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1946. Mankind has just suffered one of the most brutal wars it ever faced. While the rest of the world is still rebuilding, a scientist of unmatched genius by the name of Albert Einstein decides to act. With a device he was engineering at a secret research center in Trinity, New Mexico, he travels back in time to kill the person who he sees as the root of all misery: Adolf Hitler. He catches up with Hitler in 1926 and disposes of him without thoroughly considering the consequences, as time will soon tell.

It's now the 1950s. World War II never happened -- at least, not yet. Germany remains a peace-loving country with close ties to other European nations, now facing increased tensions with Russia under Josef Stalin's rule. In order to realize the glorious Marxist dream he has envisioned, Stalin mobilizes the forces of the USSR. His goal? The conquest of Europe. The nations under threat form the Alliance that seeks to put an end to this madman's nightmare before he can see to its completion. The Great World War II has begun.

  • Steamroll over Europe with the high-powered arsenal of the Soviets or repel the invasion with the technological superiority and cunning of the Allied Forces in a team-based FPS inspired by Westwood Studios' hit real-time strategy game, C&C Red Alert.
  • Wage warfare on the land and in air with units ranging from Mammoth Tanks and Chinooks to Phase Tanks and Longbows.
  • Pacifist? Repair your base as an Engineer, support the war effort as a Medic or Mechanic, or infiltrate the enemy stronghold and steal intelligence or assets with Spies and Thieves.
  • Classic C&C economy management comes into play, giving players the choice on what character classes and military hardware they want to bring to the fight. Early infantry skirmishes give way to full combined-arms conflict, with high-tech war vehicles including the stealthy Phase Tank, nuclear Demolition Truck, and high-voltage Tesla Tank!

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APB Update

News 2 comments

default_post-14-1148300354.gif Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update default_post-14-1148300394.gif

Remember, remember, the fifth of November time when APB had updates? Yeah, sorry about that; the recruitment of a ton of new talent to the scripting team, as well as a bunch of sudden contributions from 2D and 3D artists, mean I have been very backed up with implementing all their work and making sure it... works, in addition to what I normally do. On top of that, my hand in this got delayed further by almost a week due to my computer suffering a PSU failure. But the long wait should be worth it, many bugs and performance issues have been squashed and we have 2 new units to play with. And there is hopefully more to come as well!


  • Improved UI performance.
  • Improved level loading times.
  • Particle effects should have less lategame performance issues.
  • Asynchronous texture loading to reduce stutter.
  • Flight ceilings are now "soft" - you still can't ascend beyond a certain height, but there's nothing to scrape against, so you won't be slowed down and you won't get temporarily stuck if you try to bank. This is most important for planes who no longer need to worry about crashing into the flight ceiling - because of this, there isn't a warning when you approach the flight ceiling anymore.
  • Entering/leaving scoped view for scoped weapons no longer causes your view to tilt up slightly.
  • Using the camera change key in a vehicle will no longer toggle your infantry camera between third/first person.
  • Your chosen vehicle camera will now be remembered if you exit and reenter the same vehicle.
  • Alternate cameras for vehicles have been improved:
    • Position for alternate first-person/turret/close-up cameras now takes the vehicle's tilt into account, so you should be less likely to clip the camera through your own vehicle when looking up/down while on a slope.
    • Thanks to the above change, all trucks with interiors (Supply, Demo, MGG, MAA, Cargo) now have functional first-person cameras. Not particularly useful, but fun!
    • Turret cameras now pivot around the turret and not the body. This is especially handy for boats since their turret is so far from the centrepoint of their hull; now you can always see what you're aiming at.
    • First-person cameras for single-barrel vehicles are now slightly offset to the side, just like first-person infantry weapons.
  • Fixed the physics issue where vehicles crossing complicated terrain (such as craters) were liable to tip onto their backsides.
  • Simplified vehicle hitboxes.
  • Bots driving vehicles no longer drive slower than players do. (This doesn't affect ore trucks - or shouldn't as I've lowered AI ore truck speed to try to keep them unchanged)
  • Vehicles that cost more than 1200 credits now only give 240 combat credits (assuming 100% HP damage; repairs will obviously increase this) instead of the full 1/5th of their cost.
  • Hitbeeps are a little louder, but now only one beep can play every 0.05 seconds. This means you will not be bombarded with a ton of hitbeeps at once when hitting something with the full spray of a shotgun.
  • Kicken has made a spiffy new HUD featuring:
    • larger and more prominent radar and health/armour bars. (Radar may in future be accompanied by new radar icons.)
    • enhanced space for weapon names. Like Renegade/Reborn this relies on text strings, so now you'll know what weapons your vehicle has too - as well as if it has any secondary fires or needs to be activated by Q.
    • everything concentrated in one place. No longer do you need to dart your eyes between the lower left and lower right corner of your screen when checking ammo and health.
    • improved aesthetics in general.


