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The CryENGINE™ comes complete with all of its internal tools and also includes the CryENGINE Sandbox world editing system. Licensees receive full source code and documentation for the engine and tools. Support is provided directly from the R & D Team that continuously develops the engine and can arrange teaching workshops for your team to increase the learning process.

The engine supports all video and hardware currently on the market. New hardware support is constantly added as it becomes available.

  • CryENGINE Sandbox is a real-time game editor offering "What you see is what you PLAY" feedback.
  • Renderer integrates indoor and outdoor technology seamlessly. Offers rendering support for OpenGL & DirectX 8/9, XBox using latest HW features, PS2 and GameCube.
  • Physics System supports character inverse kinematics, vehicles, rigid bodies, liquid, rag doll, cloth and soft body effects. The system is integrated with the game and tools.
  • Character Inverse Kinematics & Animation Blending allows a character model to have multiple animations while looking believable.
  • AI System enables team based AI and AI behaviors defined by scripts. Ability to create custom enemies and behaviors without touching the C++ code.
  • Interactive Dynamic Music System tracks and responds to the player's actions and situations and offers CD Quality playback in full 5.1 surround sound.
  • Environmental Audio & SFS Engine ability to accurately reproduce sounds from nature with seamless blending between environments and interior/exterior locations in 5.1 audio. Includes EAX 2.0 audio support.
  • Network Client and Server System manages all network connections for the multiplayer mode. It is a low-latency network system based on client/server architecture.
  • Shaders a script system used to combine textures in different ways to produce visual effects. Supports real time per-pixel lighting, bumpy reflections, refractions, volumetric glow effects, animated textures, transparent computer displays, windows, bullet holes, and shinny surfaces.
  • Terrain uses an advanced heightmap system and polygon reduction to create massive, realistic environments. The view distance can be up to 2km when converted from game units.
  • Lighting and Shadows a combination of precalculated, real time shadows, stencil shadows and lightmaps to produce a dynamic environment. Includes high-resolution, correct perspective, and volumetric smooth-shadow implementations for dramatic and realistic indoor shadowing. Supports advanced particles technology and any kind of volumetric lighting effects on particles.
  • Fog includes volumetric, layer and view distance fogging to enhance atmosphere and tension.
  • Tools Integration objects and buildings created using 3ds max™ or Maya® are integrated within the game and editor.
  • Polybump™ standalone or fully integrated with other tools including 3ds max™.
  • Scripting system based on the popular LUA language. This easy to use system allows the setup and tweaking of weapons/game parameters, playing of sounds and loading of graphics without touching the C++ code.
  • Modularity entirely written in modular C++, with comments, documentation and subdivisions into multiple DLLs.
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Italy is known worldwide for food, art, design, fashion and cars. Yet, Italy is also the home of many video games. Works of international scope, winners of numerous prizes and awards.


The Alien Cube, The Land of Pain and many other videogames from Italian development studios, are joining a special promotion that will last until Sunday18th December!

Explore beautiful places and enjoy stunning landscapes while you try to survive from the cosmic horror that is haunting you!



A new blog post on EGS about The Land of Pain!

A new blog post on EGS about The Land of Pain!


In the article I talk about the technologies used to achieve great graphics and the relevance of atmosphere in my games.

The Land of Pain on the Epic Games Store on 2nd December!

The Land of Pain on the Epic Games Store on 2nd December!


The Land of Pain will launch on EGS this Friday! Explore a dark and terrifying world and seek out clues to help unravel the secrets of this land.

Interview with CryEngine

Interview with CryEngine


In this interview I talk about The Land of Pain's enhancement and I reveal something on my game!

After 5 years I decided to enhance my game, here's why

After 5 years I decided to enhance my game, here's why

News 1 comment

I released my first Lovecraftian horror game, The Land of Pain, in September 2017. People from the gaming industry alsways told me that after 1 year a...

Add game Games
Time Squared

Time Squared

First Person Shooter

1984. The world is about to explode. Relations between the USA and the USSR are getting worse and all nations are preparing for a possible third world...

Escape : Red Army

Escape : Red Army

First Person Shooter

It's not your day . You crashed your helicopter and now you are a prisoner of nature . That's true you will join the civilisation. Let's the drama begin...

Reach the base

Reach the base

First Person Shooter

What's about killing some zombies ? There is you chance to fight against them ! You take vacancy on your own boat when the storm comes out . Only chance...

Dead Sea

Dead Sea


Dead Sea is a Hardcore first-person survival horror game set within the Desert, featuring big monster creature, Sunlight, and natural disaster. Player...

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ice_trey - - 1,109 comments

"good tuts"? yes, years of forsaking LIFE and learning lua scripting should do it for this engine

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
asvigny - - 485 comments

Anyone know any good tutorials for this engine?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Alucard990 - - 16 comments

you guys should check out mod for FarCry many of them made the game looking unbelieveable.
one mod is called The Delta Sector.
the graphics are amazing it looks a bit like crysis.
im a CryEngine modder by myself and i know that the CE1 has alot of features who have never been used in this game.
and this is a old video the games looks much more better.
i think that was a pre alpha version of the engine

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
timstro59 - - 1,584 comments

have you seen farcry 2010?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
gamedude12 - - 14 comments

ok how do you add npcs? is it multiplayer, i want to make a vast rpg med evil game anyway i can get info about it. i own a new game development site and im trying to make my first game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LookOutFreeman - - 262 comments

CryEngine is only used by one game only?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
shroomman - - 878 comments

Aion (http://de.aiononline.com/) is a game developed with CryEngine (1) so there are two commercial games: Far-cry (1) & Aion. But don't forget all the massive good (released!!!) mods for the cryEngine(1).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LizardGamer - - 140 comments

Delete My message

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Cantu - - 4 comments

Should add aion to list of PC games

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
thunderising - - 981 comments

This engine has lot of untapped potential, providing quality w/o ULTRA heavy sys req....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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