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W3D Hub, your destination for C&C FPS games!

We are a community that makes and distributes First Person Shooters based on the Westwood classic video game, Command & Conquer: Renegade and the engine it was built on.

Supported games include: Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Tiberian Sun: Reborn, Expansive Civilian Warfare, Interim Apex, Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins, and Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero. Access all of these through our featured W3D Hub Launcher! Download and play today!

Since 2015, W3D Hub has been the authority on developing game projects for Command & Conquer Renegade's W3D Engine. Building off the back of the now-defunct 'Bluehell Productions', the team at W3D Hub has cultivated a strong infrastructure and knowledge-base that continues to expand and evolve every year. We have built our team with developers who have a large amount of experience creating mods in the W3D game engine; some of whom have been actively developing content ever since Renegade was released back in 2002.

Our mission statement is to preserve the knowledge of how to develop games using the W3D Engine, as well as to create projects that push the envelope at what the engine is capable of.

W3D Hub Launcher

The W3D Hub Launcher is our flagship product. Designed to be a one-stop shop for all of your W3D gaming needs, the launcher provides game downloads and automatic updating, an integrated server browser that allows quick joining, centralised management of in-game options, and many more features!

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Whilst we appreciate that many communities and servers already run their own stats service, we believe there is still a great deal more that can be done to improve stats in the W3D community. To this end we are developing a brand new stats system which is more tightly coupled with the game server engine and provides more in depth stats than ever before, all linked directly to your W3DHub user account regardless of which username you choose to use in-game, or even which server you play in (as long as they run our stats system, optionally alongside their own). Whilst many of the details are still being worked on and finalized, here is a short list of the features we are hoping to offer:

  • Cross-game stats integrated into a single stats profile
  • Detailed breakdown of stats on a per game, per map, per team or even per match level for any player
  • Achievements linked directly to in-game actions
  • Rich support for clans (aggregating clan stats from all members, both in total and average per player)
  • Leaderboards for both individuals and clans
  • Query interface for generating signature images / integrating into your own community website (example usage: host a competition and track scores based on game sessions in your own servers)


W3D Hub is a non-profit organisation that works for the betterment of the community as a whole. The Command & Conquer IP, C&C Renegade and the W3D Engine are all property of Electronic Arts. W3D Hub is not affiliated with Electronic Arts and therefore does not generate revenue from any of the projects that we develop.

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Battle for Dune: War of Assassins

Battle for Dune: War of Assassins

First Person Shooter

Battle for Dune: War of Assassins brings you the experience of the 3 great houses, Atreides, Harkonnen and the Ordos first hand in this Dune First Person...

Red Alert: A Path Beyond

Red Alert: A Path Beyond

First Person Shooter

Red Alert: A Path Beyond brings the exciting storyline and epic clashes from the classic Westwood Studios game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert to realm...

Cold War Confrontation

Cold War Confrontation

First Person Shooter

The year is 1987… more or less. The forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Pact (WARPAC) are facing off. Escalating...

Expansive Civilian Warfare

Expansive Civilian Warfare

First Person Shooter

Expansive Civilian Warfare (ECW) is a standalone game that is built off the W3D engine (specifically the version that C&C Renegade used). Based off of...

Tiberian Sun: Reborn

Tiberian Sun: Reborn

First Person Shooter

Tiberian Sun: Reborn brings the exciting storyline and epic clashes from the classic Westwood Studios game, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun to realm of...

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising

First Person Shooter

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising brings the exciting storyline and epic clashes from the classic Westwood Studios game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 to...


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