pt_al_technician.pngEngineer.gif Repairmen

  • Clearing Charges have been replaced with the Shovel, which has the same purpose of getting mines and barricades out of the way, but isn't entirely the same tool as before:
    • Has infinite ammo, but has a much longer cooldown between uses - 6 seconds instead of 1.
    • Is on slot 5 and has a holstered model so its existence should be a bit more obvious (it'll show when holding the golden wrench)
    • Unique kill icon (and no way to mask it) should make it more clear that your minefields are being cleared.
    • Destroys all enemy mines within an unobstructed 10 metre radius from the tip of the shovel (instead of the Clearing Charge's 7.5 metre radius from where the charge lands). No fumbling around with odd throwing arcs, but you also essentially have a shorter range and can't take out mines through walls.
    • Damage to barricades depends on distance. At point blank range you do about 40% damage to hedgehogs per "swing" - near the maximum 10 metres you do hardly anything.
    • No, you cannot use it as a melee weapon. (Except in the same way you'd use Clearing Charges as a "melee weapon".)

  • Repair Tool/Golden Wrench are no longer able to break windows.

Flame_Trooper.gif Flamethrower

  • The old, out-of-place M2 flamethrower has been replaced with the LPO-50. Still a flamethrower, but it behaves differently:
    • Launches a stream of fire (10 projectiles over 1 second) instead of a single fireball. A bit closer to the real LPO's behaviour but not perfect. As a result it also needs a whole second to fire its full salvo instead of just one frame, so the user has to expose himself more when attacking. Extra projectiles also mean a lot more times and chances to apply the burn effect, so it is better at disrupting medic healing, and also a lot more chances at getting direct hits, which the weapon is now more reliant on for damage against infantry.
    • Direct damage per salvo up (70 -> 100)
    • Splash damage per salvo up (25 -> 35)
    • Splash radius down (8 -> 7m)
    • Direct damage multiplier to infantry up (0.2 -> 0.3)
    • Inaccuracy when standing/jogging increased (0 -> 0.5)
    • Inaccuracy when jumping increased (7.5 -> 10)
    • Projectile velocity up (50 -> 100m/s)
    • Time per salvo up (3 -> 4 seconds)
    • Splash damage no longer occurs if the shot reaches its maximum range without hitting anything.
    • Range up (80 -> 100m)

Grenadier.gif Grenadier

  • Splash radius up (7m -> 9m)

mechicon 0000.png Mechanic

  • Health down (70 -> 60)

Medic.gif Medic

  • Health up (80 -> 90)
  • Medic kit charge time down (2 -> 1 second)
  • Medic kit cooldown time up (0.5 -> 2 seconds)
  • Medic kit now affects other medics (but only 20%)
  • Armour cache radius up (25 -> 30m)

pt_al_officer.pngpt_so_officer.png Officers

  • Inaccuracy when crouched increased (0.25 -> 0.5)

e3icon 0000.pngpt_so_rocket.png Rocket Soldiers

  • Redeye/Strela range back up to 170m.

pt_al_sergeant.pngpt_so_starshina.png Shotgunners

  • Now have 16 projectiles instead of 10. They still do the same total damage as before, they're just more reliable.

