Base, Cloud Haven Dorm and Realms Duel Arena.
+Added lighting effect on several maps : Vargrad, Dyna Base, Blue Wyvern, and more.
+Added map details & shadow corrections : Vargrad, Dyna Base, Teirra Haven.
+Added particle effect for treasures on map (Elmspheres & Essences).
+Added new graphics for core mantra & mantra animation.
+Fixed some low-res / jagged tilesets.
+Fixed low-res World Map.
+Fixed dropped item list and monster name in Enemy Data.
+Added new stepping animation for Doom Ferwinzel.
+Added new spritesheet for dead NPC.

Bugs & Glitches

+Fixed an issue where the background images for Missions & Enemy Data keeps appearing upon exiting Hyperion Termina.
+Fixed an issue where player could die starving in the first and second day. Even with full Hungry Meter. Fixed the same issue in Cloud Haven Dorm.
+Fixed an issue where the objectives could get stuck on the sixth day.
+Fixed an issue that prevented player from collecting Elemantra Particles.
+Fixed an issue where Eidart's blocking player movement during auto-run events.
+Fixed an issue where the player can see another Eidart while doing story events.
+Fixed an issue where the "upper layer" tilesets cover character's head while sitting on a chair.
+Fixed a game-breaking glitch where pressing ESC button or selecting SHUT DOWN in Hyperion Termina Menu couldn't take player back to map.


+Memory usage improvements within the game : maps, navigation, battle system, particle effects, TEC device, menu screens, RPG Maker MV engine-related, and more.
+Framerate fixes : animations, game loading, characters, maps, and more.
+Fixed an issue where player can copy barrier effect from other characters.
+Fixed an issue where some E-Caster Mods give wrong buffs.

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cradth Creator


Previously this game was called Avelions 5, it would have been a Linear Motion Battle System-RPG using Mog's LMBS, I tried to breed the Tales-like battle system with Persona-like game features, which the gameplay footage released several months ago. But it's easier said than done. So, I have decided to rework this game into another title with more plausible game features.

Now it's called LIVENEL:Discordance.
Things that will change in this game :

+ BATTLE SYSTEM, Mog Linear Motion Battle System >>> ATB-Sideview Battle System
+ STORY, a sequel to Avelions series >>> a Standalone game with new story.
+ THEME, Magic Academy >>> Mercenary Guild
+ GAMEPLAY, Daily activities + Missions >>> Free Roam + Missions
+ CHARACTERS, 5 Characters >>> 12 Unique Characters
+ CALENDER SYSTEM, Special Events will be held on specific date >>> No more. XD
+ NAMES & LORES, Weird names >>> Readable ones.
and many others.

I'll release the future updates soon. Stay tuned! :)

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cradth Creator

Avelions 5 - God Realms Demo v1.00 is out


+ 1~2 hours gameplay
+ Battle System test until you fight the first Boss
+ Game Menu 70% done
+ 3~6 Major locations are available
+ Avelions 1 ~ 4 Reminiscenes
+ Virtual Trainer test


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Beautiful artwork and forgive my language, making RPG Maker your bitch. Rare you find now a 5th sequal in this genre where more energy is put into newer titles as it progresses. Keep up the great work!

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cradth Creator

Hey, thanks for the kind words! Yes, it's "the ending" to the series after all, I hope it'll be a luscious dessert. Sorry for late reply, I rarely find a feedback. XD

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