Tanya.gif Tanya

  • Colt damage up (25 -> 30)

Volkov.gif Volkov

  • AP cannon now does an additional instant 2.5 fire damage whenever its burn effect sticks.
  • Added new scopes courtesy of CMDBob.


mrjicon.gifTesla_Tank.gif MRJ/Tesla Tank

  • No longer has an uneven axle track, which was causing it to move forward/backward noticeably when turning on the spot.

Ore_Truck_Player.gif Ore Truck

  • Price up (700 -> 1400)
  • Airdrop price is now equal to its War Factory price instead of 50% higher (1050 -> 1400)

ctnkicon 0000.png Chrono Tank

  • Chronoshift range up (250 -> 300m)
  • Projectile velocity up (50 -> 150m)
  • Projectile range up (105 -> 110m)
  • Move speed down (8.6 -> 8m/s)
  • Reload speed down (1.9 -> 2 seconds)
  • Health down (350 -> 300)
  • Armour class is now Mammoth instead of Light (combined with the health drop this makes it more vulnerable to most anti-tank weapons, but less vulnerable to Volkov and much less vulnerable to flamethrowers/small arms)
  • Can move/fire immediately after a successful Chronoshift.
  • Is invulnerable for 2 seconds after a successful Chronoshift.
  • Now has a first-person alternate camera.

Mammoth_Tank.gif Mammoth Tank

  • Mammoth Tusk projectile velocity up (50 -> 75m)

PhaseTank.png Phase Tank

  • Projectile velocity up (50 -> 75m)

Yak.png Yak

  • Damage received from BulletFMJ ammo (M16, AK-47, MP5) up (0.27 -> 0.3)
  • Damage received from Artillery ammo (arty, V2) up (0.8 -> 1.2) - now dies in one shot from arty
  • No longer has its own unit limit. (You might still run into the fairly stringent limit on total purchased aircraft though.)

migicon 0000.png MiG

  • Added to the game. As General Kukov suggested in the unit's introduction in RA1, it is a bomber - its missiles are strictly air-to-ground. Getting the missiles to hit Longbows in flight is very difficult due to their arc, and unlikely to result in a favourable engagement due to the MiG's vulnerability to return fire from the Longbow, so it should stick to attacking ground vehicles, boats and buildings. If you want to clear the skies, get a Yak.
  • Unlike with a Yak, you should engage ground units from a high altitude so as to give the missiles time to home in on the target. Going in a bit lower than the flight ceiling can give the enemy less time to dodge, but go too low and you risk your missiles hitting the ground instead.
  • If you're having a hard time acquiring lock-ons against small ground vehicles, use the alternate cameras (press F).
  • Available on Tech Level 5 plane maps (Hostile Waters, Siege).


  • Submarines now takes 3 seconds to gain submerged resistances instead of 2.
  • Boats have a faster turn rate.
  • Boats now have a "no damage" hitbox inside their normal hitbox, so subs surfacing inside them to avoid damage may also fail to inflict damage.
  • Improved submarine submerge resistances again; anti-tank weapons now only deal 37.5% instead of 50%.

Gunboat.gif Gunboat

  • Health down (400 -> 300)
  • Gun damage up (60 -> 70)
  • Gun rate of fire down (per 1.25 seconds -> per 1.375 seconds)
  • Range increased (110 -> 120m)
  • Depth charge splash damage no longer occurs if the shot reaches its maximum range without hitting anything (so just use them against submerged subs or try to hit the seabed, don't try to catapult them too far)
  • New model.

Destroyer.gif Destroyer

  • Role revised; is now more reminiscent of the Beta and RA Destroyers - it's more of a jack of all trades with anti-sub combat on par with the previous patch's Gunboat (depth charges travel as far as the Gunboat's, and in a straight fight with no misses and both parties noticing each other at the same time, the Destroyer will only barely lose to an Attack Sub - so it's disadvantaged but not helpless anymore like the old "not meant to be fighting subs" Dests), and the same top-tier anti-air capability it's always had, but slightly reduced effectiveness against infantry and buildings. True siege power is now in the hands of the Cruiser.
  • Range decreased (170 -> 160m)
  • New model.

caicon 0000.png Cruiser

  • Added to the game. As you might expect, it's a siege monster, but it can also fight submarines effectively from a distance, and may even be able to hit low-flying Yaks once in a while. A high minimum range, too low of a barrel angle to hit MiGs/Hinds which don't need to fly low to hit boats, and lack of depth charges prevents it from being unstoppable against properly-used subs/aircraft though.
  • Rear turret must be manned by a passenger. (Rear turret is entered if you try to enter the vehicle while standing adjacent to the rear turret; entering from anywhere else will make you the pilot.) Taking a passenger with you gives you more bang for your buck and gives the whole vehicle less blind spots, but demands more coordination; it can still dish out competent damage even without a passenger though.
  • Available on Tech Level 5 naval maps (Coastal Influence, Hostile Waters).

Attack_Sub.gif Attack Sub

  • Health down (400 -> 300)
  • Torpedo velocity decreased (50 -> 40m/s)
  • Torpedo damage up (90 -> 110)
  • Torpedo rate of fire down (per 1.5 seconds -> per 1.75 seconds)
  • Range increased (120 -> 140m)

Missile_Sub.gif Missile Sub

  • Health up (300 -> 375)
  • Shore bombardment and anti-air capability are now split into two firing modes. Primary fire launches ballistic missiles for use against buildings, shoreline units, and slow/stationary boats. Unlike the standard missiles it had in previous versions, the ballistic missiles actually deal heavy damage to boats if you can hit them - but hitting them is the problem. Cruisers are fairly easy targets, but you may have a harder time hitting Destroyers, and against Gunboats you're a sitting duck. Secondary fire launches surface-to-air missiles.
  • Range increased (170 -> 180m)


  • Buildings' script zones (spy/thief interactions, war factory killzone, naval unit purchases, ore truck dumping, airfield landing/refilling) are now part of the building instead of being manually placed in the editor. This not only means that their size and position is consistent for all maps and will never get screwed up again, but building zone placement is another load taken off of future mappers' backs.
  • A lot of "inaccessible" areas on buildings (for example, the slanted parts and chimneys of the Refinery roof, and the crane of the Construction Yard) now cause instant death to infantry, so you can't plant flares on them on maps with aircraft+nukes.
  • Tweaked building resistances to provide more incentive for attacking things other than the naval/war factories:
    • Repairs are about 5% less effective
    • Refill Pads take noticeably less time to kill (about 20% less time)
    • Construction Yards have had the same level of health reduction as Refill Pads, putting them on par with War Factories.
    • Barracks, Power Plant, Radar Dome, Missile Silo, Helipad, Ore Silo, and minor base defenses take slightly less time to kill (about 5% less time)
    • Refinery and Airfield take slightly longer to kill (about 7% more time)
    • War Factory, Naval Yard, Sub Pen take noticeably longer to kill (about 20% more time)
    • Naval weapons also take about 20% less time to kill buildings, so while their kill speed against naval factories and war factories isn't changed much, they are better at bringing down most inland structures.

agunicon 0000.png AA Gun

  • Now fires bullets instead of instant laser beams. They'll still reliably hit aircraft though as they travel at the same speed as all other non-sniper bullets.

RA1_Airfield_Icons.gif Airfield

  • Now refills all of a plane's ammo at once after 8 seconds, instead of partially refilling in 2 second increments (this was required due to the difference in ammo/magazines between the Yak and the MiG; using the old system would have let the MiG regain all its ammo in just 2 seconds)

tenticon 0000.png Allied Barracks

  • Removed two purchase terminals (the ones that were kind of redundant cause they have another terminal right next to them) and their associated spawn points. So now the Allied barracks has the same number of spawn points that the Soviet barracks does.

Allied_Construction_Yard.gif Construction Yard

  • Improved vehicle collision around the front entrances. Minelayers and Rangers can now easily get over the "bumps" to the sides of the main gate.
  • Is now affected by its own auto-repair. So in spite of the health drop it is still the toughest building, but not by much. (Of course, the more DPS your rush has the less this auto-repair matters.)

syrdicon 0000.pngspenicon 0000.png Naval Factories

  • The "Advanced" models are now the standard for all naval maps, and the old ones removed.
  • Attacks that hit parts of the building that are more than 5 metres under the water surface no longer damage the building. (This includes C4.)
  • Added ladders in the spawning/repair bays to allow infantry that fall into the water to save themselves.
  • Fixed issue with (Advanced) Sub Pen where infantry would spaz out when aiming at certain sections of the floor.
  • Opened underwater collision around the (Advanced) Naval Yard repair bay so that, in the rare event that Allies steal a sub, they can actually fit it into the repair bay and repair/sell it.
  • Added passageways to the sides of the "main gate" of the (Advanced) Sub Pen, so it's possible for Soviets to go out to the front of the building (to defend from frontal boats, disarm flares, etc)

pboxicon 0000.png Pillbox

  • Instead of firing a "laser beam" that comes from between its two guns, it now fires projectile bullets from its two guns, and can rotate its barrels to hit targets that are sitting between them. (Anyone who's played Lunar Paradox and seen the "laser pillbox" may understand why we weren't able to take the two-barrel approach with the real pillbox before.)

Power_Plant.gif Power Plant

  • Fixed falling through door frames.

War_Factory.gif War Factory

  • Can still produce AI Ore Trucks even after its destruction. So destroying it will not knock out two birds with one stone; you must destroy the Refinery in order to completely shut down the ore mining economy.
  • Replaced side ladders leading to the roof with small elevators.
  • Smoothed collision around roof windows, so you won't lose accuracy when walking onto them anymore.


  • Readded support for MSAA.
  • LST now sinks when destroyed just like other naval units (but only when not near land).
  • V2 Launcher no longer floats slightly above ground.
  • Impact sounds for vehicles are now consistent with their armour class (light vehicles and aircraft = light metal, heavy/mammoth vehicles and seacraft = heavy metal)
  • More glass parts of vehicles (such as headlights and tank viewports) now produce glass impact effects and leave lasting broken glass decals.
  • The jagged bolts of Tesla weapons should no longer turn into lasers during times of low performance.
  • Cinematic for reinforcement drops (Radar dome/Seamist) now moves at a more realistic speed.
  • "On fire" sound for infantry is less obnoxious.
  • Fixed some poor smoothing on various infantry models.
  • Buoys are orange again! (A lighting mishap stripped them of their colour before.)
  • The shoreline foam from Siege/Hostile Waters is now present on all maps with large bodies of water.
  • The seaweed from Hostile Waters is now present on all naval maps.
  • Civilian buildings with interiors have been spruced up somewhat with some KOTG house props, some new props by Ice, and less ancient textures.

  • Construction Yard, Power Plant and Refinery have had their window frames redone.
  • Power Plant and Refinery pipes have been upgraded to the War Factory ones.
  • Refinery furnaces have been upgraded to the Power Plant ones.
  • Construction Yard crane mode has been upgraded to the Advanced Naval one.
  • Building pipes now have supports.
  • Barracks and Refinery now have shelves with more props.

  • Refinery ore piles now also contain dirt.
  • Refinery chimneys now use a yellow concrete texture, similar to how they were portrayed in the RA1 sidebar icon.
  • Power Plant roofs are now a flat brown concrete instead of reusing the brick wall texture.
  • Missile Silo now has desert (Zama) and snow/urban (Hostile Waters, North by Northwest, Siege Soviet) variants
  • Service Depot has a new texture by Kicken.
  • Tesla Coil no longer has electric effects during low power.
  • Building glass is now reflective like vehicle glass.
  • Damaged buildings now emit smoke as well as fire.
  • Damaged building fire is no longer silent.
  • Auxiliary buildings now have damage fire/smoke/alarms and death smoke.


  • Reduced rocks on various maps.
  • Flight ceiling height has been made consistent across all maps - now they are all 75m above the main play area. (For Ridge War this just means the middle of the map.) This means Guard Duty (125), Siege (120) and Hostile Waters (110) have gotten a considerable reduction in flight ceiling height, while Pacific Threat (50), Ridge War (60) and To the Core (65) have gotten an increase.
  • Large bodies of water on non-naval maps are now treated as solid for naval units (just in case admins decide to have some fun). There's no shoreline blockers though.

Coastal Influence

  • Fixed War Factory construction paths.

Hostile Waters

  • Islands and base have been remade to reduce travel time and put more focus on attacking buildings besides just the naval yard/sub pen.
  • Income is now a flat 4 credits per second; 2 of this is from a Gem Silo, and 2 is from the Advanced Naval building (so the flow of income can't be stopped completely).
  • Removed Barracks, refill pads and Radar Dome.
  • Added Missile Silo.
  • Soviets have an airfield instead of helipad/SD.
  • Capturable strucures no longer exist.
  • You gain an additional 700 credits once the jukebox starts up, granting almost immediate access to the Destroyer/Missile Sub, since Gunboats/Attack Subs don't really serve much purpose without them on a map with noticeable shoreline defenses. (We weren't able to do per-map starting credits so this is the closest thing you'll get; please kindly donate to people who join in the middle of the match.)
  • Icebergs are now smaller, more spread out, and inaccessible to infantry. (Unless you use a heli to land on them, but that's an Allied-only option and they have no infantry that can damage submerged subs, so there's not really much point in doing so except binoc scouting.)
  • Visuals for the base islands are incomplete; this is because I want to test how well the new base layout/distance actually works before spending more time on it. If it tests well, the map will see visual upgrades in the future.

Lunar Paradox

  • Landing pads no longer cause free aim to freak out.


  • Mine limit down (30 -> 20)

North by Northwest

  • Fixed drowning damage being applied from higher than the standard -1.5m depth.
  • Terrain around service depots is more even.
  • Improved accessibility for Soviet WF walls.

Pacific Threat

  • Raised moon height so the sun halo doesn't show up through the water.


  • Downgraded defences covering front entrance; Allies no longer have a Gap Generator, and Soviets only have a Flame Tower instead of Tesla Coil.
  • Replaced Power Plant with Missile Silo. (Would have just added the silo without removing the PP, but there's not really room to add more buildings into these bases especially since super cramped bases = too easy for a nuke to kill everything).
  • Shifted walls at Allied side entrance around so that the way in is better covered against chinooks.
  • Shortened the cliff at the Soviet side entrance to make the route more open to Allied attack.
  • Removed Soviet refill pads (they're compensated by the airfield anyway).


  • Reduced amount of ore rocks/gems in the resource patches because it was quite ridiculous compared to other maps.
  • Made mudslide slightly less steep.
  • Fixed backface in mudslide.
Air & Naval Update!

Air & Naval Update!

News 4 comments

Check out this sneak peak to see what we have in store for our next patch!

Red Alert: A Path Beyond MiG-29 Update

Red Alert: A Path Beyond MiG-29 Update

News 8 comments

Another update on the Soviet MiG-29! Our lead texture artist has been hard at work adding detail to the model!

Red Alert: A Path Beyond Changelog

Red Alert: A Path Beyond Changelog


A lot of balance changes in this new update, along with the addition of the Chrono Tank!

Soviet MiG 29

Soviet MiG 29

News 4 comments

A small WIP update on the MiG. More updates to follow!

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Full Version 2 comments

ATTENTION: This download is obsolete, and APB will no longer be distributed on this platform. Use the w3dhub Launcher to download APB.

W3D Hub Launcher

W3D Hub Launcher

Installer Tool 15 comments

The W3D Hub launcher installs and manages all of the most popular mods for Command & Conquer Renegade. Providing game downloads and automatic updates...

APB Texture Pack v.2.0

APB Texture Pack v.2.0

A Patch Beyond Texture Pack Demo 2 comments

This is a demo of my mad texture pack.

LevelEdit Path

LevelEdit Path

SDK 1 comment

A simple utility that allows you to easily re-route your LevelEdit application to point to a new game source folder, without the hassle of using regedit.

Mapping & Mod SDK v2 - RA:APB Gamma

Mapping & Mod SDK v2 - RA:APB Gamma


Updated for RA:APB 2.1.2 content. Art source files, mapping tools, compile/decompile utilities, and documentation to get you started on creating your...

Obsolete - v 2.1.2 Mac Full Client - RA:APB Gamma

Obsolete - v 2.1.2 Mac Full Client - RA:APB Gamma

Full Version

(Obsolete) For Mac gamers, this is the RA:APB 2.1.2 full game client Wineskin. Thanks for Darklord42 once again for preparing this special wrapper for...

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How do I add AI or bots?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I realize that I am a bit too late, but I assume some people may still wanna know it, hence why I'm writing for future:

Start a map, press ~ button and type BOTCOUNT [number of bots without [ ] signs]. Keep in mind, though, that many maps still don't support AI. The maps that support bots (according to the official site):
-Rock Trap
-Metro (Not sure about this one. At least I remember something along the lines on old versions)
-Camos Canyon (also not too sure, but I think I was playing it with the AI). There may be other maps and I really wish team did PROPER information with maplist suitable for bots. At least because current online in the game is as dead as my sense of humor.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
FRAYDO Creator

thank you [o0]! additionally, this feature has been extended now to online multiplayer -- our moderators can now enable bots on the server during low player counts

Reply Good karma+2 votes

From the looks of it you can add bots on every map but the ones [oO] mentioned are the ones bots act competently in, every other one they act dumb, game may also crash if bots are added in a map they are not designed for.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm very confused. Where can I download the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
FRAYDO Creator

link provided here for you and anyone else interested - W3dhub.com

Reply Good karma+2 votes

You need to download the W3D Hub Launcher, then download the game through that Launcher.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

It's insane how long you guys have been working on this, congratulations for not giving up. How complete/playable is it, are there people playing it online?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
FRAYDO Creator

APB is fully playable and 99% complete. The 1% is maybe dogs? :v

people are playing online! activity tends to pick up over the weekend, although you can quickly summon a game via our Discord as well Discord.gg

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Looks cool but careful if EA sees this... they will totally sue you and shut you donw... maybe a new name would be nice... just saying...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
One_Winged_Angel Creator

EA are aware of this mod's existence and allow us to keep working on it. :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

But it's a mod. Unless he's selling stuff or the mod becomes too big, I don't think EA cares.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Red Alert: A Path Beyond
Red Alert: A Path Beyond First Person Shooter

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Tiberian Sun: Reborn is coming along nicely! All the mechs have had a significant rework! #moddingT.co

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Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser! W3dhub.com T.co

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Thursday again! This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support! W3dhub.com T.co

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Another Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero development update! And a new logo, as provided by CCHyper!… T.co

Jun 12 2019

W3dhub.com T.co

Jun 6 2019

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